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Need a nice female texting buddy


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Are U The One First of am am real am. I would like to find a chick that I can hang out with and do girly stuff like shopping or pedi's, but also desperately want to be intimate with a female. Let's meet an play Fun handsome cool successful man waiting to spend some morning time with an equally fun, attractive and cool girllady.

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Need a nice female texting buddy

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But down nide hang with any women. SEX PARTY FAVORS INCL. Seeking girl dtf tonight near granger wa Im only waiting for a fuck buddy tonight nothing more no clingy shit.

I'm outgoing and really positive. Please be the same I probably would have asked you to marry me already (Oh. I seek a mistress who wants to use me, me, humiliate me, force me to do dirty things, make me worship every inch, punish me when I do wrong with no. Looking for a good FWB 44 year old divorced white male here. If interested or would like to know more, me back.


I don't have any true friends or anything or anybody to text. Feel free to text me. I am lonely and need people to text. Text me at A friend of mine she has been feeling lonely lately and asked me to find her some texting buddies.

I don't have many friends, so I found this. Her number is I have been lonely lately and I was told to post here to get some texting buddies. I am pretty open. I answer all text, so if you would like to text me and feel free to at anytime text me at I will answer any questions you have and talk about anything you want to talk about.

So shoot me a text: Looking for males only age 30 to I am a single ssbbw bigger gal looking for a good sext or text buddy to keep me company. Are you into Halloween or scary movies?

Come lets catch up together sometime. Prefer single males only no cheating! Must love to sext and text long term as this may lead to something offline? Log in No account? Nobody silentshadow October 16th, Lonely silentshadow October 16th, Friendly reminder antimatter10 September 30th, I'm fun to chat with!!

My number is Text me hat September 29th, We can talk about anything and everything! Im looking to connect and chat with people. If you want to text message me and we will see what we can work out. Text me courtmanno28 September 17th,


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Hi, my name is Phoebe. My current weight is lbs but my goal weight is lbs. I need someone that will stick by me and help me make the best decisions. I need an Ana coach that is pretty muc relentless and will help me reach my goals!! Please can someone help me to loose the remaining weight!

My Lil is ccubana and my email is m. I only have email: I love food way too much and no matter how hard I try, I am always binging on something. I need someone who can push and motivate me, and really be hard on me when needed. My GW is pounds or lower. My kik is dragonfly. Hi my name is Arya.

I am 18 turning 19 and I really need an ana buddy. My email is sw33tp0tat0girl gmail. I am extemely in need of an ana buddy. I am very motivated and have my goals set. I can go for a while without eating, but if I eat breakfast or lunch I will end up binge eating. My parents often make me eat a lot, but they eat unhealthy food.

I really want to be skinny. Can someone please be my buddy? I can try to help. I weigh the same and we are the same height. I am 18 though. My kik is Stylemylovato. My parents are exactly like that entering senior year of highschool and am 18 kik is meganpinkiepie. My email is lanaginamarie gmail.

Kik-roseart22 or email skinny. Hi, I am also 20, I weight lbs, and am vegan. NEED a strict coach. Yell at me, tell me how fat I am, insult me, idc. I live in America and in dire need of help. Acknowledge the period at the end of the kik name. Help in need of ana coach. My ultimate goal weight is Feel free to kik me Babygirlfawn. Well I need a Ana Buddy to help to lose weight.

If you are kik me QueenSkinnyx. I am disgustingly fat. I have depression and suffer from hallucinations. I have been trying my hardest to loose the fat I want to see my bones again. I been working really hard To be skinny again but I lose motivation due to depression. As an adult in my 30s I really need a strict coach who will keep me going.

I have never had a ana coach or friend and I really need one as it is harder to stay skinny when u are older. I want to be your friend and actually talk to you and let us help each other.

Hi I really need an ana buddy that can be supportive and harsh at the same time. I have never had a buddy before so it might take me a while to get used to it. But I have been pro ana for years. I was recovering for a couple of months but I want to be thin again. My cw is and my gw is I keep messing up and binge eating my emotions. Strict harsh ana buddy needed. Age 18 female Kik-becoming. I wanna try the fix it fast diet soon. I fast all day till eat dinner. I am looking for an Ana buddy who will listen give me advice support and push me to reach my goal.

More like someone to take the trip with me. Kik me at MarDeGrises. I would really like a buddy who is very strict with me, not someone who will check in once and thats it.

I am very determined to lose weight no matter what it takes. I need to lose all this fat. I need Ana and an Ana-buddy who will not let me get away with anything. I need a ana buddy that will be strict with me and not let me fail. I currently weigh lb and I am 5ft Goal weight is lb. Please I really need help…. I know I can do this. I just need someone strict to guide me through the process. Plus it would make it easier. I just need someone to push me further. So please be my Ana buddy!

Looking for a strict yet supportive buddy to help me stay on track. Looking for an Ana buddy or couch, My kik is shroomdude I really want an Ana buddy who is supportive but also harsh. I need someone to motivate me and I can motivate them back! Hi I need an extremely strict and honest ana coach I need someone who will insult me when I mess up someone who will truely motivate me please email me missinghim gmail.

I am looking for a coach or a buddy. Someone to maybe control me — help me control myself. I can put myself down extremely well but when it comes to motivating I am weak. I never used to be weak. Having my boyfriend of 2years and 6months has left me fat and lost. I am 23 so preferably someone my own age. If anyone is up to the challenge, kik me: Please be 18 or older.

