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Seeking fwb for me and my hubby


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I really do identify as a female, and do not find myself attracted to men. I am hung well, I can be mild to wild and I like oral. Yes I am a black woman. Naughty looking hot sex Fishkill IlIll Be Worth It In The End I am a 20 year old sexy hispanic female.

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Seeking fwb for me and my hubby

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Kiya The Best If your seeking for a good time and a time to remember look no further I'm your girl. I jus was always curious with a ne ] I dnt think I left anything out,for now. Love me in eulogy Love me in a song Love me in eulogy Because love Doesn't last long I play guitar.

Randommm Citizennnn (Original Poster) w4m So either there are quite a few people who say this exact phrase to strangers, or the one person who said it says it to lots of people.


Skip to content , or skip to search. There were pictures of erections on his wall and erotica. Janssen has tried to come up with a model for predicting who will cheat, based on two curves: Here are statements designed to measure sensitivity. These are people with a strong awareness of risk, which Janssen measures with statements such as these: When I told my wife some of the ideas about about male sexuality, she got agitated.

I said, No thanks. Janssen made a face. It is a problem of trust and intimacy in a relationship. You have responsibility toward your partner. Let them be gutsy to stand up and tell their wives. A friend of mine was married for fifteen years to a woman with whom he came to understand he was incompatible, values-wise.

Women had always flirted with him; finally, he made a date. His marriage broke up a year later, and then he met a nurse who also worked as an escort and who loved sex and loved the fact that he loved it.

I would knock on her door, and that was it. This went on for years. Janssen heard me out and nodded. We create institutions like marriage. For most people, it seems to work. The distinction is crucial.

Our core has many components, and even the evolutionary psychologists say that there is an evolved desire for pair bonding, for love. The obvious question is whether we can import a European understanding. The stereotype is that in Europe, they have got this figured out, and every time they snigger over our scandals, they seem more superior. A gay friend tells me that gay European friends laugh at him because even gay relationships here tend to follow a bourgeois, monogamous model.

David Buss points out that in the U. In Germany, prostitution is legal. I asked Glyn Vincent, a New York writer on social and cultural matters who is half-French, about norms.

This is just going to happen. New York divorces continue to involve sexual infidelity as a breaking point.


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Cleaning up and making a mess is so horny. Hope everyone has a nice creamy weekend. We love it, it's the only way to really enjoy other cocks, my hubby loves sloppy seconds, done this lots. To then carry on and give or get seconds is the icing on the cake?? There's nothing like squelching your cock through an already lubed fanny.

I love being given cream pies. Anyone have any creamy fun over the weekend? We love have a nice fresh creampie. I like the idea of a full swap then returning our own partners with a well fucked dripping pussy ready for another load. It's not the same when you have to wait 24 hours to deliver the next load. I love creampie, love the mix, Xx. Yes we love it iam so addicted to cream pie it's like bist to me xx.

More fun the better. Always bareback for me. In fact just had a meet with fb, she had just fucked another cock and the guy left , ten mins later I'm in her sloppy used cunt adding mine.

On other sites too and found that all the women that 'play safe' on profile all fucked bareback! We love the idea. But just to risky. Love bb but not don't get a lot in Liverpool. Even if it didn't involve health risks I cannot for the life of me understand the attraction of 'sloppy seconds' - can anyone explain why they enjoy this so much?? Nothing better that giving a woman my heavy load. I love to release my spunk inside a pussy, the best feeling in the world nothing compares with it.

Haven't done this for years but the sensation of sliding into a cum filled pussy was mind blowing. Would love to find a couple I trusted to experience it again!

Even better with sloppy seconds. With a trusted few friends in the south west. Had a lovely creampie meet with a couple last night. Yes please, had two great bareback meets last week. Ive just got into this and LOVE it. One of my first meets with a couple involved B. The only request hubby had was I was to look into her eyes and tell her I was cumming. He was straight in and shooting his load within seconds. Mmmm sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths etc.

