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Senior swingers in western australia


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I just got out from doing four months and I'm on house arrest until my case is over.

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Senior swingers in western australia

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Any BBWs Looking to Watch the Game Together m4w Just looking to see if any BBWs, Thick, or Curvy Women would like to watch tonight's game together.


In Melbourne from 13th December. Happy fun guy who likes some of the spicy things in life, can be cheeky so don't say i didn't warn you! You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee s , agent s , student s or any personnel under your direction or control.

The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. Have been single a few years after a 10 year relationship 5 of which we were involved in swinging. Sydney University and all other institutions using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future.

If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. We are a happily married couple wanting to meet others for fun. We are looking for honest couples who enjoy themselves as well as others.

We are extremely curious and very excited to make new friendships and see how it goes We would prefer to see photos before we accept you as a friend. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this.

All institutions using this or any site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. Hi we are a happily married couple who are down to earth and enjoy living life. Whether it be down the beach, a quiet bbq or a few of our favorite beverages down the local..

It's time to stop talking about our fantasies and start making some of them a reality!! Comfortable in our own skin and would like to share with someone like minded.. Want to know more don't be shy and contact us. We don't bite, hard: Not looking for something hard core!

We like to keep things light and interesting! Good hygiene and all the He is a man that knows what, how and when to do things Believe me, he's taught me a thing or 3 lol TO ALL institutions using this SHA site or its associated sites for projects or otherwise - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation The beauty of foreplay is what it's all about.

I also enjoy shooting glamour photography and film. If we click that's great. If not then no harm done. I do not accept everyone so make a little effort in your email.

So if you would like to get into the fun of the night there will be a prize for best dressed Female and Male. There will also be a lucky door prize draw. This event is a Female friendly event and is open to Couples and Single Females only, sorry no single guys this time around, and by invitation only so attendance will be by pre-registration and payment only, no walk-ins.

Doors will close at 9. Firstly were a very loving committed genuine couple with a young family. We are very open down to earth friendly people who enjoy socialising, entertaining and a good laugh. Although we have experience in swinging were always interested in learning more. He is an extremely cheeky kiwi and loves to flirt and watch his partner pleasured and join in. He is completely straight. She is a naughty voluptuous bbw woman, with amazing eyes, who loves to tease both male and female.

She does have experience with women and enjoys all the pleasures shared between the two with her man. She dislikes hairy men and or ones with lack of stamina If you need a blue pill.. We only play with the other part of the couple there. Were honest, respectful and discreet and expect the same from you.

Most of all were out to share some pleasurable fun with some honest fun people. We Are Looking For Couples and bi females who are after the same sexual encounters, for fun and pleasure and friendship.

Were not after endless chat, we prefer to meet face to face with no expectations We like to consider ourselves as a classy, energetic, creative, imaginative couple with a sense of humour. We are a couple that is very much in love but also love to enjoy seeing each other turned on!! Loves the touch of a woman, she gets excited at the thought and loves to kiss and please her with an amazing amount of seductive passion!!

She loves watching Him please another woman to the point of telling him to make her come and if the mood is right and so is the man she will have her way with both of you!! Once she gets started the whole world heats up!! Enjoys her toys, costumes and the a little soft bondage; happy to take direction, loves filming our play time and having happy snaps of the occasion.

Enjoy's it all, loves watching his lady look after and be looked after by another woman and couple while enjoying the taste of both women or some times just sitting back and enjoying the view, He is very passionate at what he does and loves to please before been pleased "Ladies first: Male is straight and Fem is bi curious, she has had some girl on girl action, and enjoyed that, and really would be open to exploring this side of her sexuality a whole lot more!

Love spontaneous people, and often will meet on the spur of the moment, as when your horny, your horny lol. We have limited times when we can meet, but we are definately not into "wham bam thank you mamm" type scenarios.

My name is Adsie but known as "Hollywood". My two favourite things are public sex and Girls wearing Satin: Combining these two things is simply amazing. I think public sex is so naughty, especially if people can see, it is so risky: Really enjoy fucking in the follwing places: I also love sexy girls wearing Satin.

I think silk and satin is the most sexual and sensual material ever. It is so nice to touch and looks so damn sexy on girls. Items I love the girls to wear: All of my bed Sheets are Satin, it makes the sex soo much better.

And my favourite part is Hi, we are a couple that have been in a polyamorous relationship before that is interested in either couples or another female for fun times.

We love to go out to dinner and live music shows and would love to meet people with similar interests. Please no single men. About Me I love life and enjoy the company ofvdown to earth people with a good sense of humour and sense of adventure I love sex!

