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Lookin 4 good Syracuse New York guy


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I am seeking for someone to go out to the bar with, dinner, movies, etc.

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Lookin 4 good Syracuse New York guy

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Just looking for a breasted-American friend that wants to hang out and do nothing. Let Lookin 4 good Syracuse New York guy host you for a lunch date m4w I'm working from home today and I'll need a break around 11.

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Looking for a friend w4m Looking for a friend again. I want to find someone under 30 and hwp or maybe a little overweight, but not obese, sorry. Just have a few hours trying to past the time in a good way;)reply with a or you will be deleted I still love you I Still Love You. NO GUYS AGAIN NO GUYS. I am looking for a fun, Sexy, sensual women for a fun time tonight.


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September 09 - 3: November 15 - 4: September 07 - 2: September 11 - 2: September 03 - 8: September 01 - 4: September 12 - 7: August 31 - 4: September 05 - 5: January 13 - 6: August 28 - 2: August 26 - 9: August 26 - 8: August 25 - 7: October 15 - 5: August 16 - 3: August 17 - August 14 - 7: Sunday, April 20, , Thank you so much for writing, I am so sorry that its taken me so long to write back but I have been swamped, as you can imagine.

Thank you for your kind words, its really great to read your posting on the site. Its really awesome that he inspired you as much as he did us. I know he really appreciated those with the same love for broadcasting.

I hope you are doing well, we are just trying to swim through our sea of emotions over here. Devon Armstrong Jack's daughter. Saturday, March 29, , 7: Both your sites are great. Jack Armstrong was the best and he is sadly missed. He is awesome there as he always was.

Thursday, March 27, , 3: The guy was one of the best I'd ever heard. I was a kid in Kansas City which was DX heaven, being in the middle of the country and heard him blasting through the night.

Wednesday, March 26, , I still can't believe our leader is gone. Jack was one of the greatest. I stole a lot of stuff from him in my early days in the biz. God Bless you Jackson!

Monday, March 24, , 8: A HUGE loss for all that knew him. Ken Wolt had the vision to get him on the air. Thanks for the great radio Jackson Markus e-mail Mark Driscoll Productions. Monday, March 24, , 7: I knew his work, he was great but I didn't know till now that he worked at POP. Monday, March 24, , 6: You really hit home here. Monday, March 24, , 5: Tuesday, February 26, , 2: My aunt had given those 2 records to my Mom back in the early 70s and I recall them fondly growing up in New Britain.

I still have a turntable and would enjoy hearing them again but I am also planning on using the album cover art as part of a display on a wall in our new addition. Thanks for having such a terrific website.. I see these all the time on Ebay; anyone have a copy they want to sell to Bob? Wednesday, January 9, , 9: Hey, nice web site. Do you have any [way to] trace of one of the salespeople working then, probably in Would love to track her down.

I last heard she might be married to a guy named Fox in Pittsfield, but no joy on looking that up. Any help would be appreciated. Can anyone help Greg? Monday, August 20, , On occasion he would be in the studio Monday, June 11, , She worked with Terry McKay at the same time, according to your website. Barbara Bodnar Linden lives in West Hartford e-mail. Friday, April 13, , Just checking in with an update. I have since retired to Lancaster, PA, where the alarm does not go off at 4: I'm not doing any radio now, but don't rule it out.

I love visiting your website, because it brings back so many mostly fond recollections. Wednesday, March 7, , 8: I just found your website and was glad to get information on Bill Winter's career. Oppenheimer asked him to come to Tampa with him. I met him in in Hopewell, VA. He was a very talented young man. It is sad that his life ended so early. It was great to see the picture of him. He hadn't changed a bit from the time that I knew him. Thanks for the memories. Tuesday, November 28, , 2: Excellent work as usual!!!!

After talking with with Del Raycee over the weekend and giving it some thought, I was coming to the same conclusion that you did That last newspaper ad that you mentioned from January of still has a thing called "Connecticut Ballroom" which to me sounds suspiciously like a "Big Band" segment. To me "Top Forty" means playing the most popular songs from a tight playlist over and over again in a defined format. This is the team type Top 40 format where all the air personalities worked together as a branded group like "Good Guys" or "All Americans.