I adore having multiple loads dumped in me, such a massive turn on! Love to oblige you Charlotte. Absolutely love shooting a load into either hole and sitting and waiting for it all to come dripping out. Love licking a used pussythats been Spunked up mmm.

Some good responses in this post, you're a dirty bunch. I would love multiple loads in me. We did a honey fuck tonight, that was tasty! Love to see cum dripping out of a pussy. Strike up a conversation and then after you have established a bit of relationship with them, ask them if they would like to accompany you and your boyfriend to a strip club. If they bite, take em to the strip club. After the strip club, you ask them if they want to come home with you. Just a word of caution: So I hope you and your boyfriend have pre-established rule for what is acceptable and what is not.

For instance, will you sleep with one person more than once? What number of times is acceptable to take a person into your bed before you start developing feelings either on your part or your boyfriends? What happens if one of you finds someone on your own and brings them in… how does that work? And please, always use protection. I would also suggest that both yourself and your boyfriend have STD tests and share that with your partners you are bringing in so that they are also confident of your bill of health.

Sex is fun, and can be enjoyed all different ways—but remember to have open communication because before you know it, you can be in deep water without a life preserver!

Stop focusing on it! Just go about your lives and be open to it and opportunities will present themselves. Go to parties, out to the bar- to have fun, not necessarily to hook up and if you are confident and easy-going then some girl will start flirting with you, or the two of you. Threesomes are way better when they come naturally instead of a forced arrangement.

Could this be an ongoing thing? Would you be open to dating a third person? Be patient and get to know people before you jump in bed with them. So is jumping into bed with someone mentally unstable. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck! Threesomes or moresomes are awesome for the right people!

Savage this question 2. As the hosting couple it is your responsibility. Then, maybe have a conversation about expectations, safety, ect. Then maybe another hangout or two. If you meet up in the middle of a day, this works better.

Emma August 15, , 2: True, about the hearing from them the next day. KKZ August 15, , Good point was made above about asking acquaintances and word getting around. My husband and I have fooled around with acquaintances and friends in the past; we are both bisexual so threesomes are one way that we can satisfy the parts of our sexuality outside of our hetero sex life. Around the same time we were doing this, he was also getting into photography as a hobby, so we were soliciting friends and acquaintances and random people on my college campus to model for him.

Well, word got around about our bedroom habits, and eventually some of the friends we asked to model for him got the idea that we were really propositioning them, or worse, were going to trick them by turning a photo shoot into sexytimes.

I was shocked when this got back to me — we had never gotten physically involved with any of our models, but people made the connection anyway, and before I knew it we were Creepers. Partially out of respect for our friends, partially out of fear of the consequences to the relationships. Sex with others is fun but not worth sabotaging a friendship over. I mean, how many single people are out at clubs and open to being brought home by a married couple?

In a society where hetero monogamy is the norm, straying outside of that model is tricky! I think Fabelle and Zombeyonce above gave some great tips that are a bit more concrete than mine. AKchic August 15, , Okay, your friend said she was up for what was coming, and then had a hard time with it.

Expand your search radius. Be prepared to interview. Everyone needs STD checks prior to the actual event, and protection must be used. Emma August 15, , 1: My boyfriend and I are in an open relationship, where we enjoy sex with others either together or alone. Luckily, most of my close friends are people open to that sort of thing.

Either way, there are precautions you can take when meeting strangers. You should ask to meet them in a public place, first, even a few times, to see if you guys click. Another option, which you might like better, is fetlife. You can search people in your area, and most people have their interests listed on their pages.

You could even make a joint profile.

I have no desire for another man, my husband is all I need in the D department. He said he was absolutely fine with me seeking a FWB type. Fear of sexual tension shouldn't dissuade people from pursuing cross-gender be to pair the husband from one couple with the wife from another in order to Packard's explanation popped into my head more than once as I. The sex is good and it suits me to live on my own, but I'm getting fond of him and worry that I will be upset when we split up because we are too.