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Vice President Humphrey meets with Governor McKeithan in Baton Rouge, Community Relations Service officials urge negotiations, and the Justice Department threatens to prosecute the owners of segregated establishments under the Civil Rights Act which they have been violating for the past nine months. Both the Governor and Crown-Zellerbach support his intransigence.

Instead, Cutrer maneuvers to satisfy the feds by negotiating with a hand-picked group of "Black leaders" chosen by the white power-structure. In a single day the BVCL collects some 2, signatures of Black supporters to decisively block that ploy. To keep the pressure on, James Farmer leads another mass march to City Hall. Eventually, the Department of Justice DOJ gets around to finally filing suit against half a dozen segregated establishments for violation of the Civil Rights Act the first such enforcement lawsuit in Louisiana.

Governor McKeithen appoints a three-member committee of "racial moderates" to help mediate. Anticipating a violent Klan reaction, he dispatches an additional State Troopers to Bogalusa. More than 3, whites attend a fiery Klan rally that denounces all attempts to end segregation or negotiate with the BVCL.

In mid-May, after weeks of stalling, Cutrer and the city council finally agree to meet the BVCL in face-to-face negotiations. CORE suspends protests pending the outcome. As the talks get underway, trucks loaded with furious Klansmen slowly circle City Hall. The city agrees to repeal its municiple segregation ordinances which are illegal and unenforceable under the Civil Rights Act and desegregate government buildings and facilities such as parks which is also required by the Act.

They promise to improve city services such as lighting, sewage, and paving in Black neighborhoods and enforce housing health and safety codes. They also promise to hire some Afro-American police officers and "consider" employing Blacks in other city jobs.

They refuse to repeal the emergency ordinance that limits the right to picket, but they do say they'll "consider" modifying some other portions of the unconstitutional law. The Klan is outraged. They distribute " Who Bought Jess Cutrer " flyers calling for him and other city officials to be tarred and feathered. When they arrive at the park, a gang of whites are loitering nearby, hanging out with a group of cops.

As the Afro-American children approach the playground the white men attack with clubs and leather belts. Police, deputies, and troopers order the Blacks to leave the park. Sam Barnes is arrested for carrying a pistol. When he is taken to the parish jail, three Black convicts are forced to beat him. The following day, May 20, a mob of whites wait for Blacks at Cassidy Park. When none appear, they attack reporters.

The police do nothing. The city then closes all parks, rendering the agreement to integrate them meaningless. CORE resumes direct action protests and the Klan continues to attack them. They are opposed and attacked by hundreds of whites who rove the downtown area assaulting Blacks. On Sunday, the stores are closed for the sabbath so all is quiet. As described by author Adam Fairclough in Race and Democracy: The Civil Rights Struggle in Louisiana, Klansmen had a remarkable facility for blending in the with the milling white onlookers, darting out to strike demonstrators and then darting back to the crowded sidewalks.

On July 11, for example, an FBI agent saw forty to fifty young white men moving towards a BVCL march; when a contingent of state troopers approached they "seemed to melt into the crowd and the clubs, sticks, and ballbats A pickup truck speeds by them.

Two white gunmen in the back open fire. Moore is killed instantly. Rogers, on the passenger side, is wounded and permanently injured when the patrol car veers off the road and smashes into a tree.

An hour later a police roadblock in Mississippi stops a truck that matches the description given by Rogers. Ray McElveen, a CZ employee, is arrested. He is also assumed to be a member of the KKK. He is charged with Moore's murder, but never brought to trial. The murder remains "unsolved" to this day. FBI agents later tell reporters that they believe it was a Klan operation.

Louisiana Attorney-General Jack Gremillion rules that O'Neal's widow is not eligible for state employee survivor benefits because he had not been killed "while engaged in the direct apprehension of a person. The demonstrators, however, are busted on the slightest excuse. They handcuffed me with my hands behind my back and took me to the city jail in a city police car, with the Sheriff's car following.

When they took me from the car at the jail they started shoving and kicking me. This continued as they brought me into the jail. While I was being booked, in front of the Desk Sargent, I was kicked and knocked down on the floor.

The only time they said anything to me was when I had been knocked down. Get up from there! The suit demands that the Bogalusa cops protect Afro-American protesters from the Klan and white mobs, and stop harassing, beating, and arresting demonstrators exercising their Constitutional right of free speech. Police complicity in the brutal attack at Cassidy Park on May 19 is presented as a case in point.

Hattie Mae Hill 17 is wounded by a rock that strikes her in the head. Since the public hospital won't treat protesters, they try to get her to the MCHR aid station in the Black community but they are attacked by angry whites. Klansman try to grab the two women in the back seat, they pull Johnson from the car, beating and kicking him. Austin tries to push them back and rescue Johnson.

When that fails he fires his pistol in the air. To save Johnson he then shoots one of the white attackers, injuring but not killing him. The police then arrest both Johnson and Austin. The Klansmen, of course, are left free to continue attacking other protesters. He issues an injunction ordering Bogalusa police and Washington Parish sheriffs to protect Black protesters from mob attack and to halt their own " He is somewhere between the white man and the ape.

What the nigger really wants is our white women. Cutrer and other city officials know their support among white voters has dropped to almost nothing and with it their ability to control events.

McKeithen refuses, but offers to help broker a deal. He meets twice with Young and Hicks, offering to set up more negotiations with city officials if they agree to suspend protests for a day "cooling off" period.

The BVCL refuses to halt direct action in return for vague promises of more talk. Appalled at the ease with which the KKK roams the streets and assaults CORE demonstrators, he reports that the State Troopers are trying to enforce Judge Christenberry's injunction, but the city police and parish deputies are ignoring it.

As described by Fairclough: On July 16, for example, Doar saw whites attack pickets at the Pine Tree Plaza shopping center; the next day a barber drenched two white pickets with a hose and smeared soap on their arms and shoulders, commenting, " You pickets smell like niggers and need a bath. During the second incident, policemen stood by laughing. They file a lawsuit to enjoin the KKK and 35 named Klansmen from violence. Another federal lawsuit seeks to desegregate several restaurants, and brutality charges are brought against the parish K9 squad for the beating of Sam Barnes in the parish jail.