WINS was playing some rock but the format definitely didn't meet the definition described above. If I find some time over the holidays, I'm going to go to the Hartford Public Library and look through the editions of the Hartford Courant. Maybe I'll come across a screaming headline Hal Whitney Da Judge e-mail.

Friday, November 17, , 7: I would ride my bike down to WPOP quite a bit I am sending your site to a number of friends who would truly enjoy this! I cant begin to tell you how wonderful this site is. Life was sure simpler back then Thursday, September 21, , 9: I was reading the Crumpet Caper page, and I don't remember there being a fued involved..

I do remember I was drafted to be an agent because they were running out of trips to London and they thought a newsman would be more difficult to figure out than a jock. For your edification, and use in the website if you would like, I submit my column from the December 12, Kenner Star New Orleans suburb: As a good Catholic boy, I am aware that many mothers of same, at one time or another, think about their sons becoming priests.

Frankly, my mother never mentioned the subject to me, but I have always wondered what she would have thought about one episode of my life that gave me a chance to see things from the other side of the collar. Well, it transpired that either our listeners were extremely crafty, or our clues were extremely easy. I suspected the latter. We apparently had only four trips to London to give away and in less than two weeks we had three winners. The brass was very nervous.

These contests are supposed to last several weeks to cover the ratings period. Ratings periods were important to us because they determined who was number one in the market and who was dog meat. The WPOP plan was to use the lavish giveaway to boost the station from dog meat status. But if your contest is over in two weeks, the listeners no longer have a unique reason to listen to your station, and go back to the one they tuned in before your contest came along. Logic always worked with me.

I decided I wanted to be a Catholic priest. And so, Father Clancy was born. I was able to stay in the best hotels no private homes , and at regular intervals I phoned the radio station to give a new clue. These clues, by the way were so vague and useless that we were able to stretch the contest out for a couple of weeks. My stint as a Catholic priest was one of the more enlightening periods of my life. I was rather good at holding my own whenever I became involved in any theological discussion.

But I almost lost it when a woman came running up to me wanting me to hear her confession. I started to panic. I escorted her to the nearest Catholic church and into the confessional. Luckily the green light was on. The most memorable moment, however, was when I was sitting in the back of the taxi, and a drunk staggered over to the cab.

I told Barbara I wanted out. I was not cut out to be a priest. So we started making the clues a little easier and finally got a winner.

I found Ed Clancy! The experience taught me a lot of things, but chief among them: When I finally returned to work the next Monday, Barbara called me into her office. Sunday, August 27, , Addressed to Lee Gordon: My name is Rosemarie Thibeault and Augie Santana was my dad. Having Goggled my dad's name I came across your lovely tribute to my dad. I cannot tell you how very much those words meant to myself and the rest of his family who loved him so very much and are still having a hard time believing that he has left us.

My dad was indeed a wonderful man and I do not know of anyone who ever met him that didn't like him. My children and grandchildren just adored him, he was their Pop. Beside the time he spent with his family he was happiest down at the station, he just lived and breathed that building. I remember as a youngster going down there in the evenings when he was working on some project or another to have dinner as a family.

When my brothers were maybe 10 and 12 he would take them along with him on the weekends to rebuild the catwalks that led to the towers. They would come back dirty, wet and tired but so happy! The quote you mentioned; How goes the battle for men's minds and women's bodies was one of his favorite. The last time I heard it was about a month before he passed. I had gone to see him at the end of a very long day and seeing the weariness on my face he said,"So Sissy, his pet name for me , how goes the battle for men's minds and women's bodies!

He knew it always brought a smile to my face. Please have no doubt that although his obit may have been brief it wasn't out of lack of respect but simply due to shock. We were in no way ready for him to leave us. I would like to reassure every one knew him that he went peacefully and without pain.

