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Im not rich but i make decent money i have 3 son that live with the mother and ive never been married. Waiting for a live in Hey ladies, I'm waiting for a girlfriend for me and my boyfriend to share. It's fun to dance, meet guys and have a good night out. Please put the title of your favorite book in the subject Spanish Fork woman submissive in order to separate the humans from the spammers.

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Spanish Fork woman submissive

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I travel to that area several times a year and looking for friends to start with that could turn to more.

(I want to bad also. I am waiting for woman friends, because i get along better withthem, then i do mans, plus my wife, left me in aug 2011 forsomeone i thought was a good friend with, now after 6 yeartogether, 4 married, i am going though a divorce, and my soonexwife, made me lose a lot of friends, while we were together. Heyyy I'll be totally honest--I have no idea what I'm seeking for, not really. Please help me loss virginity i am so horny it's raining out said so I some one fuck me I will do what ever you want just text me 7one 78otwosix4one7 I am free after 2 pm -5pm no age limits but only womans. You will be subjected to, and surrender under, my pboobiesionate. I like family dinners, parties and BBQ's.


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Jobs for Submissives

We can guess that at least pages represent his own ideas and thoughts. In that 35 year period of writing, he wrote one story about Spanish fly on ten pages of those pages. He obviously found the story of his encounter with the Spanish fly myth at age 13 funny when he recalled it for his record album routine in It makes perfect sense that 22 years later, while writing a humorous book on the subject of childhood, he would use a piece of the same story over again and develop it.

Again, in promoting the book, for a TV interview, it makes sense that he would refer to a chapter in the book. Cosby has done over nationally broadcast television talk show interviews [18]. If we estimate minutes per talk show, he would have done over 40 hours of interviews. He discussed Spanish Fly for about 30 seconds in one interview with Larry King.

Over a 52 year public career, Dr. Cosby devoted 2 minutes and 55 seconds to a recorded comedy routine, ten pages in a book and some 30 seconds in a television interview to the subject of Spanish fly. One could find a thousand or five thousand other subjects that he devoted more time to. It is fantastic to call that an obsessive fascination. He has treated it as a minor and silly moment in his childhood.

It is the people who have taken it out of context who have obsessed about it. Cosby does not mention the word sex, nor does Cosby describe any sexual activities. As noted before, it is false to call Spanish fly a drug. It is a mythical substance as referenced by Dr.

There is a drug called cantharidin which is produced by Blister Beetles, which is sometimes referred to as Spanish fly. It is commonly used for warts. This is not what Dr. Cosby ever refers to. Cosby is describing the imagination of a 13 year old child when he says this. He uses a deep echo-like voice to make the audience understand that he is quoting the imagination of a 13 year old boy.

By leaving out this fact, Dickinson and Bloom are substantially changing the meaning of the sentence, by maliciously turning an indirect quote into a direct quote. Cosby is quoting the imagination of a character in his comedy routine, not making a direct statement. Characters within the story extoll Spanish Fly:. Spanish Fly is the thing, I tell ya. The story itself does not extoll Spanish fly, but ridicules the idea of the imaginary substance and show It to be a silly childish fantasy.

This is exactly the opposite of extolling it, as Dickinson and Bloom claim. It consists of a group of boys who go to a Navy Yard one evening and ask the sentry at the guard booth for some Spanish fly.

He jokes with them and gives them a powder which later turns out to be cornstarch. Cosby was in the navy and makes the sailor into a sweet and amiable character who plays with the children. The ten page story consists of four parts — 1 Learning about Spanish fly — about 2 pages, searching for Spanish Fly — about 3 pages, planning a party — about 2 pages, and the party itself — about 3 pages.

It is not Cosby alone who goes in search of Spanish fly. It is an entire group of friends. At this point in the story Cosby and his friends have reached the Navy Yard with the ridiculous plan of asking a Spanish Sailor for some Spanish fly.

