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Reproduction or use in whole or in part of the contents without the written consent of the publishers is prohibited. Manuscripts and artwork will not be returned or acknowledged unless sufficient return postage and a self-addressed stamped envelope are included. All materials are handled with due care; however, the publisher assumes no responsibility for care and safe return of unsolicited materials.

It was held on For example, the judges invent a right of privacy Griswold v. Connecticut, , which is contained nowhere in the Constitution. Then, the courts invoke these judicially created rights to invalidate laws passed by our elected representatives and by the people themselves e.

In Iowa and elsewhere, the courts consistently ignore public opinion in enacting same-sex marriage, which has been rejected every time it has been put to a vote. And you and others criticize us for having the audacity to remove activist judges from office? Exactly what do you propose we do?

Thankfully, they are not immune from democratic oversight. Michael Emerson Little Rock. In my ignorance, I simply went to school and paid my way through by working. After all that education, how dumb am I? I simply could have taken a student loan and not paid it back, only to be forgiven after the time limit on it expired. What a message we are sending to young people being educated. Ron Collins Hot Springs. David Hudson, working off-duty at the time for. Ferneau Restaurant, repeatedly hitting a man named Chris Erwin in the face.

Erwin was later charged with resisting arrest, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. To see the video and read about the incident, visit arktimes. These actions were not warranted in this situation. Force to this extent is only in situations of life threatening nature to the officer. Baptist Health Heart Center is the only heart center that offers Heart Mate, a revolutionary artificial heart system that helps adult patients live a quality life while waiting for a real adult heart transplant — another procedure performed in Arkansas exclusively at Baptist Health Heart Center.

We are the first for heart care. It looks like the officer was giving the suspect plenty of opportunity to place his hands on the wall and to comply. As you can see, the suspect never does and is continually trying to turn around to face the officer. As an officer who has been in such situations with a non-compliant suspect, it was always my practice to leg-sweep them and get them to the ground where I could gain compliance and get them handcuffed as quickly as possible.

The only thing I can say about this video otherwise is that as an officer it has never entered my thoughts to ever just punch anyone in the face. Civilians do not go through the use of force training and are not educated on the real threats that are out there for police officers.

So a civilian without the training and experience will be too quick to judge such incidents. Citizen This is another good reason why police officers should not be allowed to work private security jobs while off duty. Just about all police departments allow this; none of them should. That man resisted arrest and was treated accordingly. It tends to screw your face up a bit.

Next time he should think about what he says and does in the presence of law enforcement. I always do and I have never had my ass kicked by one. Submit letters to the Editor, Arkansas Times, P. Box , Little Rock, AR We also accept letters via e-mail.

The address is arktimes arktimes. Please include name and hometown. Or Buddhism, for that matter. Or Islam, or any other of the off-brand beliefs. In the meantime, we have the case of state Rep. There are, but they appear to have been dozing.

In any event, it was a private, non-government agency, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, that blew the whistle on the Harris and Key schemes. Americans United has called on the state Department of Human Services and the state Education Department to investigate the dispensation of public money to religious groups. It appears the bureaucratic response will be painfully slow and, we expect, excusive of the legislators and the DHS and Education Department employees who abetted them.

So criminal prosecution is probably too much to hope for. The United States Constitution is not to be mocked. At the very least, the disbursement of public money to these church facilities should be ended immediately. And somebody — perhaps a more conscientious legislator than Harris or Key — might want to ask Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for a legal opinion on this public financing of church institutions. The latest on the agenda: A Bible lesson is taught daily.

A landmark decision in the 8th U. Circuit, which covers Arkansas, said a prison ministry in Iowa was unconstitutional because prison expenditures, though for indirect support like housing and equipment, amounted to religious establishment.

Yet, until now, the state has clearly left the impression that if a school teaches Bible outside the grant-required 7. The issue is bigger than Justin Harris. Stephens Media reported Monday that state Sen. Arkansas Better Chance funding to provide preschool for poor children.

Who knows how many teach Bible? Harris seems determined to be a martyr, so overt his proseMAX lytizing. But the state has had no written guidelines that provide a constitutional path to religious instruction.

It has had no legal analysis. Americans United notes the schools ARE regularly inspected. Surely an inspector at West Fork, while checking the sanitary conditions, happened to glimpse the Bible quotes on the bulletin board or, as last Friday, heard a teacher talking about Samson and Delilah.

But he insisted the state approved. That is the real problem. Arkansas government has provided public support for faith-based institutions in exactly the religiously permissive way the proselytizers like George W. Americans United will win few friends in Arkansas for pushing back. But it should win in court. But if you traveled in either direction the eight to 12 miles to El Dorado nearly every other stream was dead and you would not put a toe in the fetid waters or hike the bleak valleys.

A test well had blown out in and the oil boom was still in swing when I was born 17 years later. Oilfield operators then were free of the heavy hand of government regulators.

