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I hate these fucking people…. I hate it too worst experiences ever. Cost of living is too high for what you get. Went to family court here its a joke. I just hope I can get financially stable get my daughter and never return. Bex, I lived in Maryland for 8 years was away for a few years due due to work, back for When I could not take the taxes in Montgomery county,I moved to northern Virginia for 3 years.

I fortunately had a job change and was able to move back to the west coast where I am from, not California. The weather is so much better, I love the rain and the people are more open and accepting. Taxes are lower too. The state is beyond hope due to the public employee unions.

Well, I could not have said it better. Not wonderful, but ok. Slowly as the years passed, I watched it rapidly get worse and worse. One tax after another kept popping up, year after year. Property taxes sky rocketed. On top of it, companies are moving out daily due to taxes, rules and regulations. I just read that Beretta in Southern Maryland is moving to Tennessee. Of course there is going to be crime!

Add to it, Prince Georges country police has been in the news for years for their brutality. The list goes on and on. We [my wife and I] are looking for either another state to move to or another country. Either way, we want out of this mistake of a state. Moved to Florida in , best thing I ever did. God bless and help any sane, non-liberal, people stuck there.

I have lived in Maryland my whole life grew up in Dundalk. Selling my house ,and moving out of this shit hole State. I just want to say to all you Maryland haters that Maryland is the best state…. I have to say in my opinion Maryland is the worse damn state I have ever lived in. Moved up to this shit hole place called the Eastern Shore, in , and pretty much hated it ever since. Ocean Pines, MD is ok with me but the rest of this area sucks big fucking time, especially Salisbury.

This city has a dark force over it and its extremely oppressive and boring, and everyone I know wants to get the hell away from this shitty city. So if anyone is reading this and maybe thinking about moving to Maryland, especially the Eastern Shore I would strongly suggest not to do it, unless you just have to. So there you have been warned, I cant wait to get the hell out of this entire state, counting the days to get the fuck and go back south.

I hate this fucking city called Salisbury, MD. You had me fooled for a sec! Yes Salisbury is terrible. Property taxes within Salisbury are among the highest in the state yet average income is very LOW compared to cities on the western side of the bay bridge.

I call it marylandistan or even the peoples republic of MD. YES when I go out to eat I always ask where the crabs are from. Because we have completely stripped the beautiful Chesapeake of its natural filters oysters and all the blue crabs!

The one thing that gets to me, is the rudeness of people here. My grandparents live in upstate New york, and I love visiting them, obviously because I love them, but the other reason is the friendly atmosphere.

Thanks for your post on maryland. Hey Eric thanks for the comment! Maryland fucking sucks…their driving rules suck…they try anything to earn a few bucks…so im from va and i have never heard of such dumb ass citation.. You can add mayor of Baltimore and the district attorney Mosby to list of reasons Maryland sucks. Its embarrassing to see how much the state is deteriorating lately. The mayor orders police to stand down and let themselves be abused by looters and arsonists, and Ms.

Sadly, Baltimore will become just like Detroit if current trends continue and the city will be a ghost town. Much of the city has deteriorated due to decrease in property values and abandoned row houses.

Many of these vacant homes are used as crack houses too. Because if they do, it could be all over for you. My family is 11 generation Marylanders, ran tobacco farms in Southern PG county. Still a town with my last name and the land was originally granted by the King of England. I left at 18 and stayed in WA state after the military. All of my family still lives on the bay. The sobriety checkpoints are nothing more than communist Russia, and taxes are a disgrace.

The worst is taking my daughter back there and needing to get a license for her to throw a chicken neck off the end of the pier to catch a couple crabs. When did MD go so wrong? I remember just getting in my boat at yrs old, no license, and running the rivers, crabbing, fishing, drinking without the fear of huge fines for what I did in my boat.

The liberal progressives ruined the state. They used to just stay clumped near the big cities. They moved into the rural areas to build their Mcmansions and ruined it all. However, the same idiots that ruined their liberal bastions on the East Coast and California, are now trying to destroy WA State with the same crap they are running from.

Its a serious disease. Ignorance is bliss I guess. How can you call what MD does- freedom? I felt the exact same way about MD. I cannot wait to move back. I have certainly come to appreciate MD since it has been gone. There are mountains and oceans cities and countryside. After driving through flat land you miss mountainside scenery. After going to lake Michigan you miss actual waves. Bottom line is each state has their own egregious laws. If you are caught speeding 10 mph over in Virginia you are faced with a criminal charge, not a standard traffic ticket.