Overnight, Washington crushed the white supremacist coup in Bogalusa and forced local authorities to uphold the law. In retrospect, what is remarkable was how little was required to destroy the Klan and force local authorities to protect citizens' rights and liberties.

The federal government did nothing more than threaten city officials with modest fines and light jail sentences. See Bogalusa to Baton Rouge march for continuation of the Bogalusa movement. In defiance of pervasive Klan violence and police repression, it is the courage and committment of Bogalusa's Black community that sustains the struggle month after month. Day after day, young people nonviolently endure KKK attacks on downtown streets.

Week after week the adults of BVCL keep up the pressure and refuse to give in or settle for token promises. And throughout, it is the armed protection of the Deacons that keeps the Movement alive by shielding the community, its leaders, and activists from assasinations, bombings, and other forms of lethal terrorism.

Labor-led rather than church-based. Louisiana has more industry than the other Deep South states and because of its unique history unions are more common than in states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina though, of course, no one would ever equate Louisiana with labor strongholds like Michigan, Massachusetts, or New York. And because Louisiana segregation laws require separate "white" and "Colored" locals, there is a cadre of experienced Afro-American labor activists in places like Bogalusa even though Black workers in the Crown-Zellerbach plants are heavily outnumbered by whites.

Through the union, these Afro-American labor leaders have an organizational base and constituency. They are respected in their community, and the political skills needed to win election to union office can be applied to building and leading a community-based political organization. In other areas of the South, where Black unions don't exist, local freedom movements are usually based in the churches and most often led by ministers or other members of the middle-class.

But in Bogalusa the movement is anchored in the union and led by working-class activists like A. Young, Robert Hicks, and Gayle Jenkins. While some mass meetings and other Movement activities are held in Bogalusa churches, the union hall is the center of the struggle, it is the main venue for mass meetings and voter registration classes, the assembly site for mass marches, and the rally point protesters retreat to when under Klan attack.

The power-structure and the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK is a terrorist organization dedicated to maintaining white-supremacy through violence, and the threat of violence. Some state and local politicians share the Klan's racist views and are either actually, or in effect, members themselves.

Others adopt the Klan's rhetoric out of political expediency or from threat of economic or violent retaliation. Large employers like Crown-Zellerbach fear destructive sabotage of their expensive manufacturing equipment if they themselves become a target of the Klan's wrath, and at times they find the KKK useful in keeping the labor force divided against itself, white versus Black. While the federal government has little reason to fear KKK violence directed at themselves, politicians and bureaucrats in Washington do carefully count the cost to their careers and agendas if they cross powerful southern Senators or alienate white voters.

Klan terror is based on ambush, mob violence, and attacks on those who cannot fight back. But despite their posturing and fiery rhetoric, few Klansmen are willing to risk their own skins when their victims are armed, organized, and willing to return fire. Once the Deacons establish themselves, Klan caravans and night-riders no longer raid the Afro-American community and cross-burnings in Black neighborhoods dwindle away. Nor are Klansmen willing to face serious jail time. So long as local law enforcement gives them effective immunity from arrest and prosecution they are eager to brutalize nonviolent protesters.

So long as they are confident that local white juries won't convict them if they're caught, they feel free to bushwhack Blacks.

But when the federal government finally musters the political courage to risk electoral fallout and confront both the Klan and local cops, overt Klan violence is driven underground and largely suppressed. See Clarence Triggs Murdered for continuation. For more information on the Bogalusa Civil Rights Movement: Passage of the Civil Rights Act of lays the legal foundation for finally dismantling the overt, state-enforced system of Jim Crow social segregation.

But laws passed in Washington mean little until they are implemented on the ground by courageous social pioneers. In some places change comes peacefully, in others such as Bogalusa Louisiana and Grenada Mississippi white resistance is fierce and the struggle is brutal.

So despite passage of these landmark laws, campaigns to end segregation, register voters, elect Blacks to office, and achieve a share of political power continue for years.

Voting rights, and the slow but steady dismantling of segregation, begin to bring some profound changes to social and legal aspects of the "southern way of life," but by it is clear that those landmark victories are having little effect on the grinding poverty and ruthless exploitation endured by nonwhites and poor whites in both the South and North.

Nationwide, Freedom Movement activists begin to seek ways of addressing systems of economic injustice that are ultimately rooted in the enormous inequalities of political and economic power between rich and poor, and white and Black. In the South, efforts to create new kinds of labor unions, welfare and food rights groups, poor peoples' organizations, effective War on Poverty programs, and a variety of farm, commercial, employment, housing, and purchasing cooperatives are all undertaken, as are SNCC and SCEF-supported efforts to organize poor southern whites.

But successes are few. Simultaneous with the voting rights battles of that year are efforts to obtain adequate food for the rural poor, organize the Mississippi Freedom Labor Union , form the Poor Peoples Corporation in Mississippi, and unionize a brick factory in Marshall County. From onwards, coperatives of many kinds are proposed and some are successfully organized.

King's support of the Memphis Garbage Workers Strike in continue the effort to find some effective way of winning justice and addressing the political roots of poverty in the South. But the deck is stacked against achieving significant economic reform. Nonviolent protest tactics such as sit-ins, freedom rides, mass marches and merchant boycotts proved effective against segregation and denial of voting rights, but they are harder to apply and less successful against economic injustice.

Strikes require a strong union supported by the majority of employees, but state anti-union "right to work" laws, biased anti-union courts, pro-business NLRB procedures and rulings, and internal union weaknesses all cripple labor organizing. Racism pits white and Black workers against each other and the Jim Crow history of many unions makes bridging racial divides difficult. Despite its stirring "War on Poverty" rhetoric, the federal government is unwilling to encourage or even allow reforms that significantly alter the existing relations of economic power between white and Black, rich and poor.

Department of Agriculture collusion in excluding Afro-American from farm programs and maintaining the ASCS county committees as all-white bastions of economic power are clear examples of Washington's political commitment to established power-structures.

And War on Poverty programs themselves often prove divisive as people, many of whom were former allies, scramble and compete for grants and positions. From state to county to town, the white power-structure views any effort to alter the economic status-quo as "Communist subversion" which they ferociously suppress. In this they are abetted by local media, civic organizations, and many religious leaders who spread and promote a culture of anti-Communist fear and hysteria.