Oil was pumped into holding ponds and it and the salt water from the wells leached out into nearby streams. Spring rains swelled the creeks, and the oil and salt settled on the branches and around the roots of vegetation.

Before long, gentle valleys a half-mile or more wide were devoid of all life — moonscapes of rotting tree trunks bare of either bark or limbs. Water trickled down stream beds caked with brown and blue sludge. They reassigned the name Salt Creek to a dead stream that started in the East Field oil patch and crossed the road four miles west of my house before feeding into the Ouachita River. My father, who hauled wood for a living, loved to fish but he had to drive east.

In , the state of Arkansas finally created an agency to regulate water pollution. The first timid steps by the state came too late for people on Champagnolle and Armer roads, but regulation elsewhere forced improvements in the technology of extraction and disposal and the benefits trickled into south Arkansas.

Can I insert a little more history here? In the s, the American people, especially those in smog-smothered cities, demanded that the government protect the environment. Other congresses and presidents — notably President George H. Sulfuric acid from power plants was spreading acid rain, which was taking a.


Arkansas Times - December 19, by Arkansas Times - Issuu

The new space, which includes a stage, a bar, a restaurant kitchen and two large ground-floor rooms, will allow the Oxford American to broaden its reach, publisher Warwick Sabin said. The potential for collaboration with local arts organizations like the Little Rock Film Festival and The Rep is great, he said. For many, like the venerable Seattle altweekly The Stranger, which now sells concert tickets and develops web pro-. Until advertising revenues on the web offset a steady decline in print ad revenues if ever , publishers have to be creative about propping up their bottom lines.

Others, like the two-year-old non-profit Texas Tribune, see it as their mission to engage with their communities. Sabin said such programming occasionally benefits the editorial budget of the magazine, which publishes quarterly in print and monthly on the web.

That means, ultimately, Sabin is responsible less for selling a magazine than for selling the cultural vitality of the South. In full disclosure, I worked at the Oxford American early in my career. Mark Baptist Church W. The first is that the Razorbacks have established an almost crippling psychological dominance over South Carolina, even as the latter continues to stockpile splashy recruits and allegedly trend upward in what seems like the fifth decade of the Steve Spurrier era.

He is now against Arkansas since taking over for Lou Holtz in , with both of those wins coming at the expense of Razorback squads that finished below. Petrino has claimed three straight wins in the series by an average of 18 points. Has any coach ever looked more disengaged and just plain overmatched than this onetime sultan of the ranks?

I think he might honestly covet a reunion with Dan Snyder at this point. The second is the affirmation of a genuine, meaningful rivalry with LSU. For years, it was about as significant on the national scale as the Egg Bowl, or the Little Brown Jug game, or whatever the hell absurd token neighboring also-rans play for these days.

But of late, Arkansas-LSU is a game of consequence, played with vigor until the end gun, and provided that neither team experiences a hiccup the next two weeks the enormity of the edition will be unrivaled. LSU nudged by Alabama, , in extra innings, closing out the Tide in their aggressively overhyped matchup not long after the Hogs registered their win over South Carolina in a game that should have boasted an even wider margin.

Neither game was especially palatable, but if you are an Arkansas fan, you went to bed Saturday night knowing that the entire postseason menu remains available even if the most desired option is still a reach. Dropped certain touchdowns by Ronnie Wingo and Cobi Hamilton — normally as sure-handed as they come — took points off the board for Arkansas, and Tyler Wilson made an uncharacteristically bad decision that turned into an interception return for a touchdown.

Zach Hocker missed two field goals in a single game for the first time in his two-. All of this mattered little in the end because South Carolina was punchless total yards and had no answer for Dennis Johnson, who amassed all-purpose yards by himself, or Jarius Wright four receptions for yards and two first-half touchdowns.

You could, therefore, say that once again Arkansas failed to play a perfect game. Frankly, I prefer it this way. Thankfully, the Hogs get two more home games to purge whatever ailments they continue to have. All of these offensive woes have left a fairly capable but shallow defense hung out to dry. Oh, and they had to find a kicker for the Middle Tennessee State game last week by scouring a frat house. I am not embellishing for comedic effect here.

It shapes up as a likely rout but the tussles at Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, perhaps fortuitously, provided a sharp kick in the arse that reminded us all why no game can be taken for granted. This is, after all, the toughest conference in America. I learned that watching a press conference in Oxford on Monday afternoon. It was repeated many times by an oddball in a suit. What the Hogs have lacked in panache thus far, they have made up for with sheer will.

And for the first time all season, it merits an honest prediction: Arkansas 41, Tennessee Hanging noodles, pulled legs: Bengali is a language spoken in East India and Bangladesh. In this version too, the name is derived from the mathematical term googol, which is a number equal to 1 followed by zeroes. So they picked Google instead, figuring that some people, at least, would catch on to the wordplay. People magazine reports that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are expecting their 20th child this spring.