I enjoy the company of females and exploring my bi sexual side. I love oral both giving and receiving and enjoy pleasuring a woman while her husband watches I am very discreet and expect the same in return. If there's anything else you'd like to know ask, and I will be more than happy to fill you in lol Looking For Married bi sexual couple who are interested in discreet, sexy, erotic, fun times, and who I can also become friends. Hopefully we can have a long term no strings attached arrangement with.

I particularly enjoy sharing a woman with her husband and being part of both their fantasies and enjoyment. I would like to meet a couple where the husband gets turned on by watching me please his wife. I love a woman that is confident in her self regardless of body shape and who enjoys flirting teasing and pleasing. Women who enjoy their sexuality, love wearing sexy lingerie and can express themselves during sex make Meet for a coffee and a chat first if you like.

I enjoy cuckolding your wife or GF thick uncut clean cock. DDF Down to earth respectful and fun. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one. We are an experienced team of Perth guys who offer single ladies and couples the ultimate in female erotic fantasy - a GangBang or Bukkake party.

We vary in age range from late 20's to mid 50's. All of us are decent guys who offer you the utmost in discretion and cleanliness and will respect any and all limits set by you. We get our pleasure from seeing you get your pleasure.

The party is for you and therefore we work hard to make sure you have an enjoyable and satisfying adventure. There is never, ever any pressure placed on you - you take the situation at your own pace. You are in complete control at all times. You get to set the scene - eg. There is no cost to you as we pick up all the expenses such as hotel room, etc. We also are in contact with some bi-girls so if you'd like one of them to join your party, we may be able to arrange it.

Read my story as this is a turn on for me. I'm seeking couples, singles and bi fun, Ben Hi, my name is Pauline and I would like to tell you of our story which happened a few years ago.


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Keep it coming, thinks Jo. The real failing here is that some people question it. McLean found 70 problems , but according to Paul Barry, this is neutralized, because the dataset has 7 million datapoints. Nevermind that problems like site moves and quality control can apply to millions of points. One number is big and the other small and who cares about the units.

By that reasoning the IPCC is toast. To sum up the MediaWatch analysis, two thousand Hadley employees rely on frozen tropical islands and junk data but we already knew about that apparently, which makes any problem OK. They junk-data-guys predict global doom and their predictions are right because McLean was wrong on a different topic 7 years ago and his audit was supervised by a man who was sacked and dedicated to one who said the IPCC was a farce?

After dismissing the findings as old news, he discusses something entirely different and waffles about the laws of physics. Which Law of Physics would that be?

The Second Law of Data Collection? Conservation of Thermometer Units? If Hadley exaggerates the warming, so will the models. Can we trust him, or, to paraphrase his own words: This is backed up by other globally recognised datasets all of which are run independently and find very similar warming.

As I said yesterday:. They claim they are backed up by other datasets. If the shonky site-move adjustments start with national met bureaus, then get sent out around the world, all the global datasets combine the same mistakes and make similar overestimations. News corp treats climate science and the threat to our planet with contempt, why is it so, presumably because Rupert Murdoch is a non-believer.

Maybe thousands of journalists just think for themselves. See this weeks MediaWatch coverup for failing institutions. If you can help support me , together we can push back. Paypal , or direct. Last week we exposed absurd errors, brutal adjustments and an almost complete lack of quality control was there any at all? These bizarre mistakes are like glowing hazard signs that the dataset is neglected, decaying, essentially junk.

What else might be wrong? We must pay trillions, turn vegetarian, and live in cold rooms, but the actual historic measurements are irrelevant.

Were some numbers left in Fahrenheit for 40 years? These kinds of checks are something that a 12 year old geek could write the code for. The ten-nanosecond-test for the new World Record Temperature would have fished out the silliest mistakes, some of which have been there for decades.

The Met Office said automated quality checks were performed on the ocean data and monthly updates to the land data were subjected to a computer assisted manual quality control process. Instead their job is to be fiction writers, converting failing models into vomiting babies: She was born in Alice Springs Hospital on October 13, She came into the world screaming, before projectile-vomiting over the hospital floor and falling asleep.

We are talking about a half degree Celsius of warming spread over 22 years. This is double the decadal rate currently shown by satellites. Extreme hot days in Alice Springs hit 48 degrees Celsius — nearly 3C hotter than on her first birthday. And heatwaves last much longer. Keeping things alive in the garden at these temperatures is next to impossible.