Would like to meet people around my age that I can chat to on whatsapp for support and to help and share with eachother. NEED a very strict coach. Yell at me, tell me how fat I am, insult me I need the motivation.. Ive failed to many times. Hi, we could be buddies if you want, we have similar weights and goal weights. My email address is imaunicorn gmail. Pleas insult me tell me what a pig i am help me lose weight!!!!!! Email me at imaunicorn gmail. I desperately need a very strict ana coach.

I really need someone who will motivate meet to stay in control and do exercises. Please contact me on kik: I really need help with this.

Been doing it alone for too long. A strict coach would also be nice. I am black BTW. I am looking for a strict ProAna coach. Hey I am looking for an Ana buddy and I need one as soon as possible.

My other Ana buddies have given up. I need to lose 13kg in a maximum of 4 months. I will be just as harsh back, no BS, just need someone who will help me stay on track because Im incredibly desperate! Preferably someone the same age and has to be a female, also Australian is prefered due to time zones. I am in desperate need for an Ana buddy or coach.

My current buddies have given up. Please feel free to kik me at Abigailm My name is Claire and I am 18 years old. I weighed myself today and I am Email me at cbek yahoo. I am 18, ive lost 50 pounds and gained some cause of some binges.. My ultimate goal weight is: Im a 18 year old girl in need of a ana coach.

If anyone is willing to be my ana buddy or coach i would be so grateful!! Elleloo or message me on tumblr: I really need an Ana buddy! I could also help motivate you! Idk my scale broke, but too much maybe ish GW: I was looking for someone to have a sort of competition with, to see who can eat the least amount of food.

Would really like an Ana buddy xx. My stats are 5foot 10 , I weigh 67 kilograms which are Hi im so glad i found this site! Im 18 and extremely.

At the moment im pounds, but my first goal weight is its a lot i know. But im determined If you want to be my buddy you can give me your email or whatsapp or facebook. Preferably whatsapp or email. Im definitely interested in you because ive been looking for a partner like you.

My kik is wootity1, its bad but thats what it is lol, i would prefer to text but can kik message you for a while. Im set set set on my goal and DO NOT need somebody whps going to hold back or tell me about how wrong it is. If anybody else wants to kik! I need somebody who is serious about their goal, and will show me the same amount of strictness as im showing them.

Im here for motivation and support to reach your goal, and will push you. I would rather text but ill kik you at first to see if we get along. I live in Utah, and if you wanna reach me I have a fb, and Skype. I need a coach to help me get started again. Email me Cailanicholem2 gmail. I need a strict Ana buddy. Hey I really really need an Ana buddy bad.

I still live with my parents, so if you have ways for them not to notice eating differences that will be a major help. My cw is around but my 1gw is , ultimate gw is I need a Ana coach asap, someone who is really strict and could help me stay motivated. We can motivate and help each other and be each others rocks to fall back on. My kik is moating. I need someone to help me get back on track and focus so that I stop eating this crap food and focus on controlling myself again, so please help.

If we can encourage each other to stick to low calorie fruits and vegetables, and small, controlled portions then that would be perfect! Please get in contact ASAP! Sofia Giugno from England Snapchat: Hey I need a buddy who will help me get to my GW of 48kg to begin with please add me on kik summeerrrry.

If there is someone out there that has tips, advice or want to be my pro ana coach please contact me at babybellajasperwhitlock gmail. If you have any questions just follow up.

Love to connect with people so we can encourage each other. I live in the UK time zone, so if you live in the UK and want to help me out please kik me at meow I need a strict coach who will help me with all this. My Kik is ZiXi I need a harsh buddy. I need a harsh Ana coach. Here are my stats: Hey I really need a ana-buddy. My GW is 65kg and I dream weight it 55kg. Hi I am new to Ana. I am 25, I had a baby 6 months ago. My delivery weight was and I naturally dropped down to I am looking for a sincere Ana buddy so that we can motivate eachother to reach our goals.

CW GW someone who can literally make me feel bad for a bite or even someone who is as desperate to lose weight like me maybe we could like lose weight together you can add me on sc: I need a serious and harsh coach..

My main problems are and laziness.. Hey I need an Ana Buddy! I need someone that can talk anytime. Txt me jisellomello Email: I did so well last time I had one but my family found out was going on and started having me monitored and I gained everything back plus 20 more pounds. Hey loves, I would love to have some Ana buddies to keep me going quite long without any recovery and to avoid it. My cw is and gw is I can help motivate and give some helpful tips and get you to your goal as well!

My kik is Babygirlfawn Xxx. I am new to this diet, so I mess buddy that will be strict but also understanding. Someone to help me out with my baby steps. My kik is LilMissMaladroit. Hi, I need a really strict coach that has gone through this before and knows what there doing. Someone that will be really hard on me. Email me at StayAna98 gmail. I need a harsh and strict ana buddy and I can do the same thing for you if your Interested Kik: I am 19 and need a buddy who will be extremely harsh and make me feel like shit.

I will do the same in return. I do not want someone who is going to quit because it is to hard. If you are interested, my snapchat is pyneapplesjuice and my tumblr is ijustwannabeweightless. My email is catie. They call me bella because I have a belly. Getting back into my routines again. Looking for support and motivation to get going.

Please I need to lose this disgusting weight! Please contact me at hn04kn gmail. I really need a strict and harsh ana coach to get me started with this again. Will hopefully start a group. Height — cm Weight — too afraid to step on the scales righ now but roughly about 62 kgs.

I need a coach who will help me my goal is lbs. Can someone help me please? Im 18 cm 55 kg, girls i need a really strict ana budy. Direct message me on instagram: I am a strickt ana coach looking for an equally strong minded ana coach.

I am willing to put my heart and soul into making one of you thin. Everyone gets weak, sometimes. I of course would prefer to work with someone under the lbs mark, just as a starting point, but of course that can be overlooked depending on your willpower and tenacity.