Michelle is 45 and had a rough time with her 19th, Josie, born prematurely weighing 22 ounces. Last week, the U. The former Arkansas football coach and Little Rock native was forced into resigning as head coach of Ole Miss. Nutt will finish the season. A video posted to YouTube showed the officer repeatedly striking a man in the face outside of Ferneau Restaurant.

The man, Chris Erwin, was later charged with resisting arrest, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Hudson was working as off-duty security for Ferneau at the time of the incident. LRPD spokesman Terry Hastings said a use-of-force investigation and an internal affairs investigation are underway. Two pre-schools, run by state Sen.

Justin Harris R-West Fork respectively, have come under scrutiny for teaching Bible lessons while receiving taxpayer funding. Reading about Columbus in elementary school, we imagined the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria in the same way we imagined the Mayflower: At least we got the rope part right.

Laying at anchor just behind the Old State House on that gray Friday were two black ships, neither of which would probably qualify as a good-sized tugboat these days — the larger Pinta nearest the shore, the smaller Nina snuggled up against her starboard side like a calf against its mother. When we walked up, their decks were awash in elementary school kids in their fall jackets, milling about, looking over the rail into the muddy water, staring at the thousand yards of line that made the sails go up and down and not fly away like birds in a gale.

The Observer, meanwhile, kept a reverent distance. Men were, of course, men in those days, back when you could die of an ear infection or bad case of the flu or appendicitis, lickety-split. The foundations of civilizations are not stone and mortar, not really. As we were standing there contemplating the great sprawl of human mortality and human history, a mother with a boy in arms walked past. Nobody wants to be an adventurer anymore, The Observer thought. Everybody wants to be a pirate.

Trying to be strong, trying to resist, we told him no dice, not now, no way, no how. Life on the Home Front: Sexual harassment by a presidential candidate has been in the news of late and, as coincidence would have it, a famous name from bygone years popped up on our computer screen Tuesday with a delayed benefit from her days as a candidate accuser. Remember Paula Jones of Lonoke, who complained about an improper overture from thenGov.

She lives the quiet life of mom and medical officer worker now. She posted this on her Facebook page Tuesday. He was very polite and nice and told me to SLOW way down tho!!!

D is the emoticon for a BIG smile. Commented a Facebook friend: District Judge Michael Irwin says he has for years allowed some of the people convicted in his court of misdemeanors such as shoplifting to choose the sign over jail time.

The length of time the offender walks depends on the circumstances of the offense. It might be five days; it might be half the length of the jail sentence it replaces. A number of parents have complimented him, he says, believing that the sign carriers provide a good lesson for children.

Little Rock voters in September approved a one-cent increase in the city sales tax. North Little Rock residents were voting on a one-cent sales tax increase Tuesday; the results were not known when the Arkansas Times went to press. North Little Rock has its own library. And a new player may enter the tax arena. Pulaski Technical College in North Little Rock is seriously considering whether to ask for county-wide property-tax support.

It has no local tax support now. Bakke, president of Pulaski Tech, was asked if this might be too many tax elections. The existing tax rate will not go up — in fact, it will go down somewhat — but Pulaski Countians will pay the tax longer.

The proceeds from the extended bond issue will be used to add storage, auditorium and parking space at the main campus downtown; to add on to the McMath Library on John Barrow Road, and to buy land in far western Little Rock, where a library will eventually be needed. School Superintendent Kenneth A. Kirspel said a 7. The election will be February 14 if the Pulaski County Election Commission approves the date, as it does routinely in most cases.

Bakke could reply that his institution has never asked for local tax support since its founding in Pulaski Tech is one of the seven state community colleges that receives no local taxes. All of the other 15 benefit from either the property tax or a local sales tax. Pulaski Tech is the largest of the state community colleges, and, with 12, students, bigger than all but three of the four-year colleges — the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Some of the options discussed: Below are a few facts about the River Rail and what it costs. Figures provided by the Central Arkansas Transit Authority. Number of hours the River Rail trolley is scheduled to be in service in not counting hours off due to mechanical breakdowns, power failures, accidents, track blockage, etc.

Americans Elect plans to find and nominate a candidate through on-line voting, avoiding the political parties and their conventions. That may sound far-fetched, but no one knows yet how much the new technology can affect politics. Commentators say Americans Elect appears to be well funded, and expect that it will appeal to independent, middle-of-the-road voters not strongly attached to either of the big parties.

The organization itself has given no indication of the kind of candidate it hopes for. He works with Dr. Saccente does not provide pediatric care. While older men would be taken afterward, 31 was then the upper requirement for men to register for the draft. As the bloody Battle of the Bulge got underway in , Duvall would ruminate in a letter that older men like him who had long-settled habits before the war were more impervious to the life-changing horrors of battle than the young soldiers.