All of us who loved him were able to say good-bye and tell him it was okay to go, that we would be alright. The picture we put in the paper is our favorite, if you could view the whole photo you would see that it was taken at the station.

He was sitting at one of the consoles with a mike in front of him. Once again I would like to say thank you for your kind words, they meant a lot to us. Friday, July 21, , I have just become acquainted with the WPOP website, and saw the list of former talent, plus a picture? There he was the "Jack the Bellboy". I was in the newsroom when the first Kennedy assassination bulletin came in. Lou Terri was on the air. You got everything else right.

Sorry about the photo. It obviously was a copy of a copy of a copy of a promotional shot in the days when WPOP used me to sell to the advertisers. Jack Brooks Broitman e-mail. Monday, June 19, , 1: Dick Heatherton was the "King of Kielbasa Country".

Ken Griffin used to play requests for "New Britski". Friday, June 16, , 5: Does anyone know which DJ claimed the title "King of Kielbasa Country" and was he the same one who called "New Britski, the white sox capital of the world? Spots for "Flingo East and Flingo West. We just kept popping the car radio buttons for the best tunes. Thanks for the great site! Friday, May 26, , 6: Has any heard from or know the whereabouts of Linc Holmes?

I know a close relative that is looking for him. Monday, May 22, , 8: I just came across the WPOP website. I worked as an engineer at the xmtr in Newington from about April to Oct and then again from Oct to about March When I first started working at the xmtr in early I was only 19 years old.

It was quit a thrill working at a ROCK station. Some of the DJ's would refer to me as the "teenage" engineer. I remember one Sunday morning when I opened up at the xmtr we were not 24 hrs then. We had been on the air for about 2 or 3 hours when a minister of one of the Hartford churches delivered a tape recording I was to play later on that day. It was a very windy day and the wind slammed the door and the vibration knocked us off the air.

All sorts of lights started flashing and relays banging. It turned out that one of the R modulator tubes shorted out. It had about hrs on it so I guess it was about time. I have fond memories of those days.

I didn't find out about the reunion until is was over. I'm sorry I missed it. Tuesday, November 22, , 9: Sunday, November 13, , 1: Hope everything is well up there in the Great White North. I don't mean to rub it in well, maybe just a little , but it's sunny and about 80 here in Florida. I just wanted to keep you updated. I have an new web site.

My old site is still up on the web, but it has no demos on it, so therefore is useless. I'm strictly doing my VO business now, and building a nice client base.

It's really amazing what can be done these does with the internet. I just finished the first spot of a campaign for a client in South Africa! Also, I did a spot a while ago for Radio Disney for a children's book character called Captain Underpants.

Aahhh, the things we do to make a living. Again, I hope all is well, and keep me posted on any big changes up there IE: Sunday, October 31, , 8: I would also listen to their sister station WIOF. Keep up the great work.

Tuesday, June 21, , 4: I remember we spent the better part of the summer heaving rocks in the brook between the two towers in Newington to shore up the embankments to prevent further erosion of the ground radial system. I hope Augie is still around, and if so, please give him my best regards. I do remember those days quite vividly, with the Gates BC5P2 main transmitter and the old Westinghouse 5HV which had a real sweet sound.

Given the somewhat short notice, I don't think I'm going to be able to attend, but if Augie or even if Doug Wardwell makes it, please give them my warmest regards. I'm going to have to look up Doug in Rhode Island one of these days! Hope is still alive and well and hope the reunion goes well too! Sunday, May 29, , 2: If anyone knows or recalls Bob we used to vall him "General Mills" Mills, he or she can email me.

Wednesday, May 18, , 9: Revisiting your WPOP site A note or two. Kal Kolby came to Channel 30 as a news anchor after Barry Barents This had to be around I felt he gave the channel a real come down.

As for the book mention you so kindly give us Did I ever write to tell you that a bandleader, who appeared at Lake Compounce, wrote a book about his long career and included a picture of the Hartford deejay and station personnel crowd in his book Leon Merian lives in or around Sarasota. We've been to hear him several times and he just recently played a big band date at our Venice Little Theater.