The more you help me, the more I help you. I will not spoon feed you. Contact me on kik. I really really need a strict ana buddy that will keep on me for everything including exercising.

Ive been trying by myself and keep slipping from time to time, id really appreciate all the help! Group or single is fine! I need an Ana buddy but that take it seriously for loosing weight together.. My goal weight is then ultimate goal weight it Hello my name is Carley and i am in desperate need of a pro ana buddie that can help and support me would really appreciate it x.

I need an ana buddy! I want to be able to coach each other and push each other when it gets hard. When I struggle I want you to put me back on track.

I really need help to keep focused. I want to be able to have everyday conversations with you too! Looking for a strict buddy with a condition similar to mine.

I need someone who will encourage me to lose weight, quickly. Feels like I have no control of anything! I need a buddy, fast. I am willing to push hard both ways, and we can keep each other on our toes. I am 18, Current: I really need a buddy. Could really use the motivation of another person. Hi my name is Mia and I really want a Ana buddy. Hello, I am 22 years old and I am wanting an experienced ana coach who will help me to reach my goal weight.

I need someone to be strict with me. I need someone to keep me on track with different tips and tricks. I would prefer to chat with someone who is closer to my age, so if you are interested my kik is KayMex. I need a pro Ana coach or buddy. My last buddy gave in too quickly so please Kik me at esparzastephanie15 or dm me on Instagram at seniora. I need one who will keep me on track no matter what even if it means you have to be mean and tell me how fat I am. My kik is katemma Please email me if you want to talk to me littlemissbutterflygirl gmail.

I need an ana buddy to talk to everyday and be close with! I recently turned 19 also. My Kik is babygirlfawn. I need someone I can talk to, to help me through and who I can help too, my kik is butterfly. I need a buddy to keep my on track and make sure I lose weight! Email me at mb hotmail. So contact me ASAP! I really need an ana buddy.

Someone strict to keep me going. I was doing well, but I let myself down. My email is itskatelynng28 gmail. I am also very committed. My wieght is getting out of hand. Kik me at AnaBeforeFood please help. Not just an online chat buddy. I live in the state of Michigan, 22 years of age, and I am a female. If anyone is interested in an actual buddy, rather than an online chat, feel free to contact me by email. Hello my name is Destiny. I need a super strict ana coach who can help me get along and do what i can to lose weight.

Ill accept harsh ana buddies too but i need someone there for me because its just not like how it was used too. I am 16 years old. My gw is lbs. If you could contact me my kik is thintobe My email is deziraynaylor gmail.

I need some help getting along with this. I really need an ana buddy! It seems nothing works. I was a size 4 but gained all the weight back. It makes me so sad, and I also have a bad back that Mack exercises hard. I need a strict coach who will judge my body. My goal is to train her in the ana lifestyle and in being submissive as well. If interested add me on kik: You can hit me up at Whats app. I really need a Ana coach preferably strict to keep me on track with my diet to lose weight.

I currently weigh pounds and I keep gaining but I want to reach Please message me at trotzama gmail. My SW was I got down to My goal is to loose fat and look slim — thigh gap, hip bones, back dimples, jaw line — sick of being short and stubby ready to become petite and pretty. I really need a pro ana buddy to speak to about dieting and weight loss Add me on snapchat smithmegx. Hey im looking for an ana buddy. Looking for a friend to hold me accountable. I need someone to push me and get me through the times that I want nothing more than to binge.

My kik is lexmarie Is this website still active? I eat super small meals in the past but i started binging again and i eat a lot of bread. I badly need a buddy than can restrict me from giving in to my cravings. And what kind of work outs should i do each day? Trying to reach and below. My number is I need to lose weight until the summer starts.. Add me on kik to be in my pro ana groupchat. Have been coached in the past but coach no longer coaches.

I need a strict but not mean coach. Please if anyone can help me email me at 20jwheeler gmail. I weigh lbs but want to get down to quickly. I would love to have an Ana buddy to hold me accountable and to talk through things with!! I need a proana buddy.

Email me at noone yahoo. School is coming up and I need to lose weight! Im going on holiday in 2 weeks, and im looking for a ana buddy as i really need to lose some weight.

Im looking to lose about 10lbs? Isk if thats possible in a small time frame idk. My kik is dannisaunicorn if you wanna message me there. Please email me at livmae gmail. I really need a very strict pro ana buddy! I am willing to return the favor, if you need!

I am 19 years old. If anyone is in need of a pro-ana buddy, you can contact me on any of the following social medias: I just basically need a strict Ana coach or buddy that will push me to reach my goal. This is my first time will all of this, but I really need someone to push me to reach my goals.

I will follow all rules and agree to the stuff you tell me to do that will help me. Hi, I am in very desperate need of a buddy to talk to on kik my username is Gemini Looking for an Ana text buddy because my wifi sucks.

My kik is moosewifey. I prefer to message on my phone though so if you have a US phone contact me on kik and I will give you my number. Looking for a pro ana buddy. My email is khadired hotmail. Lets do this together! I need to lose so much weight and I am still struggling so much with the urge to eat. I used to be so tiny and now I am a monster. My email is actsofwhiskey outlook. CW GW I really need help losing weight right now.

I need a buddy to keep me on track and motivated to not go over my calorie restriction. SamanthaTurtle or my Facebook: I really need a buddy to help me loose a lot of weight and fast. Snapchat me I need help — shaunaroseyxx. I have trouble with movation and could really use help,tips,tricks etc. Is there anyone that would like to be buddies? My email is kahmillamadrid yahoo. Looking for a buddy, a strong and determined one. Please contact me asap!!!