It may be said that every man who fought and survived had entered that war as one person and emerged as quite another, even if limbs and mind were intact, and Duvall was no exception. For him, World War II changed everything, starting with the lifelong romance that the war engendered and that is recounted in these letters. His self-description of a man of settled habits must have defined.

He had little formal education, and if itinerant farm labor can be called a career, it was the clearest path for a man with his upbringing in the hardest of times and the hardest of places, Depression Arkansas. His lack of schooling was not by choice. School at Moreland, such as it was, ended with the eighth grade. A youngster ambitious for more learning needed to go off and board at Atkins, a town of 1, that had a high school, but it was 15 miles to the south of Moreland by dirt roads, which in the s might as well have been a hundred miles.

For years, he followed the planting and harvests from the Mississippi Delta to the west Texas high plains, on cotton plantations and at other odd jobs left by the migration from the panhandle during the great dust storms of and When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor Dec. Army gave him much more than that — new worlds, new experiences, a chance to expand his learning, and patriotic contentment. More than anything, the war gave him chances and reasons to write. And write he did — hundreds of thousands of words, from desert sands, pup tents, hospital beds, the floors of armored cars and bombed-out buildings, on stationery, tablets, and wrapping paper, by candlelight and moonlight.

She made faces at the teacher, and her mischievousness intrigued him. He learned shortly before he was inducted that she had a serious boyfriend and was engaged. The boyfriend was drafted with Duvall, and when the troop train neared the southern California army camp where they were to get basic training, Duvall introduced himself to the fellow and learned that the romance was over.

She wrote back that she would, and the romance blossomed. During the next three and a half years, he wrote her at least letters and many postcards and. They were married in November , two weeks after his discharge from the Army. Duvall went to work at the Arkansas Gazette in as a farm and business writer and editorial writer. After retiring in , he and Letty returned to Crow Mountain, where she was reared. He died in and Letty moved to a retirement home in Russellville. May 23, Dear Letty: Your letter went a long way toward relieving the monotony of a week in the Army.

Yes, several Pope County boys are in camp here, but only about a dozen are in the 85th. The others are scattered around and I seldom see them. He lived somewhere east of Russellville. He and I go to the show together occasionally, but I have failed to get any ideas for the Great American Romantic Novel from him yet. However, I should keep trying if you insist that I write the book. You should see some of this country if you are interested in the mountains, the seashore or flowers.

Our closest town is Lompoc. Many of the big seed companies grow their flower seed there. In fact, the farmers of the valley produce little else. Most of the crop is in full bloom now.

Hundreds of acres abound in flowers. If you should see the valley from the top of one of the mountains it would remind you of an oriental rug whose creator had an endless variety of richly colored threads on his loom. But he is no artist so he gives little thought to the design or pattern.

His sole purpose is to weave as much color as possible into the tapestry, and in this he succeeds. That would be one of the great tragedies of my young life. Youth is so emotionally unstable, you know, and things like that can undermine the morale of the Army.

They constitute a love story told in the prolific writing of the self-taught Duvall, from a military training camp to service with a cavalry squadron on the battlefields of Europe. Duvall was a farm worker with a grade-school education when he joined the Army near Moreland, Arkansas, in Your letter came Monday, but I have an acceptable reason for not answering it before now.

I had six letters in the mail call. I had first opened yours, and the others were waiting to be read when the sarge blew the whistle and called us out. They took us into the mountains for a bivouac. By this time the moon had come up and we could see that our little shelf was about 50 yards wide. Above us, a cliff rose feet.

On the other side of the ravine, the mountain dropped away so that we looked down on the tops of trees. Such places always deflate my ego and I felt like a bit of bric-a-brac on a corner shelf. Dumas researched military records to help fill gaps in the censored letters about where the young Duvall was serving when he wrote his Dearest Letty.

Even in combat, the letters were as careful and informed as the thousands of columns and editorials Duvall wrote for the Gazette as a business editor and editorial writer. He was legendary for his precision and knowledge. The excerpts printed are reprinted with permission of the University of Arkansas Press.

The book is now available in stores or through uapress. I was trying to think of some excuse to stay when they put me on guard. When the others had gone to sleep, I could hear the voices of the mountain wildlife.

A coyote perched on the cliff over my head and sent his howl out across the canyon. And all the time a chorus of frogs were doing a grand symphony. I thought there must be a stream down there, and when day came I went down to investigate. I found the clearest little river I have ever seen. The water was icy, but I went swimming and almost missed breakfast. Wish I were able to describe all this to you. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Thanks for the compliment on the newspaper article, but there is really no excuse for my dear uncle, Sam, to be proud of me.

