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Fuck buddy perth

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Always a great show but I prefer the performancea and albums with Jesse. Got it for Xmas I was so excited lol. Tune into my show metaldevastationradio.

It would be awesome if you could!! Lesha Watts Stull Hell yes!!!!! Lee Soady Floods by Pantera was the first song to make me cry. Barrett Parker Can't drink Soco either. Chris Godfrey There both iconic in there own way. Chris Godfrey Hi Adam if your watching love ya bro. Chris Godfrey Thank you for bringing anthrax on tour with you to the London music hall. Chris Godfrey Jesse you are the most awsone and humble guy ever.

Darren Fitzsimons what kind is queations are these?? Justin Clark Was up Jesse, hope you have a good day. Glad you healed up well! Simon Woodward I'm all about jessie. Howard was great but jessie is original. Simon Woodward My eldest child is named after this man.

Adam Earl Robinson Manchester was amazing dudes! Jason Stephan Jesse is a good dude. Chris Godfrey Guys plz bring a second leg of these tour to Canada I wanted to see ex ray vision crowbar and born of Osiris and of course my favorite kse. Aaron Lawson Ass about the new album. Chris Godfrey Will be waiting. Samuel Wangui Damn I luv this band. Cristian Lopez Mera verga hermano que pijas de gustos cabron.

Cesar Bustamante Ailed Morales. Rocky Hamilton Hi guys come and join in my amazing Killswitch Engage family. Brandon Carroll 10 stops is hardly a tour. Ashley Eggers Only east coast I love seeing this guys live they put on a great show! Landon Wuerfel Come to Alberta, Canada! Chris Godfrey Love to see these in London music hall.

Patrick Birney Send that right to me brothers! Josh Latimer Jessica Danielle Huff. Alex Koiva Mike Kokoszka this could be interesting even if low chance of winning.

Lindsey Zee Tobias Albrechtson. So bummed out Killswitch Engage. Scott Butte Everybody complaining about your locations Jon Head Sound greedy,I know. Montreal would be sweet again. Hopefully next after your new CD drops. Can find it anywhere. Matthew Walth Revolver presents the smallest amount of dates they could afford lol.

William Barnett Aaaaaand the Midwest is ignored once again. Tyson Bastick Fuck if born of osiris were in the England leg of this id be so happy! Mike Poole Please bring this to Orlando! Friedrich Rex Shit i need a greencard right now bof and Killswitch shit thats too awesome. More specifically El Paso. Kevin Latham Maybe they can reshedule their starland ballroom show? Ryan Hurst Y'all wanna give southern Oregon some love one daaay. Paul DeMatteis Tommy, unfortunately locations not very convenient for us.

Dimitri Lowell Danny Herriage this looks like something for you. Max Otto When Howard comes back let me know Daniel Ziegler Brian Murphy wanna take that drive down to Poughkeepsie? Eric Burton I wish this was coming to Seattle. Robert Ireland Chris Daelemans they'll be in Delaware. Matt Wilson No TX. Josh Kerchhoff It's , surely you can post a legible image?

Hurry up with the UK headline tour, fed up of these support slots you guys have been doing for the last 4 years!! Dustin Racine Dont forget about us up here in the great white north!

U guys were wicked last time in Edmonton! A few of the best dudes I've ever met! Rene Rodriguez Crowbar should be headlining. Jake Turner You forgot to make up the florida dates. Jacob West Lynchburg Va! Wayne Summers Please do the meet and greet packages in the U. Make sure you dont come to Florida like always. Brian Taylor So I'm guessing December 6 is the make up date??! Thomas Cabano Who comes to play a show on a Tuesday?

I mean come on! Ian D Scottish That is sick. Love BOO and always miss them. Stacy Ann Will the cancelled dates be honored if not refunded? John Gonyea Can not wait fir this show. Had seen you with Maiden and your music was horrible! Stay away fron europe! Andrea Tripodoro I'll see ya in Milan Shea Layton Obligatory edgy post about how a former singer is better whose name rhymes with Moward Bones and how the direction of the band has changed because of the singer change.

Complete with unnecessary use of curse words. Absolutely gutted there's no Glasgow date! Neil Gillespie I fuckin cannot believe this tour isn't coming to Glasgow What the fucks in Nottingham anyway? Corrin Linton No even being funny but the amount of times that UK dates have been announced for PWD coming over here and the amount of Scottish people being outraged by there NOT being a Scotland date you think they would get the point. Bryan Binning OMG please tell me this tour will be coming to the us and somewhere in Missouri like KC or Columbia so I can take me family these are two of our favorite bands!!!?

But this line-up takes the cake. Wish it was the same here in US. Si Mccabe Only saw this today and there are no standing tickets left in Manchester. Chris James Frior Make sure you get a 45 minute set minimum.