I need help to loose weigh!!! I need an ana buddy to help me please email me justagirlonetwothree gmail. I desperately need a buddy!!

Need someone to help me out and motivate me.. I am in timezone CET, so it would be nice to have someone close to that! I really need someone strict to coach me and help me out here.

I really do need a strict ana buddy to motivate me and help me to loose weight. I need a strict coach. The only thing I will not do is send naked pics. Hey I am looking for an ana buddy! Hi I really need a strict and buddy if anyone can help my insta is Jennie grace and my email is mackenziemayo yahoo.

Could really use a buddy close to my age!! Hey I need a pro ana buddy to chat with I do not have kid but if anyone has Tumblr or would like to email we can chat and I need someone really harsh. Hey I need a buddy! Cw- Lw- Gw Hey guys, i need a pro ana buddy, email is alexadams gmail. Or even just someone I can talk to about the process, just as a friend. I am female and 17yrs. I am looking for a female around my age. I just need moral support and help through this Journey.

Please contact as soon as possible. Isabella Whitlock Someone Please help me!! Hi my name is Isabella, I need a supportive and motivating ana buddy, CW: Hi, I am looking. A female Pro ana buddy. I a looking for strict yet supportive. Cw lbs Gw lbs Ugw lbs Contact: I am currently going to school in New York and live in California.

I have tried for years to be on my own and I just need the extra help. My email is Alimarks52 gmail. I would really like a pro Ana buddy to help me and I can help in return if you would like. I would prefer someone strict and that I could talk to often.

My email is bella. Are you still interested? My kik is tubbybunny13 add me!! Looking for an Ana buddy on whatsapp or snapchat. Preferably someone who is also tall and around 22 years old. March 6, at 5: June 9, at July 1, at 6: July 6, at 5: February 17, at April 9, at Can someone be my buddy?

My CW is lbs GW lbs. May 9, at 8: June 4, at 6: June 10, at 9: June 22, at 3: July 5, at 2: I am looking for a buddy either on insta or snap chat if anyone wants to buddy with me. July 12, at 9: July 31, at January 31, at 4: Kik me aoife3mcc23 if anybody is still looking. August 27, at 9: February 20, at 6: September 24, at 9: August 18, at 3: August 23, at August 30, at September 13, at 5: I need a buddy too….

September 18, at 5: I need a buddy too. December 16, at November 21, at September 18, at 9: October 11, at 2: October 12, at 1: October 24, at October 27, at 7: December 2, at 5: December 20, at 7: January 3, at 2: May 19, at Me I need a buddy. I literally can hear my thighs getting so fat.

January 8, at December 18, at 1: March 2, at Yes here are my contacts: September 9, at 8: October 6, at 7: October 24, at 4: November 22, at June 10, at 4: July 7, at 2: July 16, at October 25, at 2: February 3, at 8: November 24, at 6: December 12, at 1: October 17, at 5: October 22, at 1: Hey can you coach me?

Really need one so my kik is kateoleary October 30, at 2: October 31, at November 5, at 7: November 10, at 4: November 13, at 2: November 28, at 6: November 28, at 7: December 18, at 8: December 27, at 7: December 29, at December 29, at 1: You are someone I think I need, please kik me at.

February 21, at 6: April 13, at 2: September 24, at 1: April 15, at 8: Hi can you be my buddy please everyone else who i asked tried and quit on me. April 30, at 7: May 3, at 8: June 23, at August 3, at 4: Add me on kik: July 23, at 4: August 28, at September 10, at 5: October 26, at 7: November 3, at November 26, at 9: December 5, at 3: I dont have control on what I eat.

I need an ana buddy. December 22, at 2: February 10, at 2: I need a coach! My email is lilysart gmail. February 10, at 7: February 25, at 8: March 30, at November 2, at 4: November 6, at November 8, at 9: November 26, at I need an ana coach desperately I have gained. My email is dontforgetana gmail. Sofia Fernandes Pontes says: December 5, at 9: January 26, at 9: February 26, at 2: Hey can you maybe be my coach??

April 24, at Help me danielle b my coach my kik is husnaa. June 28, at 8: October 24, at 3: February 3, at 9: April 3, at Hi could you pleaseeee coach me?! October 13, at November 14, at 4: February 11, at 2: July 18, at Do still need an ana buddy? Add me if yo do my kik is KPThinSoon. February 11, at 3: February 26, at 4: May 3, at 2: May 12, at September 27, at 6: I weigh the same and have the same goal weight!

Want to help each other out? My kik is beethreefour. May 18, at June 1, at 5: June 14, at 1: June 18, at 6: June 22, at 1: July 1, at If something or someone sometimes feels good to us, then we like interacting with them sometimes. If something or someone almost never feels good, then we avoid dealing with it or giving it attention.

Guys just want to feel good. Talking with his buddy feels good. The question you can ask yourself is: Figure out the answer to that for yourself and relationships will never be hard or confusing for you…. This comment here in your eyes is expressing your views on how supposidely simple men are and how suppposidely complicated women are. The real reason is that we do not have any true men left on this planet and that many men do not know how to deal with their emotions so instead they find different methods of quick mental satisfaction rather than confronting the situation they are dealing with.

Communication is very important and shoud be a base of any relationship. A women should know her worth but also express her feelings and not assume a guy is busy since he is not texting back. So if we need to know something why not, just a suggestion here, tell us. So me and my ex we text daily and he says that we are friends but acts like more than friends!!

The thing is lately he would text me and we talk then he disappears mid conversation!!! And he sees my last text and he checks his whatsapp frequently!!!