In PA you can only buy 12 packs of beer 1 at a time if not from a beer distributer. MD has a little bit of everything and the county you live in really makes all the difference, just need to pick one that caters to your lifestyle and interests.

And oh, you make a higher income in MD over most states. Of course your tax complaints are offset by the fact that Maryland has the 2nd highest income per capita in the country and the highest median household income… Perhaps instead of looking at sheer numbers you should look at it in context.

I was called a cracker my first week here. Salisbury is a shit hole. I took the plunge, got a place in Colorado. Just gotta wait out the summer.

Damn drunk college kids down here are pissing me off. Well half my life, 23 years in maryland. It is truly a mix of all kinds.

Liberals had as much to do with making this state crap as any other group. Overfishing, and pollution by ignorant people are more to blame. Crime, greed, and ignorance are the best descriptors for this state. Poor and rich of all religions and political background. But a lot of America is full of religious nuts lacking education in the areas that make religion obviously false.

After going around the world and realizing our great country has fallen so far, I think about how most of the US reeks of garbage and fried food. Maryland recycles very little just like the rest of the country. I guess people believe God will be here soon, so they can ignorantly trash the place and not effect our great grand children. Humans are truly stupid overall, even the so called educated.

I appreciate your opinion-based article on Maryland. Maryland is a liberally based, politically corrupt and overly diverse state. Quite frankly, it a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants especially Montgomery County. Additionally, the county government issued a statement and order that denied compliance with the federal Secure Communities Act aka Safe Communities Act. Maryland gun laws are solely created and based upon the political agenda of the year.

God forbid you have to protect your own life in Maryland these days … the state politicians that know nothing about firearms could care less. Any good citizen that tries to buy a handgun and get a concealed carry license has to go through ridiculous, expensive process. Who the hell is the state to deny our personal protection?

Speed cameras in Montgomery County. There was an evaluation report written and accidentally published online that indicated where speed cameras placed in Montgomery County would produce the most revenue. It became apparent that the speed camera program in Montgomery County the most over-populated county in Maryland could produce an extensive revenue source for the county. This began as an issue about money. And it continues today. Recent news articles show that Montgomery County speed camera revenue is down.

How fast do you want police to respond when you call them? Frederick and Washington counties have their act together … except Frederick County is currently falling victim to the liberal masses moving in from Montgomery. There should be a road block or physical political fence in place between the two counties.

The population is up, crime has increased, traffic congestion is increasing, housing development is destroying the farmlands, wild land and county atmosphere, and political liberalism is infecting the government. It needs to cease immediately. Now, Maryland is a weak, pitiful.

There is no excuse. The best citizens of Maryland reside in the eastern-most and western-most parts of the state. The idea of separation has been introduced … the state of Western Maryland. Alot of them are stuck up for no reason. You have some decent and nice ones, but generally speaking, the people are very nasty and just want to get over on you to feed their pathetic little shit egos.

They are vile, cliquish, and ignorant and know nothing about life outside this shithole. Get me the fuck outta here. The wives are shallow and superficial. Some men are not. I have read all the comments posted on this blog thread and there are some good points about corruption, taxation, and limiting freedoms directed at Maryland. The lower taxed southern states are not as rosy as the numbers look on paper. Number one reason to get out of here is JOBS and low wages.

The other common misconception is that the south is friendly, not anymore since most of it has been taken over by the same rude ass holes everyone is complaining about and trying to escape in the Northeast.

Same as far as politics goes, as they move south they bring the failed northeastern logic and policies with them. I had to leave Maryland even tho I was born and raised in Baltimore. My mother moved us to a place called deal island. That was the worse choice she made. My family and I was treated like shit by just about everyone.

We did meet a few people there but as time went on we pretty much got screwed by them also. Some of them people in deal island and salisbury made baltimore people look like saints. I remember I was working at a place called Camden corners. I was placing things on selves and I saw a cookie tin that had baltimore on it. I started I am from there and the guy I was working with told me to never tell anybody where I was from and I found out why.