But is there any chance of adding the other 3 countries in the UK, and then it can be called a UK tour. Andrew Fisher First time I saw you guys was in December Christian Bindariu See you in Frankfurt guys. Troy Trafela Ryan what a great show you can see the good bands and still get an early night hahahahaha!!!

Not sure travelling from Glasgow is worth the hassle Leave it to the japanese to create a trend so hidious Most of these scooters are really cool looking. However, many of them have one crippling weakness-speedbumps. Grow up you immature morons!!! No one has to be new to the internet to know when people are being idiots.

If you want to bash people, get a blog which no one will read and find something else to diss. As for the scooters, they are very creative and very artistic.

And I'm sure driving a scooter in Japan is better for the community, and the pocket. The Japanese are very creative, and while we see their creativity as "weird", it's their choice what to put on a bike.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but people should keep negative comments to themselves. Those types of comments are forms of cyber bullying. I'll be waiting for comments. No one likes change! But these extreme examples, like all the concept cars each year, only one of these, at most, will trickle down to us lowly consumers.

Its the ideas behind the scooters that we need to look into because speed bumps are here to stay! So for now lets just all get a laugh and wait to see whats next! However we both agree they are amazing works of art, anyone who has the knowledge and ability to make such a creation when working with something such as a scooter deserves a round of applause. Why so many of you can't look at these and judge them for the art they are rather than what is underneath, I will never know.

Could have saved the money and bought a real motorcycle instead. Not really a fan of these. They just seem too oblong for my tastes. I'll take my vespa any day! It would be cool to have that type of scooter culture in the U. We seem to follow the Bigger is Better attitude and see scooters as silly toys. Seems like most of the negativity here is coming from young American males. Gotta tell you, boys, the fat harley you want so much is a great way to advertise your erectile dysfunction.

If I have to have something with a motor, a scooter is fine for me. Motors are for sissies. Apparently none of you have ever been to Japan They don't care what 2-wheeled transport is "supposed" to look like. These designs are no more crazy than the outrageous stuff George Barris did back in the 60's. At least it's not the same cookie-cutter crap like the guys on "American Chopper".

I lived in Nippon of for a few years even came home with a Japanese wife and our child and really love the way they do stuff. I'm assuming they don't have speed bumps in Japan? If they do, these things are gonna get ruined almost instantly, looking at how close they seem to the ground. Do any of you guys have any short term memory?? It has been said three or four times in this post that these scooters have airbag suspensions which raise the scooter up to ride and drops down to park.

Quit rehashing the fact that they sit low when parked! I have also spent a few years in Japan. They take their rides VERY seriously. It doesn't matter if it is a cc modified scooter, or a CC modified Toyota. At the end of the week, they are polished, running at top performance and cruising the neighborhood. Didn't matter if it was a Duster, or a Fairlane. What ever happened to the tolerance for others that we used to have?

No wonder the world hates us but I digress. Please take this for what is is: These units show great workmanship and pride; something sorely lacking around here; where customization equals some random tape stripe down the side of a gargantuan SUV. WHY oh why are you disagreeing on those photo's of bikes. I agree with 'hector' they are cool and great design.

If everyone loved their machines like they do, i bet road rage which you all have would save lives I wish I was brought up in Japan. They are so cultured and artistic, wonderful fore-thinkers, engineers, scientists, light years ahead of the next. And I can buy used female undies for next to nothin! These scoots are useless. Plus they are way ugly. Im looking for a scooter to take around campus but If i show up in one of these im pretty sure ill be beaten. Not to my taste, engineering and paintwise, they are superb.

I'm not into bikes at all, but these are gorgeous. I'd be concerned about bottoming out on a lot of these, too, even if they're as stiff as a board. I have some 50's and 60's Lambrettas and the odd Vespa, but can still appreciate these. They are awesome, witty and the only vehicles with hydraulic suspension I like.

I hope that last one's seat isn't curled up like a sleigh like it looks If it is, sure wouldn't want to hit something. If you're going to ride, ride something that will get out of it's own way!

PS - Where there are highly sophisticated, artistic, cultured, open-minded, brave and creative out-of-the-box thinkers. Sadly, there are also your low self-esteemed, jaded, homophobic, couch-potato, keyboard warrior "Simpletons. The shit thing is that i dont know wer to find the web site so i can buy one. Anything can be done on any bike, a big cc bike doesnt mean its automatically hardcore. With imagination and perseverance great things can be achieved.

These machines are testament to that. My wife and I rode 2up, 40 kms on a semiautomatic cc Honda Cub over 16months, Australia to India. Never seen a Harley do that. I'll have a few of those off of you, whoever the webmaster is. I love sci-fi looking things. The Honda Zoomer at the top of the page looks cool and practical for California suburb use.

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