I never push the conversation i most of the time let him initiate! I love that Eric Charles.. Im not sure but I reckon many of us who are not in stable relationships are insecure.. Is it weird if a guy asks me out to see a movie and then I have to figure the times, the movie, and the directions. I mean…he did pay but this seems strange to me.

Sounds like a good indication of what the rest of your relationship with this person will be like; You doing all the work and him reaping the benefits. As soon as that happened, and I looked for something real again, guess what happened? A woman did to me, what that guy is doing to you! He saw that you were inexperienced and probably pretty, too. So he targetted you, persisted, and coerced you into giving it up.

I see it all the time. And the cycle will happen all over again. If you want to avoid this eventuality, you have to stop texting this guy. He will never be happy. You will never be happy if you keep chasing him. From a man this hits home for me.

Was seeing someone like this and had his type of relationship if you want to call it that. Anyways out of the blue stopped texting me, etc, texted him a few times with no response, was heartbroken and so confused. Your right, why am I chasing him? It is self defeating and so soul crushing, ty!!! So I met my bests friends boyfriends best friend, we all hung out and hit it off like my best friend thought we would.

He told her I was cute. We hung out again and exchanged numbers. We talked everyday since then. He told me he wants to take me fishing since its his favorite thing too and told me to text him in the morning because he wanted to wake up from a text from me. Oh my gosh this is inspiring.

To know that at least some one understands this really helps me.. What can I do to make him like me again? I never said any mean word to him I begged him to tell my mistake I asked to be just a friend but he just stopped replying.

You need to relax. Let her figure it out on her own. What a wierdo…cursing and threatening. You are a pathetic male role model…. Bravo… great post JMR! Your daughter should be proud she has such a caring and honourable da. So we have been dating for 2 months. We go to different schools and berally see eachother, i think we have maybe hung out 6 times tops. It sucks because the time between hanging out is always so long and we are both really busy; me with volleyball and him with football.

So the only way that we really keep the relationship going and communicate at all is by texting. For the past week we have only sent about 40 messages to eachother… compared to the we used to send per day!! I had this thought that he was cheating on me. The last thing people have said to me is maybe he lost his phone. Would be the same way around vice versa? Back off, stop texting him…. Spend energy on making yourself happy and healthy, and stop expecting so much attention from these poor guys!

I have been in contact with this guy for least half a year. Few mths ago he went overseas for his studies and got back recently. Everything was fine within that few mths, constantly contacting each other with texts. Thought things will work out just fine. He came back recently but there was no news for him, at all.

That was when I began to realize, all the waiting is worthless after all: When I date a guy who is hearing with no problems my only means is texting since i CANNOT hear on the phone, therefore makes texting my main source of communicating electronically. So if a guy really cared, then texting me shouldnt be an issue, right? I met this guy on line. We have been going out for more than a month now. He was injured a while ago so we only saw each other three times.

So except the first time, every date would last for more than five hours. But he finally convinced me to meet him and we kind of really liked each other. He texted me everyday and we emailed each other a lot. His messages are all very romantic and well written. Even though, we never talked about love, but there was definitely chemistry between us. He would put a lot of effort to spend time with me. We spent almost ten hours together last Wednesday. We were so happy together and he was so gentle with me.

Well, we only held hands, cuddled and hugged when he left. He seemed so happy to see me again and he specifically made that day for me. On Friday, he was still sending me texts on my way to a vacation spot. He texted me on Sunday, and after that, he just disappeared. Since we met on the dating site, he has been texting me every day, always first thing in the morning. I signed in on the dating site, and found out that he was on line today and yesterday and he even updated his profile by adding something.

I have no idea when he did that. When we met on Wednesday, I cooked lunch for him and he took me to a park. I tried to talk him out of the long drive, but he said he would be all right. We spent quite a few hours there. Later we watched a movie at my place and he left after the movie.

He kissed my forehead before he left. I was quite sleepy then and he even joked about I should not forget to brush my teeth before going to bed. He knew I had back surgery before so he was constantly stoking my back so I would be more comfortable. He even stroked my hair for a long time. Now, out of the blue, he just disappeared. I was away that weekend but he still initiated the texts.

After a few weeks the texting eventually stopped and i found myself texting him. I asked him if we can hang and he said he was too busy. I asked him 2wice and he always came with an excuse. This is what it said… Hey! Just wanted to let you know if i say something i follow through and i expect the same. He did not reply. We met online orignially. He lives only 70 miles from me and we instantly struck up interest in eachother.

He was texting me everyday and even would call me once or twice a day just to say hi. Very sweet and very genuine. He even would tell me that he wanted to show me differently from how other guys had treated me in the past. So, I reluctantly believed him.

We had been talking on the phone and texting non stop for two weeks. So of course I agreed since I was very eager to meet him and I genuinely liked him.

Just for further detail he works a lot, but he has always managed to make time to text and call me despite that. The thing is I work a lot too and I have school yet I never go without keeping up with my friends and family, since they are people that I value a lot in my life.

No other response after that. It just bewildered me. After that point I was extremely hurt because I thought that I meant something to this person and he just dropped me so suddenly, like I meant absolutely nothing anymore. So I moved on. Now he starts texting again like nothing happened but I am done. You dumped his sorry butt. Move on with your life, you sound like a confident girl who has her act together. Keep focusing on yourself and your health and happiness and the right guy will come along.

My experience is…once they start acting up and being disrespectful, it is time to dump them. You are young…live it up! I played it cool but still could not help getting anxious at times. I need some major advice please!!!!! Okay long story somewhat short lol. Okay so throughout the breakup I made mistakes and texted him, told him why blah blah… but I stopped later.

