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Come and lick my ass till the morning


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Come and lick my ass till the morning

Hot Married Woman Wants Sex Dating

I love all music, going out to eat, or to the or watching a movie at home. About you, love to cuddle (if we become fwb) be between 28 and 55, lonely and in need of a friend, married, divorced mkrning just a single mom that needs that void filled ocboobsionally. I could be the man that makes your dreams come true, but it doesnt have to be me.

Here is what I am searching for straight to the point. Get high and chill m4w pick me up and lets smoke. Fan of redheads. A girl first anal w4m my tight pussy needs and my firm boobies need to be fuck. Into white mans inshape and attractive like myself.


Yup, Evelyn has woke up after a night in Vegas remembering very little of the night before and is now throwing up in the hotel bathroom with a very gorgeous, tattooed Adonis checking to see if she is OK. David has, of course, had his fair share of disposable groupies over the years and it was sweet to see how he saw something very genuine and refreshingly different in Evelyn.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Lick by Kylie Scott. Lick Stage Dive, 1 4. Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this. But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong.

Now if she could j Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this. Now if she could just remember how it all happened. Published July 1st by Momentum first published Evelyn Thomas , David Ferris. Las Vegas, Nevada United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lick , please sign up.

K Elizabeth I think it's a play on words A lick is a string of notes, etc. I have to admit the name and cover turned me off at …more I think it's a play on words I have to admit the name and cover turned me off at first so my expectations were pretty low going in to this one. I was pleasantly surprised. Bring back the original one? Heather This cover the black background, the title in red print and the black and white image noting this incase they do update it IS, in fact, the …more This cover the black background, the title in red print and the black and white image noting this incase they do update it IS, in fact, the original cover.

The other one you're referring to with the red background, title in white and the colorful image and tattoos is the updated cover. See all 8 questions about Lick…. Lists with This Book. Jul 02, missEvi [can't commit to a book] rated it it was ok Shelves: A BB never wears underwear under sexy jeans.

Only medium to zero confidence can attract a BB. If you are a virgin, or almost, your chances to catch the eye of a BB, triple. You will definitely hit it off with the best friend, who is a BB too, but will also become a SLP, probably in the next book. The BB's bitchy- but-sexier-than-you -ex-girlfriend will definitely give you trouble. If he is a musician, the BB will write you a song. If he is not, he will find some other way to very publicly announce his affection.

The BB will definitely mess up. Afterwards he will definitely beg. Only marriage can suffice. He will under no circumstances let you wear this little cute black dress. The BB has to punch every male that breaths in your direction. View all 48 comments. Jul 14, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: You're married to a rock star. Lick is an addictive blend of heart-warming passion and light-hearted fun.

It's a story you can lose yourself in. The perfect rock star romance! This book had one of the all-time best beginnings ever. I challenge anyone to try and stop reading after the first page! Evelyn wakes up one morning with a killer hangover and painfully fuzzy memories "So congratulations. Evelyn wakes up one morning with a killer hangover and painfully fuzzy memories, in bed with a gorgeous, heavily inked man she doesn't remember with his name tattooed on her body and a giant sparkling diamond on her finger.

Needless to say, this happened in Vegas ; From the very beginning, my heart was already breaking a little for this guy though because he clearly remembered what had happened despite her mindblank. After getting over the shock she's faced with the question Plan A involved just trying to put everything behind her but she got about as far as the plane before she was hounded by hordes of paparazzi.

So Plan B came into effect and off she headed back to his place to try and settle things that way Private jet was amazing. Though his fans are crazy… Lauren: Whatever happens, do not break up the band!!!

But break his heart. He wrote San Pedro after what's-her-face cheated on him. Promise to leave him a broken quivering mess. But she'd stepped into a crazy rock star world. No one was pleased at her new role in it, she just wanted out, and she couldn't read David but he sure as hell just seemed plain unhappy.

But I loved that Ev took it all in stride. Sure, it was overwhelming at times but she was such a strong character and didn't let anything bring her down. There was, however, something undeniable between them. So they took the weekend to give them a second chance to explore that feeling between them that just felt so 'right'.

He caught me off guard and I stumbled, my nose bumping into his chest. Bur he smelled good. Clean, male, and good. Some part of me remembered being this close to him and it was comforting. Something in my mind said 'safe'. But I couldn't remember how or why.