The White Citizens Council is well organized and ever vigilant, ruthlessly wielding economic power to counter and destroy any attempt to organize unions, form cooperatives, enact reform legislation, or elect Blacks to office. Moreover, addressing economic issues requires enormous long-term patience, steadfast energy, and new tactics, techniques, and organizing concepts; but by , burn-out and exhaustion have become significant problems among local community leaders and Movement activists who have been enduring deadly danger, jail, beatings, economic hardship, and intense pressure for years.

Many of the young organizers who dropped out of college in the early '60s are now returning to school, and while their replacements are equally committed to the struggle, they are far less experienced. At the same time, divisive and debilitating internal disputes over issues of race, class, nonviolence, and ultimate strategic goals are weakening the cohesive bonds of unity and solidarity that hold the Movement together.

In the rural South, the situation is grim for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Herbicides are eliminating the need for hand "chopping" of weeds, and machines can now pick cotton cheaper and quicker. And cotton itself is being replaced by less labor-intensive alternatives such as livestock chickens, cattle, catfish , row-crops like corn and soy, and timber for pulp mills.

Local power-structures are eagerly seeking northern investment, and their chief selling point is a low-wage, non-union business environment. They are determined to prevent any form of union organizing or campaigns for economic reform. And when economic issues are on the table, some members of the Black elite who supported struggles against Jim Crow and for voting rights find themselves torn between community solidarity and their personal financial interests.

Nationally, some leaders of the Democratic Party who supported the struggle for Black civil rights in the South are unsympathetic, or actively opposed, to campaigns around issues of economic justice and efforts to empower the "have-nots" of American society. Economics, Class, and Race. Pickers are usually paid by the pound, the scales are often crooked, and in many cases earnings are not paid in money but rather as deductions from debt owed to a plantation store where the books are secret and the amount owed is whatever the overseer says it is.

Many are dispossessed sharecroppers now forced to eke out what little they can as day laborers. The idea of a union is discussed, if they cannot improve their lives individually, perhaps working together they can survive. But no formal action is taken. They decide they need a union and bring the idea to the county mass meeting where it is enthusiastically accepted by all. The first 50 members sign up, union officers are elected, and they begin planning a strike.

They make the decisions, write the materials, organize new members, run the meetings, and keep the books. Why make your child work for low wages when you all of your life have been working for nothing? Why buy the white man steak when you can't hardly eat neckbones? As cheap as chicken is you can't eat it but once a week on Sunday. Wake up and think. We as Negroes should want to be equal and get high wages. For over two hundred years we have been working for nothing. Please join the union because if you are not in a union you just aren't anywhere.

In Sunflower County, cotton workers in Indianola strike. Union secretary is Mrs. The lady I used to work for would give me dinner and let me off early. I used to do chopping later in the day and I would make three dollars a day.

But after James Meredith at 'Ole Miss in l, she let me off. The last times I worked for her she wouldn't even give me dinner. I expect the boss man's going to come 'round here to ask me to leave any time now. Laborers on the A. When the owner refuses, they go on strike. The Sheriff sends a prison work-gang to evict them from their rundown homes which are owned by the plantation, dumping all of their belongings out on the highway.

Other white plantation owners try to force their Black tenants to scab for Andrews. When that fails, he imports poor whites from Arkansas to maintain and harvest his cotton. By June, are on strike in the Delta. County welfare authorities cut off the free federal commodity food that people rely on to feed their children.

A local court issues an injunction limiting pickets to no more than four. The isolated strikers are shot at, sprayed with ammonia, and have to dodge cars that try to run them down.

Local law enforcement ignores their complaints. Strike supporters are arrested on trumped up charges. The federal government proves at best indifferent, and in the case of the Department of Agriculture actively hostile, to the strikers and the plight of Blacks in general. Friends of SNCC chapters in the north send food, clothing, and small amounts of money. The Delta Ministry provides tents and food to house evicted families on a Black-owned farm in Tribbet not far from Greenville.

They call it "Strike City" and it is sustained with the aid of Delta Ministry activists. By cotton-picking time, close to a thousand workers are on strike in six Delta counties. But that is only a fraction of the total number of Black agriculture workers in the area. Despite their courage and determination, the strikers are unable to affect the owners' ability to tend and harvest their crop.

Some planters increase wages for their nonstriking tractor drivers by a dollar or so a day, but the strikers fail to win any concessions and they are blacklisted from future work for white employers. As the hard times of Fall and Winter close in, some strikers join the mass migration of dispossessed Blacks from rural to urban areas, while others hold out as best they can in Strike City and other Delta communities.

It's a small county, much of it bog and alligator-infested swampland. In , the total population is just 3, down from 5, in Some students from adjacent Sharkey County take some too. On Friday, January 29, a few of the students wear them to school. We just wanted to wear the pins, that's all, " said one of them later. Eleven years after Brown v Board of Education , the small Issaquena school system is still totally segregated into separate and unequal white and Colored schools.

Jordan, the Black principle of the all-Black Henry Weathers High School is appointed by the all-white county school board. He has no job tenure, there is no teachers union, and he can be fired at will. He orders the students to stop wearing the SNCC pins. Over the weekend, the students talk among themselves, " We got together with a lot of other kids and we all decided to wear the SNCC pins on the next school day. They pass out additional pins to others in the hallway.

School administrators later allege that some of them, "Accosted other students by pinning the buttons on them even though they did not ask for one. At least refuse. They are summoned to the principal's office, their names are noted down, and they are required to wait in the hall while Jordan calls the white Superintendent.

After more than an hour, the students are again told to remove the pins and return to class. Most of them continue to wear their buttons. Under orders from Jordan, teachers refuse to let them into the classrooms. The entire student body is called to assembly. While Jordan confers with the teachers and white authorities, the students waiting in the gym talk among themselves.

She married Ronnie Machalek on May 22, in Arlington. She was preceded in death by a sister, Sandi Moore. She enjoyed cooking, doing cross-stitch and working with children.

She taught preschool for almost twenty years and was always helping others. Fred Newbold of Houston. Braddock Road, Alexandria, Virginia from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.

Family requests that contributions be made to the American Diabetes Association in lieu of flowers. Christie, 59, will be held at 11 a. Lambert Road, Glen Ellyn, Illinois Interment will be in Westmoreland. Barbara was a graduate of the University of Iowa.