I just LOL at it. So the past 2 months him and I have been talking just as friends. He would always repond to my texts which before he would ignore or cuss me out etc, and this is 3 year after the break up. I told him it great hearing from you and I hope our path cross… he replied saying God willing our paths do cross I really hope that.

So I just replied saying yeah. He than proceeds to say he is loving the way I live my life and he is envious and jealous. He agreed and said he would find time. Hours went by nothing. I told my friend, she took his number and called private without me knowing: The next morning he text saying hey, I replied with hi 2 hours later. He wrote how are you feeling, 2o min later I said pretty good. I am really sad because I care so much for him, and am his friend and had faith he would be a MAN and just not play this game of hot and cold anymore… we are just friends.

So will he ever text me? Because I secretly do want to hear from him again??? Why does he do this? Please help, my heart is broken again. I been hurting for almost 4 year becouse of this guy… this is a long long long story that is very condense. He is kind of a jerk, obivosly a player since he left to find a sex buddy.

He says I am a great friend and that he has love for me, but why alway do this? First of all, let me say that I hate texting period. Months later he text me out of the blew just to say hi, and kept it up for three days. Random texts saying Good morning or how are you.

I responded out of curiosity and basically said we should meet. After hooking up that one day, he did text me randomly through out the day. He actually did call, and expressed consistent interest.

To my shame, I accepted the apology and continued speaking to him, thinking I was practicing the high ideal of forgiving and moving on. Well, just a few days before Christmas he did it again, no word from him on Christmas day, and for several days after. I am going throgh an something like this too: Sounds like my ex!! Last I heard from him he had moved to Ohio to have his mama take care of him as well as hiding from some girl who was 4 months pregnant!!

So me and this guy have professed our love for each other numerous times over the past 4 or 5 years. This summer we saw eachother for the first time in 4 years and our feelings were still there and more so than ever before.

When I came back home to America, we messaged on Facebook for days, then all of a sudden he stopped responding Facebook is our only mode of communication. I kept messaging him and he kept telling me he was busy, but then I saw on Facebook he was on and talking to other people.

Sometimes I wish us women were not built to be constantly ruled by our emotions — especially when it comes to men. There are times when a guy has hurt me so bad, that it feels even worse then when someone close to me has died.

I respect what the author of this article is saying here. But the point is that most women are not wired in such a way that we can just be unreactive and assume a guy really likes us if he is not doing enough to show it.

We cannot switch off the hormones and become like men. I have always assumed that if I guy really likes you then he will show it. If he really cares for you and wants to be with you then he will be. No games, no man cave, no messing around. From reading a lot of the comments here, I feel as though most of the guys in question are not ready to be in committed relationships — otherwise why would they be prepared to lose a good woman? Please let us not let men of the hook.

A relationship — whether in the early or later stages is about two people making the effort to make it work, not just one. I feel like many of the men who behave this way are immature or players, and not at all ready to date like adults.

We are women, as much as we try it is difficult to just switch off the hormones and become like men. Playing these emotional mind games gets tiring, and sometimes I just want a guy to be a man for once and stop toying around with my emotions making me cry and feel bad about myself. It is so time consuming and it seems like most guys now a days that is what they are focused on doing. I have a job to go to, classes to attend, other crazy people that I have to deal with as friends and co-workers- the last thing I need is some wacky love interest that keeps me guessing high and low does he like me or not?

I totally agree with you. Life is too short to be playing games. I wish men would be straight forward. You either like a girl or you dont, dont lead her on. Thankyou, yeah, i wuz startting to freak out, but your right just think of it in a good, i guess. Im only 15, but i can still see, how the texty texty thing does get annoyNG after a while: But I also know I am crazy organized and over analyze so this article really helped in thinking hey stop getting crazy over a little text.

So thanks great artilce. I need to calm down haha. The other guy messaged me and we started to and exchanged numbers he gave me his i messaged him as he asked for me to let him know i had recieved it. Well we was meant to meet up last week friday however said that he had to go work in the evening but still wanted to come and see me which i thought was sweet i gave him a time to meet however he never showed i waited for 30 mins in the rain i might i ADD and when i called there was no answer i think i called bout 5 times as i got worried and texted him which i know he read as i have delivery reports on my phone?

So i am having a huge guy problem. This guy is a delivery guy that comes in to our store tues-thurs. It all started when i wrote my number on his cup and the next day he texted me.

We were texting for awhile , then all of a sudden he just stopped talking and ignored me at work. ANyways, couple months later he started talking to me again at work. Then one day he told me he got a new phone and gave me his new number and asked me to text him. I texted him like a few days later and he replied, but then he stopped replying after awhile.

He has done that multiple times now. THen he would come in and ask me to hang out but he never texts me. And when i text him first, he replies but then he suddenly stops replying. I am really annoyed and frustrated with him. I dont know if he is ignoring them or if he actually didnt receive them. FB seems to ruin relationships too often.

If he asks to friend you, just tell him how you feel uncomfortable doing so. Thank you soooo much for this!! Great words of advice as well! Definitely helped me put things into perspective, and feel ALOT better. So i have been talking to this guy that i met and he is really sweet he does t like a lot of drama so we have a lot in common, but since he found out that i wasnt the age he thought i was he had kinda been avoiding me… And to add on my friend has been telling him stuff about me that is negitive… Should i be mad at her and should i stop talking to him????

I think I read this too late. Been dating a guy for a couple months, nothing serious. I was playing it cool, Im not a very clingy person generally.

We initiated equal amounts of communication, he asked me out on all our dates but one, the last one, where I asked him if he wanted to hang out.