Plants are pushed beyond their thresholds and die from heat shock. The animals that eat them go soon after. Death to kangaroos, cows and camels then? Or maybe the native saltbush and scrub will do just fine like it always has, even when Alice was hotter than now 7, years ago for hundreds of unending relentless years during the Holocene Optimum. Is Nick Kilvert talking about animals that eat lettuce and roses in back yards humans, puppies, feral rabbits?

Or did he just segue from gardens to all plants, to all animals? Moving to Darwin is out of the question. So is north Queensland. Tourism is suffering along with the reef. Most of the reef is dead or dying in the north. Some of the hardier coral species have survived, but the diversity and colour are gone and no-one wants to snorkel in algae.

To escape the heat, moving to south-east Queensland seems like her best option. The only thing we know for sure is that never ever in a million years does CO2 do one beneficial thing — like green the world, stop deserts, grow more food or help plants survive droughts. On average, every 12 hours for the last ten thousand years, the temperatures vary in Alice Springs by around 16 degrees C. Somehow humans survive this extreme hourly climate change, mostly by switching on the air conditioner.

But if it gets half a degree hotter over 20 years, humans will have to leave. If he did, or if he was especially lazy and just emailed Jo Nova to do his research for him, he would be able to tell the paying taxpayers he is supposed to serve that every year in Australia the big climate killer is winter which causes 7, excess deaths. So while warming might kill people a year in , it will save far more people than it kills.

The only possible way this outcome of saving lives can be avoided is if we follow the ABC neo-marxist plan to make electricity unaffordable. A lack of air conditioning will kill more people than global warming.

Obviously what we need, if you care about lives, is more Victorian Brown coal plants. Nick Kilvert is an environment reporter who may or may not realize that Australian rainfall has increased. And we know this because skillless climate models say so. She was 14 the last time the Todd River flowed. But when it did it was a raging torrent. Hot air can hold more moisture. So it takes longer for it to get saturated enough to rain.

But when it does …. And the wheat belt suffers. If you get the urge to take Nick Kilvert investment predictions and do the opposite, check out Cool Futures. Australian annual rainfall trends — , Graph, Bureau of Meteorology. Back when CO2 was ideal Alice Springs had a shocking run of dry years. Lord save us all from extra rain in Alice Springs. Alice Springs, Rainfall at the airport, — , Bureau of Meteorology. One hundred years of data shows Alice Springs was always dry with intermittent flooding.

Obviously this data needs to be adjusted. Alice Springs, Rainfall, Post Office, — If you think that should change, please help support independent commentary with some emergency chocolate through Paypal or direct deposit and mail. Will he ever report how incompetent big government is? First, for something to be evidence, it must have been unambiguously predicted. This is a necessary, but far from sufficient condition. Figure 1 shows the IPCC model forecasts for the summer minimum in Arctic sea ice in the year relative to the period — As you can see, there is a model for any outcome.

It is a little like the formula for being an expert marksman: Graph of the Year: Arctic sea ice predictions of the worlds top models in It acknowledges that major tech platforms, including Google, Facebook and Twitter initially promised free speech to consumers. Responding to the leak, an official Google source said the document should be considered internal research, and not an official company position. A tweet from then-candidate Donald Trump, alleging that Google search suppressed negative results about Hillary Clinton.

It would also kinda like to be the approved spokesengine for the Chinese government. Google explained that in some cases this freedom has had positive outcomes, using the Arab Spring as an example.

Google determines that the problem is that users, governments and tech firms are all behaving badly. Prof Richard Lindzen, a giant of the skeptical debate delivered the Annual GWPF lecture this week talking about two cultures of two different educated elites. Those at the higher intellectual level may be more prone to groupthink than ordinary folk….

Snow who was both a scientist and a writer and who lived in both elite worlds — the scientific and the arts. A good many times I have been present at gatherings of people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists.

Once or twice I have been provoked and have asked the company how many of them could describe the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The response was cold: Yet I was asking something which is the scientific equivalent of: I now believe that if I had asked an even simpler question — such as, What do you mean by mass, or acceleration, which is the scientific equivalent of saying, Can you read? So the great edifice of modern physics goes up, and the majority of the cleverest people in the western world have about as much insight into it as their Neolithic ancestors would have had.

Lindzen fears little has changed and warns that the gulf in understanding between each elite culture is open to malicious exploitation. When science is used as a vote winning issue, non scientists have to pick sides and then belief and faith inevitably trump understanding. Even the smart-but-dumb folk love being told how smart they are. What is it about our elites that makes them so vulnerable, and what is it about many of our scientists that leads them to promote such foolishness?

The answers cannot be very flattering to either. His lecture at the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Now, even the bosses of two gentailers which both benefit from renewables subsidies are warning things are chaotic, going to get turbulent and more expensive.