An occupational therapist, she served at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago for 20 years and eventully became director of occupational therapy, a post she held until her departure. Barbara was also a licensed insurance agent and worked as the office manager of her husband's insurance agency in Wheaton, Illinois. Surviving are her husband, Steve Christie; father, Dr. Nuttall; and brother, James R. Nuttall of Los Angeles, California. She was preceded in death by her mother, Virginia Nuttall. Visitation will be from 4 to 9 p.

Roosevelt Road one block east of Naperville Road , Wheaton. Memorials in her name to Village Green Baptist Church would be appreciated. Family and friends, are invited to sign the guest book at dailyherald. For information, Also survived by four grandchildren. Thank you and the committee for your condolences. Below are some of my thoughts about Neal for the memorial book. Neal Orr was a very interesting guy who lived a rich full life, in spite of never making his hoped-for million dollars.

Who else do any of us know who, among other things, once filed a gold claim in Alaska, roughnecked in the oilfields of North Dakota, drove a taxi in New York City, produced summer stock on Cape Cod, pioneered in cable television programming, and operated a tugboat and barge business in New York Harbor?

Neal and I became friends in when we shared the same homeroom and geometry class. He was noticeable because of his redheaded temper, keen wit, and propensity for fun. Somewhere in the haze of adolescent mayhem that is high school, I recognized that he was also incredibly intelligent, kind, and generous.

Years later, when he became my love, I found that these qualities had endured. To some extent we can define people by what and whom they value. Neal loved food, drink, smoke, an interesting book, a good joke, his buddies, me, and the family he acquired when we married - particularly the people we referred to as "the kids," who range in age from single digits to the 40s.

All the outstanding young doctors at Johns Hopkins who diagnosed Neal's fatal heart disease gave the same graceful response whenever we thanked them for their expertise and tender care. When Neal came home under the supervision of hospice, we talked of our good times together, and he thanked me for being his wife.

Courtesy of Johns Hopkins, I knew to reply with the words, "it was a privilege. He was a practicing attorney in Springfield since Steven also was an adjunct faculty member at Western New England College.

He was a past President and member of the Board of Directors of the E. Steven was predeceased by a brother, David, who died in The funeral will be Monday October 21st at 8 a. He enjoyed fishing, motorcycles, boating and radio controlled planes and boats. After graduation from high school, Carol Sue spent her freshman year at the University of Virginia, Women's branch. Then, she moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii where her father was stationed on Oahu.

While there she enjoyed surfing and a lot of sun. Both her parents agree that Carol Sue had too much fun in Hawaii and she soon left school and moved back to the mainland California to work.

There, she met and fell in love with Bob Mullen. Their first daughter, Patricia, was born in They followed with another daughter, Colleen, in They found a house near the beach and down the street from Carol Sue's parents, Susie and Manley Perry.

Carol Sue had always wanted to finish her college education so she enrolled at Saddleback College and Cal State Fullerton and took night courses while raising their two daughters. In , a son, Timothy Sean, was born making the family complete with two girls and a boy.

After Carol Sue earned her degree, she worked as an accountant. After a few years working with a tax attorney, she started CS Mullen and Associates, which specialized in personal tax preparation, While Carol Sue worked extremely hard and long hours, she spent many days on the beach with friends and her family. During her free time, which was limited, Carol Sue was always volunteering to serve on school boards or home association boards. In at the age of 47, Carol Sue was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung and brain cancer.

After a long and very hard fight, she passed away in Laguna Beach on March 5, at the age of Carol Sue will always be remembered for her infectious smile and engaging personality. She was a friend, a wife and the best mother. Carol Sue's husband, Bob, passed away in Her daughter, Patty, lives in Dana Point with her two children and husband.

Colleen, lives in San Francisco with her husband and stepson and is expecting her first child. Tim lives in Danville, California with his wife and two children. Carol Sue's father, Manley, passed away in Susie still lives in Dana Point as well.

He was born on September 15, in Washington, D. He served in the U. Army and in Vietnam. He retired from NSWC in and later returned to work as a contractor. He enjoyed working on his cars, his motorcycle and doing yard work. He also enjoyed doing jobs around the house, his family describes him as "Mr.

Box , Alexandria, Virginia or online at www. Bizzack, the morning of Sunday, August 27, , on Comair Flight , which crashed, while attempting to take off from Blue Grass Airport in Fayette County, Kentucky, four miles west of the central business district of the City of Lexington.

Married for 35 years, the couple has two children, a son, Jason, 26, and a daughter, Stacey, 24, both of Lexington. Bizzack, a native of Lynchburg, Virginia, was an accomplished equestrian and caring horsewoman, raising and showing Tennessee walkers, Belgians, Percherons and Mountain Pleasure horses as well as providing pasture for retired thoroughbreds.

She was accomplished in the farm's cattle operations, including breeding and sales. She had a long standing reputation as an animal lover. She cared for and bred Sicilian burros. In addition, her "extended family" included both purebred and rescued dogs, as well as other animals. In fact, hummingbirds hovering near her feeders were known to perch on her hand. She was also an enthusiastic traveler and had recently visited Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the American west. She served in a variety of executive and legal secretarial positions in Washington, D.

When she moved to Kentucky in , she worked as secretary to the President of Millersburg Military Institute. Later she worked as an executive assistant to the president of Kentucky Central Insurance Company and as an office manager for Hagyard, Davidson, McGee - an equine veterinarian clinic. Bizzack was known to friends and family for her quick smile, generosity and caring nature. She was dedicated to her large extended family that included 28 nieces and nephews.

Main Street, in Lexington from 5 to 8 p. Funeral services, also at Good Shepherd, will be held at 10 a. Burial will follow at the Lexington Cemetery. She retired from Lincoln Financial Group. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ronald Weber; and son, Christopher Weber.

Arrangements made by D. Memorials may be made to the family. Podrasky was born on June 6, in Scranton, Pennsylvia. He is survived by his mother, Camilla M. He is predeceased by his father Gregory George Podrasky.

Michael Catholic Church, St. Michael Lane, Annandale, Virginia Donations may be made to the Virginia Elks Fund, Inc. Congress Street, New Market, Virginia She was born July 4, in California and lived in Asheville for the last years of her life.