I am the most inconspicuous rookie among all the six million guys. We are the modern version of Daniel Boone. That is, we are scouts who ride in cars and send our information back to the main Army by radio. It should be a lot of fun. I hope you understand that my letters must be detached and impersonal.

Military reasons, you know. Love, Leland Mohave Desert Oct. You knew it all along. But remember, I was more than a little surprised at your letter. I had not even hoped for a letter as wonderful as yours. I only wanted to love you silently until we get this mess over. Then, young lady, I will talk plenty fast. I am giving you a fair warning now so that you can have your mind made up. Just have a moment, so I am writing a note to let you know I still love you and that I got back OK [from furlough].

I had a nice trip up here. In a few hours I had the experience of passing from autumn where the trees were a thousand colors to a winter where they were strung with silver icicles and sparkling snow.

We have about six inches of snow. It melts on the roofs of the buildings and freezes into immense icicles at the eaves. They are three to four feet long now and grow longer by the hour. Every time I look out I think of the verse I read somewhere. When icicles hang by the wall And Dick the shepherd blows his nail, And Tom bears logs into the hall, And milk comes frozen home in pail.

I think a chap called Shakespeare had a hand in it. The division broke through the German lines in Normandy and plunged miles through German-occupied France in its first 21 days of combat. Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium and Germany. His scout troop spent much of the time behind enemy lines. Duvall would be awarded five bronze stars for bravery. He would be wounded three times but never leave the front. Hope mine are doing as well for you. But no interesting letter could come from here.

If one thing sets this village apart from any other it is the sameness with which the days pass. In the evening after chow the guys gather in groups and discuss everything from the war to baseball, and one group is always in my room. If you culled the language and made it admissible to polite society you would take all the color out of it. Of course, we make coffee on such nights, boiling it in a can over the open fire.

Believe it or not, it is good coffee, the same kind one has on fishing trips when he makes it over a campfire. Then we usually have cakes or sandwiches, but I must tell you about one bunch of sandwiches we got.

They were made on the style of fried apple pies with a beautiful nut-brown crust that promised to be delicious. But when we bit into them we found a filler of raven meat. You know what a raven is. It is a crow with a British accent. Poe did more to eulogize the raven than anyone else when he wrote: Once upon a midnight dreary, While I pondered weak and weary, etc. I am writing this under very trying circumstances. The mud is three inches deep and my writing case has just fallen into it.

The boys are frying eggs and potatoes, and since I have not eaten in several hours I am plenty hungry. The aroma is tantalizing. So why am I writing? It must be because I am still in love with you. So we did it with a dinner. We are staying in an abandoned farmhouse just now, so we had a stove.

One of the boys acquired three fryer chickens for the occasion, and we did them in grand Southern style. I must break down and modestly confess that I am not a bad cook when it comes to preparing fried chicken.

But I cannot compare with your mother, of course. You may tell her that truthfully. Anyway, we fixed up quite a tasty meal. We had genuine milk gravy we also have a cow, which we milk twice a day , salad, cheese, onion, French-fried potatoes, milk and coffee, toast and jam. It was very good. The best part of it was that some of the boys discovered a white table-cloth, so we ate from China plates on a nice clean table.

A party is a dull affair without girls, you know, and the dolls were the best we could do. There was only one hitch to the whole party. While we were lingering over our coffee and cigarettes, the jerries opened up with their artillery. One shell landed on a side room of the house and blew the roof away. It knocked soot into all our coffee and we had to pour out a gallon of good milk. They have very bad manners about such things. It is a pleasant little town, and you should enjoy working there more than at Kansas City or Fort Smith.

Then, too, you will be easier to find when the war is over. My ink supply is exhausted and there is no drugstore on the corner. Love Always, Leland [Belgium] Oct. Lady, if you could only see me now you would never suspect that I am not a gentleman. You see, I have a clean shave, a new haircut and I am sitting in a chair to write this. Sitting in a chair and doing the other civilized things we do occasionally helps us to stay in the habit of the conventional life.

We have lived in the open and slept on the ground so long that there is a real danger of forgetting what a bed or a table is like. We bathe and shave so infrequently that we lose the knack and grow careless of all personal appearance. You seem to be curious about where I am, and it is too bad that I cannot tell you. I can tell you to not imagine anything too unpleasant. It is really not so tough as all the papers would make it seem.

Those stories come from guys who are in a habit of sleeping on a Beautyrest mattress in a steam-heated room. I can tell you this. Saw Paris but briefly and wished I could spend some more time there. I learn from the local papers that soldiers are going there on pass now, but we are too far away for that to mean anything to us.

The smoke from my fire makes it impossible to see the paper at times, and so I am not entirely responsible for what may come out of the pen. But it is out of the question to move away from the fire, so I will have to take a chance. I will have to make sure that I get over the fact that I am still in love with you, but beyond that the letter will be unimportant. Snow came to the Western front a few days ago.