He's in his early 80's and is the trumpet heard on the sound track of the film Ben Hur. Friday, April 22, , 1: Thanks to your untiring efforts Bob Goldberg Scott and yours truly were able to break the bread It was a truly excellent visit and he really promises that next time he and the wife are in our area they will stop in. The funeral was for a former member of the rock band I managed for a few years in the sixties. Thanks to the practice of having record distributors reps bring acts to your record hops Freddie Boom Boom Cannon heard my "kids" at one of those outings and decided then and there that they would back him on his next record Buzz Buzz A Diddle It It got into the 30's on Billboard.

He made some money but Slay and Crewe sent us a bill for the studio time. I wrote back suggesting they put their bill where the sun don't shine. All is well here in warm, sunny Florida. Our book is in a second printing and looking at a third around mid-year. And thanks again for your website and all your good work.

Don Blair, Venice, Fl. Saturday , February 12, , Thought I would correct some of the information published about myself.

I became the 12 noon to 3 p. Since that time I have worked in the auto business, and am currently employed at Sinclair Lincoln Mercury, in the St louis area as a sales manager.

I never worked in Rochester, and that must have been someone else using the same name. Bill Coffey it is my real name e-mail. Sund ay, January 16, , 1: I used to listen to WPOP back in the 50's and 60's all the time. I'm 61 now so I grew up as the rock era became huge and POP had all the tunes. I accidentally came across your site when a group called Ron and the Rattletones popped into my head.

This is a great site! Wish I still had that Bruce Heselton e-mail New Britain, Ct. Frid ay, May 14, , 4: I knew Fred passed away several years back but I never could find anything lengthy on it and no obits. I was one of Fred's admirers. I tuned in just to hear Fred anchor the afternoon 'casts at FIL. I followed him to Mutual Radio and that was a real treat for me. I never met Fred and never saw him so I don't know what he looked like. That was a treat. I miss hearing both Fred and Paul.

Not much good on radio these days. Thanks for your help. Sund ay, May 9, , A friend of mine told me about this site a couple of days ago. Since then it's been fascinating reading about the people I worked with or knew of and how they're doing; also saddening in finding out that some have passed on so young. I'm currently living in Waterbury and, like Al Bundy, I'm 'married with children'.

I did not want to subject the family to the life of a gypsy. I wanted the kids to stay in the same school district. My wife, Lesa, and I both work in retail, for Bloomingdales. It's not a glamourous job but offers something radio rarely does --stability.

When our youngest daughter is finished with high school in three more years, Lesa and I want to move to Florida. If a radio job became a possibility down there it would be enticing, as long as I didn't have to read flash cards. There are times when I miss being on the air, but I'll never miss reading those flash cards.

Everyone saying the same thing, the same way, at the same time of the hour, it's predictable and boring. Anyway, thanks for your time.

You've done an incredible job with this site and I plan to visit it often. God bless and keep up the excellent work. Sund ay, May 2, , 1: Upon his death in , my family donated his service flag to the station for a memorial. Does anyone know if that flag is still around? If it is not on display, we would love to have it back.

Donna Gualtieri Dell'Arcoi e-mail. Frid ay, April 2, , 1: I just wanted to say hello and thank you for putting up such a great site. My father, Joe Barbarette, worked at the station in the early 70s.

Peace, Mary Barbarette e-mail. Thursd ay, March 11, , 7: To help you in updating, I'm writing to inform you of the passing of two jocks listed on your amazing site. John Marion also has died. Thursd ay, March 11, , 1: I'm not sure that you can help me but I'll try to explain my dilemma in a very short synopsis.

Anyway, the radio station played a song back in those days by a gruop called, "The Peoples Choice". The name of the song was Lost and Found. I purchased a 45 rpm of that recording that, unfortunately, was recently broken. It was on the Phillips label. Since it was one of my favorite songs of all time, I have been desparately trying to find a replacement. Can you help me find another copy? I would appreciate any assistance you can render. Can anyone help Jack get a new copy? Frid ay, November 22, , It has been 5 years since my stroke.