Why do they admit this? Instead, lets get the government and the RET octopus off our grid. Surely we can set up a market that allows players who want electricity at 9am tomorrow to pay more for generators which can actually guarantee to be ther e. Our market is screwed:. Photos copyright Jo Nova Finally, for the first time since Tony Abbott was PM we see Australia not rushing to adopt everything a foreign unaudited committee tells us. This appears to be a government wide policy — not only Morrison, but the Treasurer, and Environment minister, all in agreement.

There would have been a mutiny if the conservatives kowtowed to the UN. We live in hope. The CO2 emissions from Australian coal are a free gift to the world, increasing crop yields, reclaiming deserts, and adding to forest biomass. The IPCC have gone full apocalyptic: Things are so dire, the Financial Review has just declared that the next election is the Great Barrier Reef election. Scientists say Australia has a chance to save 30 per cent of the Great Barrier Ree f if immediate global changes are made to stop temperature rises.

But these are magic numbers apparently, and half a degree hotter which is all we are talking about it will be You and I might think that corals might just emigrate since they shed sperm and eggs in mass spawning events visible from space and have sites known to reseed all damaged areas. But what would we know? Corals survived the rock that killed the dinosaurs. They survived Toba, the super volcano that left a crater km long.

Corals survived a m sea level rise at the end of the last ice age. And they survived the ice age — and the fifteen before it. They also survived the super cyclones that have been hitting the coast of Queensland for the last 5, years and there is no sign that storms are getting worse.

Who knows what handy genes corals carry after million years of climate change? At least one research team says corals already have the genes to survive another years of warming. Sea levels have been falling in Queensland for 3, years. Lewis et al Currently they are rising globally by about 1mm a year according to 1, tide gauges. However, as the seas return to where they have been scores of times before, apparently corals will be wiped out, just like they never have been.

Note that these are polar temperatures on the graph. Water evaporates quickly above 30C. Wikimedia, author Wise Hok Wai Lum: The fate of the planet is at stake, but the key temperature data set used by climate models contains more than 70 different sorts of problems.

Trillions of dollars have been spent because of predictions based on this data — yet even the most baby-basic quality control checks have not been done.

Thanks to Dr John McLean, we see how The IPCC demands for cash rest on freak data, empty fields, Fahrenheit temps recorded as Celsius, mistakes in longitude and latitude, brutal adjustments and even spelling errors.

So much for that facade. How can people who care about the climate be so sloppy and amateur with the data? HadCrut4 Global Temperature, — There are cases of tropical islands recording a monthly average of zero degrees — this is the mean of the daily highs and lows for the month.

A spot in Romania spent one whole month averaging minus 45 degrees. One site in Colombia recorded three months of over 80 degrees C. That is so incredibly hot that even the minimums there were probably hotter than the hottest day on Earth. In some cases boats on dry land seemingly recorded ocean temperatures from as far as km inland The only explanation that could make sense is that Fahrenheit temperatures were mistaken for Celsius, and for the next seventy years at the CRU no one noticed.

Dr McLean audited the HadCrut4 global data from onwards for his PhD thesis, and then continued it on afterwards til it was complete: The Hadley Met Centre team have not even analyzed this data with a tool as serious as a spell checker.

For two years the entire Southern Hemisphere temperature was estimated from one sole land-based site in Indonesia and some ship data.

HadCrut4 , Southern Hemisphere Temperatures, If only we could do our tax returns like this? The sub-parts of the datasets contradict each other. Which one is right? If it had been checked then the CRU might have queried the more obvious errors in data supplied by different countries.

The Hadley Centre might also have found some of the inconsistencies in the sea surface temperature data, along with errors that it created itself when it copied data from the hand-written logs of some Royal Navy ships.

In probably the worst systematic error, the past is rewritten in an attempt to correct for site moves. While some corrections are necessary, these adjustments are brutally sweeping. New original sites are usually placed in good open sites. So a replacement thermometer is opened in an open location nearby. Usually each separate national meteorology centre compares both sites for a while and figures out the temperature difference between them.

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Arguing that life is a level playing field is easy when you're in the majority. Another Hazelwood-size batch of renewables coming on line in Australia by That’s MW of random subsidized energy dropping into a market that is artificially priced to value weather-changing potential over reliability. Jack William Nicklaus (born January 21, ), nicknamed The Golden Bear, is an American retired professional kitchener-waterloo-chiropractor.com observers regard him as the greatest golfer of all time. During a span of more than 25 years, he won a record 18 major championships while producing 19 second-place and 9 third-place finishes. Nicklaus focused on the major championships—Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, .