It started with flurries such as you would expect to see there around Christmas, but in a couple of hours it settled down to the serious business of changing all the landscape.

It placed quaint little white nightcaps on all the fence posts and draped a heavy robe over the complaining fir trees. It carpeted the whole earth with a soft white rug so that not even a mouse or rabbit could move without tracking up the floor like a small boy who had forgotten to wipe his feet. It was all beautiful, but it did not make me happy. My tent is not designed for snow.

It brings up the nostalgic picture of a warm quiet room. I dream of the glow of. Let the snow fall outside. The room is pleasant. The music on the radio is soft.

The light is turned down. It is still snowing hard. We spend the evening at home. You know you will have to be up early tomorrow to go to work. It takes long hours to support a husband. When his troop was camped on the Belgian-German border Duvall learned that Aaron was missing in action. It is pretty difficult for me to write tonight for a personal reason, which you will understand. I had a letter from Mom recently that leaves me in no condition to think of anything pleasant.

You, of course, know the contents of the letter, but you cannot know how utterly helpless it makes me feel. He was my youngest brother, you know, and we always understood each other to a degree that most brothers never reach. I was always able to help him get out of the little jams in which all boys become involved, and if he had any problems he came to me, even when he knew Dad would help him as readily as I.

Now I have to wait for someone to tell me when I can go in and see if he still needs me. Please forgive me for writing like this but I need to tell someone. For days I have not had a chance to write, and this is not exactly a golden opportunity. The guys have picked up an accordion, guitar and a lot of other noisemakers and are having a jam session. Also, the artillery is rattling the windows so that they seem ready to fall out. So, you see, if you want a letter you will have to wait a couple of days until things quiet down some.

But some of our mail caught up with. Now, that picture was the kind I wanted. It is you, as I think of you, and as I dream of you. That is the vision that dances out to me in the darkness through the mud and snow and across the thousands of miles of water.

It is the same gay, laughing creature that is forever tantalizing me when the game gets rough and it becomes difficult to remember that all the world is not hatred. It is the image that shows me a smile when I forget how to smile myself. It is the woman I love. It was just as I remembered it, but I needed to be refreshed. Perhaps it is hard for me to make you understand what I mean, but it is an acute and very real situation with me and with all of us.

The kind of existence we go through makes it difficult to retain an acute memory of the thing we love and the things we hope to go back to when this is over. We try to reform the picture of those things, but it is not easy. The picture dances and blurs at the edges like a movie when the projector is out of focus. It is not easy to shut out the war, distance, absence and time by merely shutting the eyes and trying to imagine what the things.

Book signings with Ernest Dumas Nov. One lesson would, for example, go something like this: It is quite likely that she has put it in a closet, which was built for the purpose. Can you trust my behavior? Must finish this in a hurry for I have another job to do, but I could not do it efficiently until I said I love you.

Letty, I am afraid I neglect telling you how much I need you. This may seem reasonable, but in my case it is not true. Every day I am reminded in a thousand ways that it is always you I need and that it is you who keeps me dreaming of a future that is worth waiting for. It is such a beautiful day that I can barely muster the energy to do anything but stretch out on the new grass and watch the shadows slide silently across a peaceful countryside.

It seems funny to know that the war is over and to realize that the planes that pass over will not take a shot at you and that there is no necessity to shoot at them. Today, the air is heavy with the scent of lilacs and apple blossoms. Russell Tarr, a board-certified emergency medicine physician — high-quality, complete family care and much more to west Little Rock.

To learn more about our services and hours, visit StVincentHealth. Vincent Urgent Care Monday — Saturday 10 a. Sunday 1 to 5 p. Vincent Urgent Care will treat: Expert Skill for Arkansas. Exceptional Care for Arkansans. Arkansas Urology continues to bring proven medical technology and surgical skill to Arkansas. For information or to schedule an appointment, call us toll-free at Yesterday, we drove about miles through the heart of Germany.

The war had passed lightly over much of it, for the Germans were on the run when this part was taken, but there were plenty of signs of the fighting. Already the hulls of the tanks had begun to look as if they had been knocked out a long time ago.

They were beginning to rust and new blades of grass were creeping up through the tracks. What I am trying to get at is the war is not permanent and the world will soon forget it. Not literally, of course, nor completely. It will live on as a terrible dream and will be something that youngsters will find on page of their history books.

But the edge of the picture will be blurred and there will be no sharp outlines of black and white. We will forget the sharp crack in the wind that a bullet makes when it passes overhead, and how it sounds like the gun is behind you and you begin to imagine the enemy has filtered through the lines. The sharp sting of the tiny pieces of shrapnel will be forgotten and we will find ourselves trying to remember exactly how German powder smelled.