I would ask why I am I hated because of where I am from. I was told stuff like we would buy up hunting land or because of what Shaffer has said. Me nor my family did anything to anyone there and tried to help people in need. We was always taken advantage of. People say its almost heaven well thats bull crap because it was hell.

Between the people and the place having biting bug known to man it really sucked. My kids where treated like crap by the locals and they where bullied and nothing was ever done because of who was involed.

I found my break and moved out of state and I have not looked back. My children are doing a hell off a lot better than they did down there. I just hate that they where born in salisbury. At the time I graduated high school, that was indeed a requirement.

It was also pre-planned to be fulfilled within the school hours, a little bit each year. Nothing highly substantial IMO. A whole lot of overpaid, entitled dickweeds. The summer heat and humidity are intolerable and utterly maddening; it makes everyone in my household feel ill for months on end, even the dogs. School is canceled at the faintest hint of snow.

Every time I have to drive more than 10 miles, the traffic makes me want to kill someone. These entitled idiots like to hang out in the next-to-leftmost lane and drive below the speed limit, totally clogging the roadways with stupid.

All the housing in my area is dinky, overpriced beyond belief, and not actually for sale. Even if you try to throw money at them. Upstate NY water is like ambrosia from a gilded chalice by comparison. I had to get my marriage license re-issued to get a damn driver license. I had to pay super extra taxes on my car to get it registered. To register a car, you have to have not one but 2 inspections at different times, because that totally makes sense.

The environment is horrendously degraded. Invasive species everywhere, in all the parks. Air pollution is terrible; they regularly warn you to stay inside in the summer, and a lot of road signs are literally blackened by emissions from vehicles.

Ever hear of a bottle deposit?!? There are no national forests at all one of only 10 states with that honor. At the first tick bite, my spouse got Lyme. Good luck staying healthy if you like to spend time outside. If you can even tolerate being outside, that is. Maryland and Delaware…your leaders have always been useless, worthless, clownshoes…….

Leave now and let all the idiots who stay suffer…. At least DE is better in the way of taxes and better for small business. The beaches are nice also but the season is a bit short. I live in MD, unfortunately. Sometimes even at night. It makes you ashamed to be a democrat.

There is not a single good looking building in this whole state. OH yes I can agree with that. There seems to be a lot of haters out in the area and I do agree to a point. But if you take in perspective the things around you not just the negatives in front of you, maybe the positives will out way. By becoming a leader in your community rather than a complainer things could change one day at a time.

It just gets to be frustrating and disappointing. But becoming a leader and making change is much more productive than complaining for sure. I have lived her about 18 months now. I live on the border of Baltimore City and Baltimore County. This is a pretty affluent area. The one thing that stands out here to me, the one thing I absolutely HATE about this state is how unbelievably rude people are here!!! I am originally from the New York City area. I took my wife and kids on a vacation to Virginia and compared to Maryland it was like night and day!

Practically every Virginian I encountered was polite, friendly and helpful! Before I left for vacation with my family, a Jiffy Lube worker here gave my car an oil change. He turned out to be from Virginia Beach originally. When I told him that is exactly where my family and I were headed for vacation, he was all smiles. He told us we would experience real Southern hospitality down there and he was percent right!

As soon as we crossed over from this crab-by, crummy state, people were just so warm and friendly. This place really sucks! The lottery is another lousy aspect of life here too. Most state lotteries are rigged, that goes without saying, but, WTF??!!

Finally, the wages here are disgustingly low. That is really unacceptable because prices here are just as high as in the New York Area!! One thing I have noticed is how incredibly expensive both gas and food is in Maryland.

So, why am I here? Well, my father was a telecommunications Manager and was relocated here back in My dad passed away in and my mom in It is then that I inherited their home, a condo almost 1, square feet! That is the only thing I like about being here, the beautiful home we have.

There really is nothing to do around here. By 7 pm everything is closed. The weekends are incredibly lame. My daughters miss their friends and family in North Jersey terribly. They are ages 12 and I am worried about my little one. Maryland sucks, no offense! That and the fact that the airport is so close by so I can get the hell out of here when I need a few days to relax!!

I recently took a vacation with my Fiance out of MD and everywhere we went people were so polite and friendly. I hate living in Maryland! The people are all arrogant, rude assholes and wait until they get into their cars!!! They will run you over if you get in their way. I hate this f….. I know this blog entry is old, but I was really glad to find it!