I totally fell for David. Everything about him just made my heart melt. He was just so sweet and tender. Definite swoon material but at the same time, my heart broke for him I honestly did not feel frustrated with her even once. I respected her decisions and loved the way she handled everything. The writing was so real! This author had a way of describing things that put you 'right there' in the moment seeing everything play out in front of your eyes. It was witty, smooth flowing with just the right touch of snark to keep me smiling throughout.

Ok - now here's what really and truly made this book GOLD to me. Never once did I want to throttle anyone or throw the book at the wall. Now, don't get me wrong, there was heart-break, the characters messed up and it was certainly not all sunshine and rainbows but the way they reacted to everything was believable and never over-the-top.

I also loved that the drama in this one was very personal. Yes, he was a world-famous rockstar but the issues here were all very relationship focused and 'internal' having to do with "them", not with paparazzi or his fame or anything. I was totally connected to the characters every step of the way. I was happy when they were happy and my heart broke along side theirs. It can be messy and painful," he said. I loved that there was no instant forgiveness and yet at the same time nothing was dragged out.

It felt very balanced to me. Their healing after the heart-break was very believably paced and so by the end, I really felt that their happy ending had a foundation. The kiss was so sweet and perfect. It was a promise, one that wouldn't be broken this time. We'd both learned from our mistakes and we'd keep learning all our lives. It was a feel-good rock star romance with just the right amount of everything you could possibly want in one.


My wife's smelly ass bothers me - Married People Problems

Or you hop in the shower and make sure it's clean and get started there. I think I just won Reddit. I want you to clean yourself. For I will enter you, hard, and deep and it will last for as long or as short as I please, but you will be clean. Only when you are clean will you know my power.

But her ass was fucking phenomenal. I feel like a whore, she feels like a whore, life is good. My wife and I were hammered one night when we were still fwb in college and I did it on for some ungodly reason. Ever since then it's been a regular part of our foreplay, she loves it. I found myself a little drunk at a party and ass eating talk was happening. Why the fuck not? So when I was 21 I was "spending time" with a girl my age and in my opinion way out of my league. My roommates at the time were older than me and told me "if you toss her salad you'll own her soul forever" So I gave it ago, and after that every time I went to her place she would shower right before we hooked up.

Until on one night she told me " You have to stop doing that, it makes me feel weird that I love it so much" and THAT, is why I eat ass. Thank you for the gold. I've been on Reddit for 10 years and this is a first. This is not my highest karma'd comment; I got that for having my gay girlfriend coming out and then leaving me after I asked her to marry me. Ass eating is much much more fun. It sticks to the leg and then you keep going.

My wife waxes or shaves but as a man who loves to eat her ass, I'm going to take this to heart. Probably the best reason I've read so far - doing it because the enjoyment makes another person feel guilty.

Well, I've always been more of an ass guy than a boob man. Some girls just have a cute little butthole, and it makes me want to put my tongue on it. Something about a girl with a huge ass spreading her cheeks and presenting it is just fucking hot.

I love having my face in some ass. I really love it when a girl sits on my face too. Some girls aren't into that though. It's gonna be clean though. I'm not licking sweaty ass. There's a pun in Portuguese that's literally untranstable but I'll give my best because it's so damn relevant to this thread.

Because 'cume' means summit, but 'cu' means asshole and 'me' means 'to me', and the sentence sounds the same both ways so Sorry if it's boring to read an explained pun from a different language, it's just I used to hike and worked as a guide for a while, and it's a joke we make a lot and never ceased to be funny to me. Kinda wanna climb my girlfriend's asshole a mountain right now. I'm portuguese and that pun should be officially retired.

It doesn't get more relevant than this. When i was younger i used to be pretty vanilla. Was maybe the last one in my group of friends to actually suck dick, but then i got with an older guy. That all changed when one time during foreplay, he was going down on me and all of a sudden flipped me over and went to town on the butt. That was the first time: I felt my soul leave my body.

The first time i had that full body orgasm that leaves your eyes rolled back in your head and speaking in tongues. The first time i squirted. The first time i begged to 'stop' and 'dont stop' like some kind of bi-polar sex fiend. And the first time I said 'I love you' because of orgasms. So to everyone asking me where you can learn this power: Booty eating is the icing on an already delicious cake.