The day after our last date he text me in the morning and that evening and then nothing. Anyway, he saw me out at the weekend which was only 2 days after my last text to him and he just stood and stared at me before leaving the club. Or did I act too soon and he thinks I called it off lol? I know this entry was a while ago, but I think you handled yourself well.

Was it a miscommunication or had he lost interest and was playing games when he saw you in the club? Gives by far the best advice and a great perspective to think from. Just playing it cool. I really, really like him. This is a brilliant suggestion! Thank you so much for this advice! I have been taking it an my life is so much less painful now. All you can do is control your reactions and choices. So I met this guy in school and we became friends and I started to like him as more than a friend.

Then this summer, we started hanging out outside of school and the first time we hung out alone he kissed me. We hung out once a week for the next month and texted pretty often. Then 2 weeks after the first date he came over to my house and introduced himself to my family. Then the day he got home from his trip he texted me asking if I could hang out, which I thought was sweet because he wanted to see me the day he got back.

Is this a bad sign? So, my friend set me up with this guy and we started texting for like a week and it was great. So then we went to the movies and afterwards he wanted to get wendys and we walked some trails with our food and then sat watching the stars…Perfect night! Haha…anyway at the end of the night he asked for my number and kissed me. He said he had a great time and wanted to grab a drink next week…so he said he would text me the next week and I heard from him Tuesday…he asked if Thursday was good…so come Thursday I go and we have a great time…but oops…we slept together.

This happens to me too! Met a great guy, seemed really keen, texted me for the first 2 days, then one every four days, but he would ask i was and then not reply? But the worst part is he asked me for drinks, i said yes, and it has been 6 days and no reply. We kissed, gone all the way actually, had some really great conversations since we have a lot in common.

Should I be patient and wait, or just cross him out? What do you think is going on? Today he gave me his number over Facebook and I texted him. I k ow he S interested in me because he complimented me. Maybe he was just trying to be nice. You do not want to come off as needy so just go on with life. If he wants to talk to you he knows where to reach you. Ok so I just stumbeled on to your blog and what ive read so far has been relly insightful. So im relly hoping you will take your time to help me out because i have a problem thats been driving me nuts the past 6 months.

So theres this guy I met at a club and we hit it of instantly. We only ha d three real dates but we met all the time anyways because we have alot of mutual friends. During this time he would introduce me to all hos friends, who obviously knew who i was and he even wanted meet his dad. I tryed not to make a big deal out of it, and one night he asked me to come over, so I did, and it was the first night we slept together.

Afterwards I asked him what had been up lately and he tells me that he started dating his ex again. After that things got even wierder. Now he wouldnt even say hi. He would just give me the stinkeye. So finally i decided to make peace with him and we decided to be friends again. The thing is i never lost my feelings for him. Since we became friends hes texted me a couple of times. Its very seldom and he has stoped answering in the middle of the conversation every time.

Once he wrote a flirty text at 3 am so i think he was going to bootycall me, although i didnt respond. I never text him because it feels unapropriate but i dont understand why he keeps texting me.. So my question is, do i still have a chance?

He and his ex never got back together as far as i know. He did almost the exact same thing as your guy did. It makes me wonder what the heck did I do to give him the idea that I would fall for his cheap moves. Have you confronted him about your feelings? Confront him, he needs a little slap in a face.

My point is, do you really want him back after all that his done to you? I know for myself that the smartest way to do is to forgive and forget even if I still want him so bad. We were kindy mates. Recently, he added me on Facebook. We chat a lot and he even asked for my number.

My ex broke up with me because I am short. I should not have told him about it. So i met this guy hes 14 years older then me and So wonderful I am 24 almost..

I dont know what i did to run him off should i just let it be for awhile? Let me know Please. Most men 38 years old ARE married. So he may be seeing a lot of younger women casually but would be more interested in dating someone closer to his own age that he has more in common with.

My situation is unique because my boyfriend is currently a two hour flight away from me. The weird thing is that this is easier for me too. And i was pissed. So i asked him, calmly, if anything had changed. He insists nothing has. And i feel better. I see him soon.. Seen this guy for a month, we text for 3 weeks beforehand 30 times to each other a day, first week I saw him 3 times, then twice the secodn week, each time him asking me, third weeks once as he was working late but always text me when he was leaving work, fourth week one week and he was as normal as anything, we slept together third week but did other things at end of 2nd week and fourth week but then last Tuesday he has just been completely ignoring me, we send each other pictures and he has even ignored them even though he told me the Friday before he loves getting them and they turn him on so much.

Long story short i had broken up with my ex a week ago. And this guy i like added me on fb and thats how we pretty much started messaging back n forth. He started talking to me a week before i broke up with my ex. And no this guy was not the reason i broke up with my ex. But he definitely helped me open my eyes. I knew he liked me. Judging by the responses from others and Eric I know what I must do. I think all those are cop outs, I think we are all very desperate women seeking answers and comfort for the bad behavior of the men we care for.

In my mind although I like Paul so much he is not worth the heartache, stress, pain and uncertainty. It has been almost 2 weeks since we last communicated. This makes me so sad I feel like giving up on love completely, I think its better to spare myself the pain, it hurts too much.

I really thought he was the real deal, I even introduced him to my family after an appropriate time, they liked him and he seemed to like them. Why would he just vanish. The last time we talked he said he was busy and I said ok. I assumed that seeing as he was the one that cut the conversation short due to whatever he was busy doing, he should be the one to call or text me when he was finished being busy. What do you guys think I should do? I feel the same way about closure. If you feel that you need to confront the situation in order to move on then you should.

I think you deserve an explanation. That will just make you feel awful and will play games with your head. I have been there. It will be hard but you need to realize your self worth. Hi Vanessa thank you for responding, the bastard contacted me the very next day after I first posted here.