I constantly get cut off, honked at, tailgated, and harassed on my drive to work!!! People there were much friendlier and more courteous. I never expected this blog post to gain traction the way it did! I never even update this site anymore but people still find this post! I was too until recently.

My fiance and I have made our exit strategy and hope to move to SC in the next year or so. I hope that you and your husband move on to a better place as soon as you can! Maryland sets the bar for taking your money.

Coming from out of state, from the outside looking in, there are some real problems here with how much the government is allowed to take. The State takes tax, but so does the county. What the heck is that all about? Thanks for sharing your experience. Yeah, have to agree with most comments here. All the things I like about this place are just drastically outweighed by the many negatives.

I was born and raised here and so were my parents which is unusual for people in the DC area. The Eastern Shore and Western Maryland Appalachia, not the western shore have similarly different vibes from central Maryland but are also depressing.

Every time I get to go somewhere else is like a breath of fresh air. Making plans to get outa here asap. I know this was an old post, but found it by accident while searching for something else.

This is an interesting topic, so I wanted to comment. One thing that was not mentioned by anyone is what I observed while living in Maryland for many years. It seems that some Marylanders does not matter what age — young or old, race, religion, etc the person is that I encountered seem to vote and think Liberal, however, their social behaviors are those of very old conservative mind set that are extremely old fashioned and almost to the point of being racist, bigoted, and prejudice.

Thus to me, Maryland is a state of confused contradictions. Ive lived in MD my entire life.. I owned a business here which was run into the ground by the high tax base. I cant believe i fought for my country to keep this suck ass state on the map.

I cant wait to get out of here. Another bad thing about Maryland is that it it the speed trap capitol of the United States. Absurdly low speed limits entering and leaving tiny towns….. The State Police punish local Eastern Shore people coming and going to work, but never dare pull over the beach bound maniacs flying down Rt. Stay off that killer highway. We have neighbors who moved into our neighborhood from Maryland.

We are easy people, good neighbors. We keep our HOA rules and have never had difficulties with neighbors until now. Our neighborhood is the kind of place where we work together to clean the neighborhood pond. The Marylanders missed the memo. When the whole neighborhood is abuzz with lawn mowing on Saturday mornings by 9: They are weird, rude, arrogant and entitled. Did Maryland kick them out? Where else can they go? North Carolina would be better off without them. Worse than California, by a long mile.

The state really is the exemplification of decades of unfettered Democratic policies. After they relocated me, though, I continued to pay Maryland state income tax—the taxes alone would keep me from ever living there again. Rudest people I have ever encountered. It is truly shocking. I have lived here 2 years. And, you guys forgot the shitty lottery here. I hate this place like no other. What a disgusting oplace filled with truly disgusting people!

We just have the people from Baltimore and other cities that need to be leveled. Our family moved from Austria to Maryland in Hailing originally from Pennsylvania, we had lived in Austria for the previous 5 years.

Can you imagine a bigger comedown? What a horrible mistake that was, we all acknowledged as the years ground on. In summing up Maryland, my dad put it best: Basically, there are too many people and there is not enough room for them. Also, there is too much government in Maryland and too little freedom.

Virginia south of the Washington area, anyway is a class act compared with Maryland. I was born here in Maryland in , specifically in Baltimore County. My father is from New York, but my mother was born here in the 60s. I lived in Baltimore county for the first 13 years of my life.

It started out pretty well, a serene and peaceful place to grow up, so it was definitely a good area to raise kids. Howard County seemed to be the perfect fit. It has a plethora of parks and trials, restaurants, healthy options for food, cleaner communities, diverse shops, etc.

And it was the perfect place to finish off my years in middle school and high school because the schools here are simply awesome. Great teachers who actually care about your well-being and success.

I officially realized the people here are literally the most downright depressing, rudest beings I have ever encountered, and simply have nothing better to do with their lives. If you stand out in this area, you will be a target. People will disrespect you and belittle you to get attention. I personally been in so many situations were I almost had to defend myself and fight because people are filled with so much hatred.

Some girls will be wearing the most erotic clothing and will get uncomfortable when someone looks at them for it. People keep to themselves here so much it starts feeling like you are living with robots. The people have the same routine everyday, nothing ever different!