Anna was a teacher, missionary, social worker and healer. She was also a founding member of Center of Unlimited Possibilities C. Memorial service will be held at a later date. Billie Ann Walker, known to many of you as Anna, granduated from Earthschool on August 30th, after an unexpected return of her cancer.

Her passing was peaceful and without pain; her memory still shines within all of us; and her soaring spirit lives on! You are invited to a celebration of Anna's life at Jubilee! Please join her friends and family for this memorial in her honor. Throughout his professional life he held many key roles in many large, diverse and complex projects which include sports facilities, airports, hotels and civil buildings, such as Staples Center, USC Galen Center, Invesco Field, Chase Field, Hawaii Prince Hotel and many other projects.

He is recognized by all the people he knows for his integrity, sincerity, humor, generosity, and his golf swing. Vernon's influence is far reaching, not only with his family and friends, but throughout the architectural and construction industry which he will have a profound influence on for many years to come. We pray the Lord your soul to take. Steven James Rees lost his courageous battle with cancer on Oct. He is survived by his wife, Winkie; Sons Steven J. Gordon Rees, Nicholas C.

Rees, daughter Ellen S. Ronnlof Joseph ; Step-children John S. Jackson Lisa , Carrie E. Flamer Jeffery ; Sisters Susan R. Bittle Terry ; 12 grandchildren, nieces and nephews. He traveled the world first with his father's military career and then with his own. Steve served with the U. After retirement, Steve entered the world of banking, but his true passion was serving with the Boy Scouts.

He exemplified the ideals of scouting and was dedicated to sharing those ideals with the youth of Manatee County. He was a talented instructor and was always willing to share his knowledge with other scouters. Steve received many awards from the Scouts including the Silver Beaver Award. Steve was a true Christian and lived by his beliefs.

His dedication touched many lives and he will be greatly missed. Condolences can be e-mailed to: In lieu of flowers, please consider contributions to Camp Flying Eagle at: Max Lee, the Rev. Keith Jeselink, and the Rev. Survivors include his wife, Amaryllis Lea Rich, Mangham: Beloved husband of Diane M.

Michael Robertson of Springfield, Virginia. He is also survived by two grandchildren, Kyle and Emma Hammersley. Interment to follow in Fairfax City Cemetery. Graveside services will be held on Monday, November 1, at Mt. Arrangements by Colonia Funeral Home of Leesburg. Lance served in the U. Navy for three separate enlistments: He is buried in Summersille, West Virginia. June 23, Graham Leith Ruppert, on June 20, , in an automobile accident. Graham spent most of his quiet life as an analyst at the super-secret National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland, never telling his four children the details of his work.

He and his wife of 28 years, Sandra Lea Ruppert, raised their family in a split-level duplex snug against a patch of woods on Chapelgate Road in Odenton, Maryland. The suburban neighborhood of chain-link fences, dusty pickups and boat trailers sits about five miles from the barbed wire of the NSA, a high-tech listening post in western Anne Arundel County charged with breaking codes and gathering foreign intelligence.

A former NSA worker said Ruppert worked rotating shifts as a mid-level supervisor in the operations room of the main building, a towering blue-glass cube flanked by massive antenna arrays.

Like many at NSA, Ruppert kept to himself. Even in high school, he participated in few activities other than science clubs. Talking to people but not really looking at them. Joseph Mercy Hospital with family and friends by her side after a brief but valiant battle with cancer. Karen was an active member of St. In both her private and professional life, Karen Dickinson will be most remembered for the gentle and insightful way she empowered people to reach their highest potential.

After receiving a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the college of Language, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan in , Karen began work, at the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan in September of that year.

There, she acted as a technology liaison to numerous academic units, helping people make effective use of technology to further workplace satisfaction, productivity and community. She will be deeply missed by a loving circle of friends and colleagues. Karen is survived by her loving husband of 44 years, Kenneth K. Dickinson, their three children: Dickinson of Chicago Illinois.

Olson , of Chicago; Kathryn S. A Memorial Mass is planned at The family requests that memorial contributions be made to the Dickinson Family Charitable Scholarship Fund for undergraduate students in need. Other contributions could be made to St. He specialized in logistics and was Director of Operations for North America as well as Manager of Fleet Control in the logistics department.

A golf enthusiast, Don volunteered annually at three PGA-sponsored golf events which benefit charities related to social improvement, medical support and youth activities. He was also a published author of several computer guides and manuals. A reception will follow. Curtis John Schoppert was born January 16, John graduated from Wakefield High School on June 14, He married Louetta M. John also is survived by 3 grandchildren: Curtis passed away on May 15, in Fairfax, Virginia of cancer.

I reviewed the Wakefield High School alumni website and saw the memoriam page. I am the executor of my father's probate estate and I believe there was no obituary published regarding my father.

For your convenience, here is a short summary of my father's life for publication on the Wakefield High School website:. Doug Scott was born in Washington, D. After graduating from high school, he earned a B.

He was particularly proud of his experience as a varsity football player for Wakefield H. He married Jo Anne W. Scott nee Winney on September 17, at the Arlington Presbyterian Church on Columbia Pike, and was married to her for the next 40 years until her death on September 18, He loved his wife very much and never recovered from her death.

Their marriage produced two children. He lived in Arlington until March of when he purchased a home in Annandale, Virginia where he lived until his death 42 years later. He began his career as a U. Postal Service, rose quickly through the civilian federal workforce reaching GS in , and retired as a GS with the Federal Emergency Management Agency at the end of He is survived by his brother, David L.

Scott of Arlington, Virginia; his daughter, Cordia V. Hennaman of Chesterfield County, Virginia; and six grandchildren. I would be interested in talking to anyone who remembers my father from his days at Wakefield High School. Thank you for taking the trouble to keep the alumni website going. There are no immediate survivors. Memorial Mass will be at 3: Cremation was in Rosslyn. John served in the United States Army and was a Vietnam veteran.

John loved sailing and working on cars. John was a very loving and caring man who will be missed by all who knew and loved him. John was preceded in death by his parents. Family will receive friends on Saturday, November 6, from 12 Noon until time of service at 1 p.

Interment in National Memorial Park. Sipes was a native and resident of Arlington. As a salesman of audio systems and scuba diving equipment, he combined his avocation and vocation. He also worked with Audio Associates in Arlington. Ron was raised in the coal mining country of south western Virginia and West Virginia as his father worked as miner and later a butcher for the company store.