They approach an American sailor at a guard booth. Cosby is showing how scared his friends are about asking for Spanish fly. The boys would have been taught in school that sex was a chemical reaction in the bodies of men and women. The character of the 13 year boy Cosby in the story states that girls are not chemically turned on by 13 year olds and need chemicals to get in the mood.

By taking it out of context, Dickinson and Bloom imply that this is the general viewpoint of the adult Bill Cosby. While they talked about love. I pictured Dorothy Dandridge sitting on my bed, having beaten Lena Horne there. This indicates that the character of the 13 year old Cosby in the short story did not consider Spanish fly as a drug, but simply a substance that enhanced sex for women and men.

If one is promoting a book, it is normal to bring up stories in the book. Cosby is telling the television audience what he and King knew about it. He is simply describing Spanish fly as an aphrodisiac, as something men search for. It is obvious that he is simply saying that men look for something to turn women on all their lives. The last statement that Dr. Here is the actual text:. And what was the old- The old story was, if you took a little drop — It was on the head of a-.

By saying that it was a story, Dr. Cosby is indicating that it is untrue and he does not believe it. Dickinson and Bloom change that degrees and proclaim that Dr. Cosby said he could do something when he was indicating thecontrary — that it was only a story told about Spanish fly. Furthermore, he never says this would make a woman become sexually submissive. Cosby drugs and rape. However, virtually all of these website articles have been created in the last eight months.

Cosby with Spanish Fly, or Spanish Fly with date-rape drugs or rape. It is clear that these ideas were not associated with each other before accusers supported by the mass media started accusing Dr.

Cosby of being a rapist in November, Cosby with Spanish Fly, drugs and rape [21]:. So I think that everybody — any guy picking it up will just have a ball reading about that. At Goodreads , reviewers rate the book, on average, 3. The suggestion that Dickinson and other Cosby attackers make that joking about Spanish Fly is abnormal or weird is completely false. To insinuate that making jokes about Spanish fly in any way suggests a person who would drug or sexually abuse a woman is absurd.

It is like suggesting that someone who laughs at a person getting hit by a custard pie in a movie, would punch somebody in the face. It is an absurd and ridiculous argument.

It also shows a revision of history and common understanding of the subject. It would not subdue a victim, but only make them scream in agony until they died. In short it is a magic, not a real drug. It is most important to remember that it is an imaginary drug and was never a real drug. If Cosby had told comedic stories about real drugs, and real drugging of women that might be used to indicate some connection with drugging, but that is precisely what Bill Cosby has never done.

The humor in all his Spanish fly material does not come at the expense of women. It comes at the expense of boys and men. The humor comes from realizing how silly the myth of Spanish fly is for those who know that it does not exist. An aphrodisiac made from Spanish flies is simply a myth. He also made fun of the fact that it is a widespread male fantasy. He says that he thought it was just in Philadelphia. Cosby does not make jokes about drugging and raping women as many websites ignorantly allege.

The humor comes from realizing how silly the boys and men in the story are for believing in the myth of Spanish fly. The humor in the material comes from boys and men having libidos that stops their brains from thinking and realizing that Spanish fly is a myth.

This is a perfectly acute, amusing and rational observation. It is funny and educational for most listeners at the time who were not quite sure if Spanish Fly was a myth or not. Cosby tells us in no uncertain terms that it is only a myth.

One could argue that Cosby is using Spanish fly, not in its common meaning of the time as a harmless imaginary aphrodisiac. One could argue that he is using it as a metaphor for drugging and raping. This is an absolutely false interpretation. Cosby fully realizes that Spanish fly is an imaginary drug and at no point indicates that he is using the term as a substitute or metaphor for anything else.

In the second part of the monologue, where Cosby and his friend, Robert Culp, go to Spain and search for Spanish Fly, Cosby indicates clearly that he is taking the myth humorously. One has to be an idiot or malicious towards Cosby not to realize that Cosby is using self-deprecating humor at this point. Obviously Cosby and Culp did not travel in a taxi and look for Spanish fly in Spain.

They were college educated adults. They knew Spanish fly was a myth as all intelligent adults of the time did. The humor in the story comes from the characters of Culp and Cosby in the story still acting like children and believing the myth.