I turned 60 in October. As you may already know, I am retired, and after we sold the station 4 years ago we bought a house in Florida where we live in the winter. Englewood is just south of Venice in southwest FL. We are 2 miles from Manasota Key which has 4 beautiful beaches. I am happy and I feel good.

I continue to recover well from the stroke. My wife has helped me over the past 5 years with my speech recovery, and I still attend speech therapy sessions. We keep busy every day and go out to lunch times a week. We miss our smooth jazz format, so we now enjoy several channels on XM satellite radio with contemporary jazz as well as an upbeat classic gold channel.

We have XM in our car, boat and both houses, although there are two smooth jazz stations here in Ft. We still live in Stonington, and enjoy time on our boat "SaltAire" in the summer. I hope all is well and let me know what's new with you. Stop by if you are in our area, either CT or FL. Tuesd ay, September 23, , 9: Hey, I just realized I'm on two sites created by you and I want to write to thank you for remembering that I was once part of two of the greatest radio stations ever!

Big Bill Love was one of the guys I enjoyed working with along with fellow newsman Robert Michael Walker who broke me in. Unfortunately I didn't fully appreciate the position and was unavailable for weekend duty on more occasions than Paul could stand and I was summarily dismissed! In those days we were living the movie, "That Thing You Do". What a magical time starring bigger-than-life people in Hartford.

It was truly the golden age of radio and regrettably we will never see it ever again. Thanks Ed for keeping our radio memories alive with your dedication and hard work!

Tuesd ay, August 19, , 8: My name is Mark Johnson. Mostly I was a fan from thru the end in with the Greaseman. Thanks again for this great site. Tuesd ay, August 14, , 3: Just writing to give you props on the WPOP archive site. I currently work at WPOP. It almost kind of sad to see how huge an AM radio station was and is not simply a talk sprts bottom rated station. That may change with the recent syndication of the jaxx show but even still. Great site very informal. Tuesd ay, June 3, , 2: WPOP had a "progressive edge" over DRC in it's programming, some of it's on air talent and was handicapped with a weak radio coverage area.

Jim Shannon, Avon, Ct e-mail. Mond ay, May 19, , 5: That was during my Junior year at Trinity College. In addition to the Christian Business Review weekly television show, I am currently in the process of transitioning from being in sales to doing sales training at the Sandler Sales Institute. To view a 6-minute segment from the show, copy and paste the following URL into your browser: Tuesday, April 15, , 2: His real last name was spelled Szczepanik.

He died in January of in Milwaukee. He loved Hartford and hoped to end up back there one day, but it never happened. How do I know this? He was one of my closest friends. He married my wife's roommate and was my son's Godfather. I spent a lot of years in radio in Buffalo, Louisville, Norfolk-VA Beach and Richmond and it is always good to see there are others who still have the "Broadcasting Bug. I appreciate your website. Sund ay, December 8, , Don't know where he is now, but I do remember that his theme on FM, doing jazz, was a piece called "The Outlaw.

Tom Carten lotsa stations, lotsa years e-mail. Friday , December 6, , 1: I am shocked and amazed at the archival work you've done to create this website. Certainly wish all the stops I made during radio days had one. Of course in the case of Lee Simms that would require a large staff.

Amaturo never really "got me", I think. Woody told me once he wanted to fire me until one night we hosted a Beach Boys concert at Bushnell Auditorium. We were able to get the sold-out house laughing and that so impressed Joe that my job was safe.

Antique John Deere Tractor: JD Model R [John Deere R Parts] [Return to the Shed] Everything about John Deere Model R tractor was massive, and it was their most powerful tractor at the time. Saturday, September 1, , PM. From through , I was the Music Director/Record Librarian at a small college radio station, WCCS, at Central Connecticut State College in New Britain, CT. Search guitar chords and lyrics of your favorite songs easily so you sing/play the best versions. Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets. Completely free!