He was a member of the "Rocket Boys. During his last year of high school his family moved to Northern Virginia where he graduated from Arlington's Wakefield High School in He worked for the National Chamber of Commerce and later became a computer programmer for the Washington Post.

He went to work for the True companies of Casper as a computer programmer in August and they were married in February of He was a member of the Casper Petroleum Club. Ron served on the board of directors and spent a year as president. An avid reader, Ron was a wordsmith and a firm believer in self education. Ron enjoyed his dog, visiting with his family, and traveling. Ron Sizemore died on February 19, in his Casper home after a five year bout with renal cell cancer under the care of his wife Jane and Hospice.

Memorial services will be Tuesday, February 24th at 2: Drum was born in Newport, Vermont, and reared in Arlington, Virginia. She graduated from Wakefield High School in A certified dental technician of the American Dental Assistants Association, she received her professional training from various orthodontists in the Washington area. From to she was an assistant to Dr. Since then she had worked for Dr. Brendan Stack in Vienna. Survivors include her husband, Dr.

Drum of Alexandria, Virginia, an orthodontist; her mother, Margaret T. Slayton, also of Alexandria, and a brother, Dr. Slayton, a physician of Blacksburg, Virginia.

He loved his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and was devoted to his family and friends. He had many hobbies, including calligraphy and photography. Funeral will be held at 11 a. The family will receive friends one hour prior to service.

Burial will follow in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Petersburg, Florida Robert Q. He was born in Washington, D. He was a graduate of American University, Washington, D.

Petersburg, Florida; and 10 grandchildren. Solomon of Alexandria, Virginia; son of Mary M. Johnson; brother of John O. Interment at Quantico National Cemetery. I wanted to let you all know that my dear mom, Anne Orr, passed away Monday morning after a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in early November.

Her cup of joy was full, and her responsibilities were complete. In November just before Thanksgiving, Mom came out to California to live in an assisted living facility blocks from me and my husband Andrew after a truly comical stay living in close quarters with her daughter again in a hotel waiting for her place to be ready. She entered hospice care right away. I went to see her every day, and her caregivers were great.

It was difficult to see this quick witted and outspoken woman with such considerable powers reduced in that way that cancer operates. I was grateful that end came mercifully quickly. I know that you all know my mom. She loved books especially mysteries , history her major at MWC when we graduated together in , cats, writing, painting, the ocean, seashells, the color blue, and the Obamas seriously, they have been a particular passion since Mom, a liberal Democrat to the her core, has wonderful stories of her working life in Washington, D.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Then, she was invited back onto the elevator by Dr. I think that she really missed working in political circles after , when Reagan entered office and even liberal clerical workers were out of fashion.

Anne will be cremated with no service, according to her wishes. I will leave her Facebook page up for a while if people would like to post remembrances to share with her friends. If anyone would like to make a contribution to an organization in her memory, may I suggest the Organizing for America, National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, or if none of those are your cup of tea, then the American Cancer Society.

Spedden of Gainesville, Virginia, passed peacefully on December 18, He is survived by his wife Launie Spedden, sons James E.

Loving father-in-law to Jennifer Spedden and Katarina Spedden. Devoted grandfather to Jenna S. Spedden and Colten K. He is also survived by his sister Barbara J. Spedden and his brother Arthur L. Spedden, Jr and his wife Joshlyn Spedden. Born and residing in Virginia for most of his life James dedicated much of the twilight of his time on this earth in service to God through personal evangelism and a committed focus to be in relationship with his Heavenly Father.

A gifted athlete in his youth, sports played a very active role in his professional passion and interests. Our family is comforted knowing that he is in Heaven and by the prayers and support offered by both our friends and Church family members.

There will be a time for visitation Wednesday December 28, at Funeral services will be held on Wednesday December 28, at 1: Interment will follow at National Memorial Park. They moved to Port Austin, Michigan where she passed away in She was a resident of Baywoods Community in Annapolis, Maryland, where she enjoyed many friends.

Barbara lived in many places throughout her youth as the daughter of a career United States Air Force military father, whom she loved and admired greatly. She married, became a mother, and particularly enjoyed her many years living in Cary, North Carolina, prior to relocating to Annapolis to be near family. She was appreciated by many for her special talents as an interior designer, which she studied at Purdue University, and that passion is something she passed along to her daughters.

She enjoyed being outdoors in warm weather and gardening became a favorite hobby. She had a penchant for creating beautiful homes, and was also a wonderful cook. She was an avid reader and enjoyed exploring and discussing history and politics. She enjoyed deep conversation. Barbara loved animals, especially her dogs. She enjoyed riding horses in her youth and in college, and admired them for their majesty and beauty.

Barbara volunteered her time as a special helper at her grandchildren's elementary school. She was known and appreciated for her kindness and for being a help to her neighbors and friends. She was especially comforted by her church communities, as well as the community of friends in Severna Park, where she also lived prior to moving to Annapolis. The family would like to send a special thanks to her very loving and dear companion, Col.

Barbara was preceded in death by her husband, Stephen G. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention http: Cause of death is not available. Swick served in the Army in Panama and was honorably discharged in He moved to Olympia, Washington in He was employed by Artistry in Flowers. Swick is survived by his parents, Richard A. Thorpe was born July 17, , in Washington, D. He started his own business, Quality Patent Printing in He taught faith and healing and prayed and ministered to those in need.

He enjoyed nature and the outdoors. Survivors include his wife, Deborah A. Thorpe of Philomont; his son. Tubbs, on March 17,, of Herndon, Virginia.

Husband of Carolyn E. Tubbs, father of Brian E. Tubbs and Kimberly L. On Friday, March 20, the family will receive friends from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. Funeral services will be held at Thomas was preceded in death by a daughter, Hope Howard. The family will receive friends Wednesday evening from 6 - 8 PM at the funeral home. He later changed his name to Vandale. He had two children with Roberta Ann Frost: Wendy Vandale and James Vandale. Dean Vandale died May 5, Brother of Roger Wagner.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 11a. Monday, December 11 at St. Philips Catholic Church, St. Philips Court, Falls Church, Virginia. Virlean Wessberg of Lapuente, California.