Cosby is pointing out the universality of aphrodisiac myths. He treats Spanish fly exactly as the myth it is. He never indicates that it is anything else but a myth.

The comedy brilliantly entertains and educates at the same time. We have seen that Bill Cosby rarely wrote or spoke about Spanish fly, only a few times in a long career in comedy.

He spoke about it appropriately as a comedian, emphasizing the comedic aspects of the subject. He treated it as an imaginary magic aphrodisiac that could give pleasure to both men and women.

At no time did he speak of it as harming women in any way. This was exactly the opposite of what his accusers were accusing him of doing, giving drugs to knock out women. By repeatedly and irrationally taking words out of context and distorting their meaning, it was the accusers of Dr. Cosby who falsified Dr. That is why they could joke about it so much.

That is important to keep in mind, not just Bill Cosby joked about Spanish fly, but many other people did. He was just reflecting the environment of his time that generally treated Spanish fly as a joke. In fact, up to the point that accusers connected it with Bill Cosby assaulting women, it was still commonly treated as joke material.

Cosby did in and I have divided them loosely into nine categories:. The roaches represent the brothers and the wasps are white. We got some Spanish flies in there, a couple of fruit flies for the gay community. Bee or bluebottle too other day butting shadow on wall dazed self then me wandered dazed down shirt good job I….

His face impassive, laughs in a rich feminine key Splendid! Spanish fly in his fly or mustard plaster on his dibble [36]. Scott Fitzgerald in a letter to Ernest Hemingway in I hear you were seen running through Portugal in used B. Sebastian and Biarritz where your agents sprinkle it on the floor of the Casino.

I hope I have been misinformed but, alas! Canthara [38] The old black-man showed me how he had been shocked in his youth by six women, dancing a set-dance, stark naked below the skirts raised round their breasts: The Autobiography of the Works of a Poet pg An old colored man, Mr.

His description of them exposing all they had to the wind seemed to me an occasion for poetry, so I wrote the poem. So, in a state of fever and high tension, Lilith went to fetch Mabel. She did not dare confess what her husband had done to her. She remembered all the stories that she had heard about Spanish fly.

In the eighteenth century in France, men had made great use of it. She remembered the story of a certain aristocrat who, at the age of forty, when he was already a little weary from his assiduous lovemaking to all the attractive women of his time, fell so violently in love with a dancer who was only twenty years old that he spent three full days and nights with her in sexual intercourse — with the help of Spanish fly. Lilith tried to imagine what such an experience might be, how it would take her at some unexpected moment and she would have to run home and confess her desire to her husband [42].

She realises she does experience the normal hungers of sexual desire. In the end she decides to keep this from her husband. Spanish fly was also used as a treatment for infertility in animals. Thomas Blundeville advised the following procedure for a barren mare in his manual of horse-care:. Take a good handeful of Leekes, stampe them in a morter, with halfe a Glasse full of wine. So wonderfully has the great Creator provided for the pleasing food, but so fine a medicine, among a thousand others, as the Spanish fly, to save him from the destroying fever, and restore him to health again… the benefit is entirely owing to that heating, attenuating, and pungent salt of this fly, and this fly only, which the divine power and goodness has made a lymphatic purgative, or glandular cathartic for the relief of man, in this fatal and tormenting malady [45].

It is given in homeopathic doses? It was played when male contestants met female contestants. The show was in prime time from and in daytime at various times from It features Wycliff Jean, Romeo and Ludacris.

They went on 4: This is a San Francisco-based Latino duo. They released an album on Warner Brothers record label in [57]. Spanish Fly Records is an independent record label based in Minnesota [58]. It was about the Flamenco dancer Soledad Barrio [61]. He wore a one-button tuxedo and slid around backstage as if through ether. Just mention aphrodisiac, the word, the concept, and you get the same uncomfortable titter you heard a long time ago in junior high school when the older kids told you what Spanish fly was supposed to do to the opposite sex.

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