The disrupted fragments of lives will form new and more tranquil patterns — yours and mine together. You could have no idea what a war can do to a country unless you get a chance to see one city that has been destroyed and one country road that is clogged with people who do not know where they want to go.

There are literally millions of people now who have no idea where they are going and what they will do when they get to the end of the road. In one little town no larger than Dover, a park cares for the wanderers. It is a sort of small town Bowery or flophouse where the lost people can sleep and spend a night before pushing on to a destination that is unknown to them. Every night the place is crowded with a new group of people.

When morning comes, they are on the road again, traveling by every means available. Wheelbarrows, toy wagons, bicycles, wagons drawn by horses or cows and tractors pull trains of anything that will roll, and there are a few automobiles. The convoy lines up at sunrise and moves out in the direction of the Ruhr or toward the southern part of Germany. None of them goes east.

In one such convoy, I counted three tractor trains each tractor was pulling at least two trailers and as many small wagons as the owners could find space to hitch on , 16 animal-drawn wagons these, too, had a string of small wagons behind them ,. The Reverend Horton Heat is one of many bands reinventing more traditional American music genres. Critically acclaimed indie act The Bad Livers manage to be hyper and folky simultaneously. The Bottle Rockets periodically drift into heavier, almost metallic rock as do Tenderloin, the Butthole-Surfers- meets-twang Texans who were produced by ex-Rev.

The people who like the Bottle Rockets like 16 Horsepower. Keeping them on the road. With 16 Horsepower, sales really take a big jump after they play a town. So they took a pay cut to play punk clubs across America, stand up acoustic bass and all, culminating in an extensive, fan-base-expanding trek opening for multi-platinum metalheads White Zombie. Saraf A- Brenner M Thomiao. M Etbendge Belt Star. C Sturkm Music Corp. Benson, M Elliott, R.

In short, Avail is a great candidate to follow Green Day and Rancid up the neo-punk road to success. Helium-light, ethereal harmonies and clear, emotional vocals are backed by loops of keyboards and an anthemic, easy-going spirit. A cross-the-board rock insta-add. Piece of Your Soul was produced by David Z. Originally gaining attention as the winner of six Austin Music Awards and other critical accolades, Storyville is currently on a tour of the Midwest and Texas with Double Trouble and the Arc Angels.

Three Fish offers gorgeously thoughtful, mostly gloomy tracks filled with emotion and a soundtrack-ish glamour. A modem rock must-add. What separates the outfit from its contemporaries is the powerful, well-oiled big- orchestra oomph — no wonder, the disc is pro- duced by Ted Templeman, who got a similarly huge sound out of the very dissimilar Van Halen — and the maintenance of a swing-era atmosphere, from the noirish cover art to the subject matter: M Etheridge Bell Star.

M Morales Music Coip. Tiacy and Laurel Nature Boy. B Bedford, R Ayen. T Lewu A- Nesby. S M onto ih. L Huff Mighty Three. Martm,L Mains, T Jahnscn. MTV Raps , hosted by the group this week. Legal Drug Money has shipped gold, with , copies sold to date. MyHeart LaFace Producers: Silas Records seems to stake its fortunes on groom- ing fine voices, matching them with ballads and midtempo grooves that showcase their assets to best advantage, to create more than a ripple in the marketplace.

Part I Inter- sound Producers: Bone Thugs N Harmony 9 R. Entertainer Isaac Hayes and leaders of diverse groups representing ethnic minorities from as far away as Nigeria, Canada and Holland were honored in L A. Xavier Romero Thomas puts those enchroaching on his space on notice with his musical collabora- tor Q Dill on his self-ti- tled debut LP, now bounding up rap charts.

Jungle Records artist Mr. With this backdrop, Mr. The melodic wholeness of this strongly bulleted project is attributed to his collaboration with producer QDIII Quincy Jones III , supplying not only infectious beats, but a soothing musical framework for Mr. Meaning that people are truly feeling the net effect of his brainstorming with QDIII, who initially sketched out rhythms and grooves which Mr X then devised a lyrical flow for.

Tunes with the eloquence of Mr. At what point does an artist cave in? At what point does he stand firm? Longevity Records executives Dave Menefield and Charles Bryant recently signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Dr. Edmonds, Organized Noize Productions, Inc. Sounds here like they can mount just about any type of stone in a flattering setting.

OutKast reflects on how their industry profile affects their lives, rapping way ahead of the beat in spots on this leisurely arranged musical stroll. Both cuts exemplify ultra-fine applications of hip hop science. Should make some big noise. Packs a bounce suitable for radio and club action.

Through text and image, Marc Nor berg has perfectly captured the uncommon spirit of the people who made the blues great and are keeping the tradition alive across America.

With its combination of entertaining stories and evocative portraits. Black And While Blues is sure to find an appreciative audience not only among blues and jazz fans but also among the legions who admire fine photography. The collection is published by Graphis and distributed to the trade by Billboard Books an imprint of Watson-Guptil Publications. Deals offered are as follows: Buy five copies and receive the sixth free along with a plexi-display stand.