People here get so cocky and jealous if they feel like someone is stealing their spotlight. No one here has a mind on their own, so they do what everyone else is doing. The people here will appear to be friendly and helpful when it is at their convenience, but if it benefits you too much to the point you start surpassing them, they will go out their way to NOT help you.

And their solution to all their anger and depression is the one and only……………………drugs. This is certainly more than enough to make me want to leave. Fortunately, my father has also reached his breaking point with this state as well, and with the people. So in four months, we are moving to Florida. Originally from Elkton Maryland, live in nyc now- best decision i ever made.

People gawk at you for being even minimally different. Most the people i grew up with are dead or in prison, the others see lost in abyss of ignorance.

I was born and raised there and got out fast as soon as I finished school in Never looked back nor have been back — and I never will set foot in that horrible place again. Probably the highest concentration of A-holes per square mile, hands down. The left wing control of everything rain tax anyone? You are correct to trash such a terrible, pile of crap state.

One of the worst in the country without question. So basically MCPS has school google classroom accounts that they give to kids for work, but they are monitered constantly.. What you search and all. Same for Germantown, lovely farmland, wide open and bucolic before being paved over with crap townhouses. Immigration is a key factor in the decline. That affects a region in many ways, certainly cultural cohesion; the more diverse an area, the lower the trust level.

Many here made good points, no need for redundancy. The ones who were very nasty make a point as well, mentioned by Stephen Kepple. The native locals— long before the demographics changed- included many mean phony and shallow folks.

People on 1 acre in in west Rockville who fancied themselves Potomac equestrians. I am new to this thread. A bunch of fat, zero fashion sense, living in a small bubble with no clue about real diversity people.

I battle it constantly in the office. Terrible drivers, no common sense, terrible dressers and they all have the same homely, small town personality — very bland and cliquish…. I lived there for 23 years. Now I live in the middle of no where Alaska. Maryland is so much fun, especially if you like to do activities on the water. I think there is good in every stats.

You just have to be positive about it and find things to do there. The gun laws suck dick here. Bunch of clowns running this state that are willing to allow criminals to be the only people with firearms. Good luck taking mine pussies. Soneone comes in my house they are leaving in a white bag with a hole in their face. I hate this state.

I moved here from New York in and have been stuck here ever since. I live in Baltimore County. There are also limited places that black people can go and not feel uncomfortable. Ocean City-you get the side eye, Deep creek lake-side eye and possibly followed for walking around black. The drivers here have to be the worst in the country! And it seems like the only exciting thing is eating crabs. Who the hell wants to eat a spider from the ocean? Someone with a great personality, good sense of humor, someone who enjoys to travel, and to enjoy new things.

I am a pretty laid back person that is always up for trying new things. I am looking for someone to first and formost to be friends with and who knows from there. I love to be outdoors. I like to go on bike rides, walks on the beach, work out, be with friends, and just about anything else. I am a sex maniac. I do like to be in control in the bedroom situation. I want to take a hold and have fun with boy toy. I would like to be kinda kinky and naughty.

The more hot and sweaty the better and more wet I get for you. Is it hot in here, wow!! He's got to be ambitious, intelligent, funny, and loving. He can't be afraid of a girl that can be just as smart if not more and knows how to have fun without totally disregarding priorities But most of all, looking for a friend and working from there.

I am looking for a man who can charm and challenge me. Keep up with my female athelete drive as well as be insightful and intelligent enough to handle an independent woman. I have a rewarding career in the field of my dreams, a nice home and pretty much everything I need.

I have worked hard for everything I have, never waiting for someone else to give it to me. Proud of all I have accomplished thus far, I feel my perfect match would have to have this same ambitious drive and zest for life. I am into the bar scene a little bit, it can often be a little dissapointing though. It's hard to find a good sexually experienced man a lot of times for whatever reason. Most guys just annoy me!!!

I figured this would be a good way to get straight to the point. I do like to get freaky. I say that because all that I ask of you is that we can have fun together. He has to be fun and up for anything.

Also can't be wanting to spend every minute with me. I need my space and he needs his. I have been a good girl way too long. It is time to get naughty. I have a lot of sex fantasies that I want to experience while I'm still young. Email me at IF you are interested in helping me act out my fantasies. I love Oral sex, both giving and receiving. I have a role play fantasy of a young girl with an older man and need a man that is willing to play with me.

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