I can't cook, so I just use the back entrance. I was the first guy to ever eat my new wife's ass, and she's in her mid 30s. After the second or third time, and several clearly intense orgasms, she told me, "I I didn't know I was that kinda girl Did it to my current gf when we first started seeing each other.

Nobody did that before, she loved it, now we are going to get married sooner then later. Edit 2- Holy shit!! Thank you kind stranger!! Best date night ever! I can't exactly explain the direct appeal to pressing your tongue into someone's asshole I'm not sure why you are only asking guys, but if you are wondering why ass eating goes on and you don't care that the info comes from a woman, it's that at least for some people, maybe most it feels super great. My husband loves a little tongue action down there, particularly if it's accompanied by some light ball nibbling like light scratching and licking, while I am jerking him off just how he likes.

This is his favorite way to finish. If you've never had your asshole licked while your balls are fondled and been jacked off all at the same time you haven't lived. I literally feel like my cock is going to explode it feels so damn good. It's not as difficult as it sounds either, the only advice I can give is to work out the timing and what side you are on so you don't bonk yourself on the head on a downstroke. Seriously, it's like op doesn't realize that women do it too. My husband loves bjs, ball play, taint tickling and ass licking.

Do I always enjoy doing all these? No, but I do enjoy the way it makes him feel and moan. My father gave me some wedding day advice in the pastors office of the church. He told me and my entire wedding party that I'm paraphrasing here my mother's asshole tastes like a 9 volt battery. He went further and said if you do it well enough you'll only have to give her "the look" and she'll run straight for the bedroom.

Still not sure how I feel about my mother having a pavlovian response to my father eating her ass, but there it is. For me it's about corrupting a girl through a hole she doesn't regularly use to pleasure herself. It's probably the hottest expression I ever get to see. A cute slutty "Oh my God do I actually enjoy this?

My first best performing comment was me never trying breathplay again, now it's about eating ass. I see how you tick now, Reddit. I see it now. One day I was going down on the GF from behind and accidentally licked a little too far south, to my surprise she winced in shock and moaned. From that day I ate the ass every chance I got. After a while she asked why I liked to do it, to which I replied because it pleases her.

Maybe two weeks later she asked why I had stopped because she was seriously starting to miss it. Someone once told him "you have to lick the whole plate, and ass is part of the plate" I not a huge fan always worried im going to fart but it feels good, especially with a few fingers in your pussy.

Anything along that line today was commonplace both in Pompeii and in Victorian England; the differences lie only in the degree of coverup — if any. I could see eating ass being a lot more common in the modern day, what with the advancement in ass cleaning technology. I don't know if it's a generational thing. In fact when I see a question like this I picture the person being really young and inexperienced. But what I do know is I'm an old bastard and I've been tonguing bung a long time.

As early as i can remember, perhaps kindergarten in the 80s, i was attracted to girls butts I am drawn to it like Frodo to the ring, it calls to me, and I will answer I get super turned on by being "controlled" by a dominant woman. What could be more dominant than "forcing me" to lick her butt?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. AskReddit comments other discussions 4. Log in or sign up in seconds. Filter posts by subject: Please use spoiler tags to hide spoilers. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? I figured if she loved it so much everyone else would too. Get them super hard, suck their dicks Make sure it's clean, lick it, then bleach your mouth and rinse and repeat.

Surely that's code for something? Oh, and she tasted amazing. Today was no different as for about 20 minutes I lied there with my ass in the air and my mouth open moaning softly, as I lightly held his head with one hand and the pillow with the other.

After 20 minutes of his tender soft licking and munching on my asshole was over I was grabbing the pillow and his head tightly yelling for him to lick me faster and harder, and to dig his tongue deep into both of my holes until finally orgasmed all over his face close to 8 o'clock.

After I did I looked back at him still indulging in my holes and I felt so delighted at his love for my asshole and pussy I pulled his head out my ass and rolled over onto my back and said, "Oh I love he so much sweetheart, her finish drinking up my juices then let's get up. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another.

Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Anal Morning Ass Licking. Please Rate This Submission: Recent Comments by Anonymous.

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