Services on Friday, January 8, at 2 p. He was born March 6, and was preceded in death by his parents Doris and Joseph, Jr. He is survived by two brothers, Thomas and Robert; four children, Betty, Jay, John and Penny; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was the husband for 40 years of Patricia A.

Also survived by numerous cousins and close friends Gary and Shirley Evans. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. The Reverend Mary Pat Ashby will officiate. Online condolences may be expressed to the Webb Family at: He was a retired lieutenant colonel in the U. He was awarded the Order of the Eagle in Boy Scouts. He served with the 82nd Airborne Division, Special Forces.

His life was devoted to his country and his family. A memorial service will be conducted at 1 p. He was greeted by his wife, Mary Ann Harmon, who he married April 1st, in Arlington and missed greatly since her passing eight years ago. A daughter, Sheila Willingham, is deceased as well as two sisters, a brother and parents. Services will be held at Hilgenfeld Mortuary, Anaheim. I visited with the parents of Jeff Winter several years ago, since Jeff and I were close buddies in high school.

They told me the following: Jeff was visiting relatives in the Buffalo, New York area. There was a big snow storm and Jeff went out to help shovel the sidewalk. He slipped on the ice and fell, hitting his head on concrete. He later went to bed rather than getting examined, thinking the blow to his head was not serious. Family-friendly nudist resort with large pool and whirlpool on a concrete sunning pad.

Resort has paved tennis courts, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, shuffleboard and other exercise facilities. A restaurant is open for three meals daily and a cabanna with hamburgs , hotdogs, beer and wine is open on week ends. We were there for the St. Full hook ups and laundry available. After about two miles you will see a sign for Trail 10 to the right. A half mile in the road turns to gravel for about a mile.

Campground is on the right just past the dump station. The Florida State Parks have priced themselves out of the market. We went to this campground from Big Bass because the temps continually dropped below freezing at night and without electric we couldn't keep warm and were spending a fortune on LP for the generator and catalitic heaters.

This is a beautiful little campground with electric and water as well as restrooms and hot shower. No reservations, first come first served. Pick a spot and pay the Iron Ranger. When it straightens out look for signs to Sigsbee and turn right onto Kennedy Drive.

Take the causeway and the road to the MWR office and check in. Sigsbee has about 90 spaces with full hook up and a day stay limit. Waiting time in dry camping is weeks and they will never run out of space. If you are not waiting for a full hook-up site they will probably move you over to Trumbo Point, adjacent to the Coast Guard but only a long walk to the Schooner Wharf, Mallory Square and Duvall St.

The Trumbow Point campground is sparse with a shower at the pool along with two washers and dryers. But you are in paradise--the Conch Republic. Go downtown, take a cruise , populate Mallory Square or just stroll down Duvall Street. If you sit in your coach on your grass spot you deserve to be bored. Rustic family-friendly resort with large pool, whirlpool, sauna, competition-quality clay tennis courts, free canoes and paddleboats on large lake.

Everything from full hook ups to boondocking at the same price. Nudism is not cheap! From I 95 take Exit Wickham Rd. Follow signs to Patrick AFB. There is one left turn onto Pineda Causeway. Go past first entrance to Patrick AFB. Turn left on FL A1A. About a mile and a half north turn left into truck entrance if after hours call security for entry.

From gate turn right onto main road which eventually turns left. Go through two stop signs and turn left on Rescue Road which crosses the end of the runway and terminates at the FamCamp. Beautiful facility, well maintained and well managed. Plenty of rules but they are all enforced for everyone. Site 69 is reserved for wheel-chair bound handicapped. Facility has full and partial hook-ups and a fleet of blue-boys for those in no-sewer spots. Some spots are right on the Banana River. Nice beach, restrooms, showers, laundry room.

This was also the first place we found the Air Force Frequent Camper Program and were able to sign up. It is dry camping with a bathhouse. The lake is full of very large gators who are curious but not agressive. Beautiful location and very friendly volunteer staff. Exit I at FL54 and head west. Turn left onto US41 and make an immediate right onto Leonard Road. Drive past Lake Como and look for the sign on the left. You will need to have someone let you in through the gate. All spots are privately owned and most are available for rent or purchase.

A pool is available next door at Lake Como for a fee but there is discussion about putting one in the park if the owners can agree. Membership in any recognized national or international nudist organization is required to keep out the gawkers.

December April Parkway Tire Campground N. Tyndall Parkway Callaway, FL It's actually the parking area behind Parkway Tire and Service, Inc. We spent a week here getting our brakes done. We had to replace all four rotors and other problems and the people here were just great. If your RV needs service they will do it for a reasonable price. They have promised us a dedicated camping spot when we come back next year for tires. We can not recommend Neil and his staff too highly.

Not a very good campground but a great place for RV service and tires. February January Just off the highway. Very nice, well maintained and excellent management.

This one is a winner. No reservations but fast turn-around from overflow to sites. Beautiful, wooded location directly on the river. The community building was built by campers and events are held frequently. March February Riverboat is on the left. Pool and whirlpool were dirty. Do not take children here, this resort is friendly to alternate lifestyles.

On the north side of State Route 54 just east of US Just a few miles west of I However, there is a Sweetbay Grocery Store in the same shopping center. Parking is OK but they ask that you park close to the highway. Walking into this store is almost like walking into a museum--this is one of the originals.

If you want to get a manicure or pedicure go to Rose Nails , not the overly expensive other nail shop. Overnight parking is not allowed. Some Rest Areas have dumps at the exits. With a good driver this can be negotiated with big rigs. Nudist Resort open year-round.

Friendly membership resort with week end activities, pool May-Oct , hot tub, hiking trail, clubhouse, horshoe and volleyball courts. Sites can accompdate up to ft rigs but there are only a few 30 amp sites no Water and sewer on site. Get there soon if you plan to go because the owner does very little maintenance and the place will soon fall apart and go back to nature.

Georgia National Park Service. Take the causeway to the island and turn left at the first light. At the next light trun left and continue to the circle. Take the second exit off the circle and the park is just past Christ Church on the left. One pad for volunteers scheduled up to three years in advance except for July and August which are almost always open.

Work is diverse from interpretation to construction to costume repair to living history and just about anything you can offer. November - December Four full-service pads for volunteers. You work four on, three off in various jobs for the National Park Service. This may be the best volunteer campground in the NPS.