Street, Los Angeles, CA The famous phone number is Solomon said he needed help and we were glad to oblige. Walking into the studio we found there were numerous business celebrities congregated in and about the studio confines, many of which were preparing for their debut on record with the talented Burke. What we heard of the album was excellent and everyone had a marvelous time chatting and singing.

The Gods love the blues. Pic- tured after the set are I- r: Higher Octave Music, the Southern California-based label that has built a strong foundation with NAC instrumental releases and world beat fare, is launching the sub-label CyberOc- tave. The new imprint will be the home for more ambient, lead edge and futuristic music, according to the company.

Beyond The Circle , a rhythmic, dance-ori- ented. The group played for an hour and stuck around to sign autographs for fans. Pictured in the throes of song are The Jesus Lizard members l-r: As he listened he thought to himself: H Handleman Company has named William ,1.

He previously was sr. I Lisa LeRose has been named to the newly-cre- ated post of national sales director for Domo Records, joining their label from Drive Entertainment and Mesa Bluemoon Records, where she held similar posts. H Steven Ray has been promoted to sr. The former director in the company's creative department. Ray now will step up his involvement in phases of urban music activities, including film and TV projects.

Scheller will be responsible for overseeing development of Kid Rhino audio titles from start to finish, including packaging, budget, placing of advertising and sales tactics. A primary function will be to set up and execute major cross-promo- tions and promotional tie-ins for priority releases.

Prior to joining Rhino, she was a marketing coordinator at Chrysalis Records. Sixteen diverse New York street music acts are featured — ranging from down-under didjeridoo sounds of Didjworks and the the reggae music of Asheba to the bagpipe playing of Bill Gould and the hand drums and hammered dulcimer of Mecca Bodega. The album hits, er-um, the streets in August. Progressive jazz art- ists such a3 saxophonist David Murray left and rapper CL Smooth right will be featured on the project, which is due out in September.

R PSH 1 1. Ward DRC 9. Philharmoma Virtuosi ESS Guided By Voices Matador 6. Mascis Repnse 7. Fu Manchu Mammoth Greenday Lookout 46 Clearwater Revival Fantasy 2 1 5. Tortoise Thrill Jockey 25 Nero Baby Serious The Heads Headhunter UK 5. Pitchblende Headhunter Clearwater Revival Fantasy 2 1 0.

Mix Conncections Brown Soul Classics Henoerson Sufflekings Flat Town Michael Gibbs Mute UK iomcl 1 Mighty Mighty Bosstones Taang! Judd Razor 8 Tie 2. Sugar Hill 9. Judd Razor 8 Tie Clearwater Revival Fantasy 2 4.

DJ MIX 3. Various There is an upsurge in roots-orienied music, and this eclectic. Dan Storper A universal outlook unites the international cast of artists on this compilation.

Collectively, they "feel the unity of all living things, "and are backing that feeling to the hilt on this CD designed to raise funds for The U. In-store play is highly encouraged. Her cult following is justified from the sound of things. Afropop Worldwide and World Caf6 are two of the syndicated radio shows broadcasting One World performances in coming weeks.

The lormer musi- cal director of the late Arsenio Hall Show, hinted at his renaissance as serious jazz player with his last collection, aptly titled Jwnpsiart! While that eclectic album fused Wolffs kaleidoscopic musical perspec- tive by featuring the pianist in a variety of settings. T Experience Night Shift. The UK boxoffice is topped by newcomer The Rock.

Fourth of July Independence Day Holiday. PolyGram at NLf However, in spite of the gain reported by Rank, industry experts expect shares to report some loss once their flat trading report hits the market.

Sales in Rank's leisure division were higher than last year, but the margins were lower. The casinos have been performing well and there are signs that they are recovering from the launching of the National Lottery scratch cards last year. Since the company is limited as far as new acquisitions in the UK due to laws on licenses, its eye is on the overseas market. The quota system is still making trouble in Europe. European Union culture ministers have agreed not to impose binding quotas on broadcasters as to the amount of European produced shows they must air.

However, the European Parliament last February backed legally enforced quotas for programming. Perren Ooh oh mama oh mama I found that www. Perren Ooh ooh ooh ooh Just let me stay F. Mende The whisper in the morning of lo G. All the legal furies sieze you n Gilbert And Sullivan www. Gilbert and Sullivan I have a song to sing O!

Allison If you knew Peggy Sue then you'd J. Wilson You've got two lips that look so J. R Me no bubleti L. Carboni Ho comprato anche la moto usata L. Richie What is happening here something L. Mick Leeson No,no,no, baby hum. Petty Hey hey look at me and tell me w N. Petty Well all right so I'm being fool N.

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