The Coast Guard station within walking distance allovs volunteers to eat in their galley for a fee. You can watch the big ships pass within a couple hundred yards on their way to and from Savannah. Your dining companions are deer and racoons and when the park is closed, the bridge is locked and you are pretty much alone on Cocksput Island. April to July Drive to the commercial truck gate and ask for directions, a map and an escort, if possible.

The site is on a lake and is breathtaking. Well worth the search. Friendliest staff on the planet. We were there a few days before a FMCA event nearby and had to dry camp for half price. Base services are a short drive away but the campsites are very secluded in a nice wooded area. Our second visit was just as enjoyable. A great place to relax. March January Overnight parking is NOT allowed.

FlyingJ Lebanon, IN Very busy, next to a truck terminal. RV islands to the left of the auto islands. Diesel, gas, LP, dump, air. Only four RV overnight spaces, located next to auto islands. Standard Flying J facilities. When we were there they had the lowest diesel prices in the nation. Also Indiana Ripley Street South. Go to truck fueling islands.

The sign that says "Cars Only" is for real. A big rig can not maneuver in the space provided. A few miles off Indiana south of Bloomington on Lake Monroe. We arrived the week after school started and essentially had the whole place to ourselves. Fabulously beautiful, great hosts, spotless, improved parking spaces with 30Amp electric and water. The showers are very clean, they work extremely well and are worth the price of admission. I didn't realize that the U. Forest Service is part of the Department of Agriculture.

Route in Crawfordsville, northwest of Indianapolis. The Indy also uses Workampers but we have never worked there--if you are interested contact us and we will get you in touch with people who have. Not a campground --a workamping assignment. Before the race starts we work a few days putting up signs and cleaning facilities.

No electricity In they left us hook up to 20 amps if we could find a plug. Honey wagon takes septic and water is delivered when requested for free. The appeal here is the other Workampers. We have a lot of fun and make a little money. August August August Bev's sister, Leslie, and her husband, Jeff, are the always genial hosts.

We have a 30 Amp connection, water and plenty of woods to drain the gray tank. Their horses add an interesting ambiance to the parking spot. They always welcome us and it is a beautiful, quiet idylic setting for resting. Unfortunately, for anyone looking here for a place to camp, this is another of our network of friends and relatives who have driveways in excess of 35 feet long and welcome us.

As often as possible. Follow this road LA makes a left turn--go straight until it comes to a T at the river. Turn right and drive 4. Once at the site, DO NOT go down the hill to the office with your rig--it is on a peninsula and very difficult to turn around. Recommend you go through the "Back Gate" if you have a big rig. This campground can not handle anything bigger than 35 ft.

Rustic fishing camp with electric and water on site. No TV reception, no Verizon service. Boats for rent, swimming area with lifeguards in the summer. The friendliest and most helpful staff we have ever run into. Week ends can get a bit rowdy with soldiers from Ft. Polk letting off steam with bonfires and heavy drinking.

Bathhouse has excellent showers with plenty of pressure and hot water. Turn right, Pass Road ends at the gate. Ask at the gate for directions as the park is being moved.

This park is in transition. Its current site is being closed to build military family housing. The temporary site is a former FEMA trailer park in the industrial section of the base until the new site is completed at an abandoned trailer park.

Interim site has all back-in on gravel with 30 amp service, water and sewer. There is also a laundry house with free washers and dryers, part of which is to be converted to bathrooms. We tried to get in at Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg but it was full with no overflow due to its Iraq War mission.

We decided to go to the Sea Bee base at Gulfport but it was getting late and we were tired so we spent the night here. Overnight parking NOT allowed.

Some Rest Stops have dumps. Chalet Bearmouth W. Clinton, MT www. I at Mile Marker We were tired after driving the passes in rain, sleet, snow, slush, etc. The scenery is magnificent and it is open year round. We had a 30 Amp 50 is available hook up plus water water is shut off during winter. Sewer is central due to the age of the park and proximity to the river.

The Lodge has rooms, dining, a bar, casino, large showers, bathrooms, laundry room and gas pumps. The restaurant is open for breakfast which was outstanding , lunch and dinner. New motivated and very friendly owners. Planning to go PA.

I SE of Las Vegas until it ends. Continue on US93 and take Boulder City by-pass. Boulder Beach is first campground on right past the Ranger Station. Drive through campground and pick a spot none are reserved. Restroom facilities with sinks are provided as are fire rings and water not garden hose compatable.

There is a beach and a dump station. Enforced quiet hours are 10 p. Mesquite, NV www. Check in at office. Pull- thrus on left, back-ins on right. Showers in far right corner. Nice fully paved area with 50 Amp electric, water, sewer, cable. Very tight spaces, slide outs are problematic.

We were here for a conference and a celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday. It is a little more than we would like to spend and if we are in the area would probably go to Zion National Park. If this is your kind of camping this place gets a good grade. Very nice clean showers. Get a key to the heated pool and two whirlpools at the hotel lobby.

If you are a serious gambler they will comp your site. Try not to drink the water, it is nasty. Stays limited to 3 hours except in emergencies. They bill it as the best kept camping secret in New England and from our experience they are right.

Nice improved spaces with 30A and water. No on site dump. Showers are in a small trailer at the entrance to the site and the rest rooms are porta -potties. A good percentage of the spots are filled with semi-permanent months campers so reservations are absolutely required.

For some reason they don't allow overflow parking even though there is plenty of open space. Overnight parking allowed only in emergencies.

Normal stops limited to 3 hours. Toll roads, bridges and tunnels almost all accept Ez -Pass. New York State Park. SE of Albany near the Mass. Waaaaaaaaaay back in the woods. Very poorly marked with miniature signs behind trees etc. Single lane gravel roads for miles. This is not your basic overnight stop. You have got to want to come here and, quite honestly, as far back in the boonies as it is, you should plan to stay a week and plan to pay plenty for it.

Quiet, serene, big beautiful clean lake with swimming and boating. NO hook ups, small RV spaces I barely made it between some of the trees and had to sacrifice my awning to get out.

But if you want rustic, this is the place to be. Friendly staff but a very confusing fee structure. As I write this I have no idea how much this is going to cost.

It is the second Country Music Park, the first is a real dump even worse than the dump we ended up in.

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