He was apologetic and full of excuses, apparently he had family issues and a bunch of stuff which I confirmed to be true. However that does not excuse his behavior and the fact that he was in a bad situation regarding lawsuits etc and he did not tell me shows that he does not trust me or feels he can confide in me. He has moved into my neighborhood, 10 mins away from my house to show that he is committed to making things work and desperately wants me to give him a chance.

He now has a 45 minute commute to get to work. I did not ask him to move into my neighborhood he did it all on his own, much to my surprise. He bought the airline tickets for the Caribbean getaway but I basically told him to return the tickets because I am not going away with him.

I am not ready to be intimate with him at all and going away to a romantic Island with him will probably make him think that if he does his disappearing act again wooing me with gifts or whatever will make me take him back. The pain I felt when he disappeared is still with me. The fact that he is back in my life did not make me forget, I am so torn.

This is exactly what happened to me. And, what did I do about it?? What I did last May 1, ugh I hate how I still remember the dates! I annoyed him throughout the whole day. I showed him how it really upset me, but to some limits, I still have my dignity on. At the end of the day, he called me. Everytime he texted me after that happen, I still ended up flirting with him a little. I think I just lost my point… Oh here it is!

The most important thing is that you have an explanation or some sort of closure to that certain issue you have and you can move on from there. Sure, it might… but also, it might not. This article and site has allowed me to reclaim my sanity.

I was tling to this guy for about a month or so and broke up wif him cuz wht I was told. About him such as how he would. Tlk to other girls b now I c how much I realy like. So I texed him and he was realy sweet it almost seemed like we were thogether again he even textt me and asked me if he was going too c mee tonight. And we tlk till he got done geting ready and he told me he was coming so I texed him and. I have also been in a relationship for over 3 years with a different guy we will call T , whom I met after meeting M.

Anyways, dated T with no hiccups for 3 years. We were in the process of breaking up when I stumbled on M again after all these years. See M and I always were attracted to each other, yet never acted upon those emotions. So Naturally seeing each other after years brought about a new burst of familiar emotion. We have an obvious physical and sexual attraction and We could not keep our hands, eyes or minds off each other.

We decided to start dating. This was May 5th, , we have been dating for over a month now. We mutually agreed to not have sex until at least 90 days.

I have spent the night at his house and we have fooled around but no sex. Last weekend we had plans to hang out on Saturday and he stood me up. I saw him the next day and he swore he would make it up to me, he was so sorry and blah blah blah. I have not talked to him since Friday night and I will not be calling him at all whatsoever. My question is WTF happened?? I thought abt wht you said and i been so busy lately i have my sons pretty much all this summer i think right now might not b the right time for a relationship.

You completely made me feel soo much better and thank you for making my day too: Really nice to hear from you. I met this guy, we talked for a little while and later that day he was all ready texting me. We have been texting back and forth for like a month now. Our talks did get a little deep and we got to the point where we trusted each other. I sometimes did have the feeling that he liked me because he asked me to the prom and said that he wanted to go for dinner with me and my friends.

He also said he considered me very pretty and that i would make his days happier. Is he expecting me to be the one to talk first or is he just not interested in me anymore? Also, does he like me or does he just want a friend to talk to? I dont like this guy, I am just really looking forward to his friendship because I recently lost my best guy friend and I feel I have a lot in common with this new friend.

I would just move on. He already told you that he liked another girl. He probably liked the attention. Put yourself in the shoes of another girl who may be going out with him. Wait, I just read that again. He said that you would make his days happier and yet he also told you that he likes some other girl and thinks about her everyday? So I met this really cute guy at my friends party. He got my number from my friend and texted me a week later.

We texted like 2 weeks. I mustve sent him like 3 texts during those times and he was like yea ive been really with school work and sports. But 3 weeks is a long time! Or do you think he really is busy and he might posibly like me? Just pick up the phone and call him. Chat, get to know him. I worried that he was not into me after not hearing from him for 2 days.

I understand this man perfectly. He is a player. I went on with life. Although, he was on my mind the whole time. I will never tell him that. Tired of the games fellas. I really enjoyed reading this article because I just went through something similar to this recently and was left confused which is why I was doing some internet research.

Well a couple days later I get a text from him because my friend had given him my number and we went out for happy hour i believe this was a date because he paid and then we went back to his place and watched a movie and fooled around a little bit before he took me home. The next couple days we texted each other quite a bit not enough to be distracting or life consuming but enough to know that we were interested in each other.

This only lasted for a couple days and then all of a sudden our texts became very minimal to the point of no more texts. Do most guys do this? I still believe there are good men out there where that is not the case but just communicate differently. I believe he is a stand-up guy and mature.

The next day I texted that I would like to see him and he made other plans thinking I would be gone. I am going to give him space for a week but my question is after that week is there any reason to keep waiting? Yes, but what happens when he calls every week? Two great dates…no reason not to expect another one…but at the end of the date I made the mistake of telling him I like him. Then I received Text silence…so I would text him.. So it has been two weeks.

He started treating me as a friend. But it was my fault too…. Also I notice if i dont send my intitial good mornin babe text by 11am…He is calling saying whats goin on how come you havnt texted me…I been waiting lol. Which was a huge relief. I was waiting on him to text 1st that time. Let him come to you. He will wonder were you are ; Its good to put a little space in between you and him. So he can miss you and then when he finally calls or comes to you welcome him with open arms. Best advice i have found on the internet so far reguarding this issue.

I completly agree with the last responder to this artcile as I often worry way too much over everything as well. The only problem I have is that we go to seperate schools and live 15min away from one another, so that obviously makes me more pair-annoyed… But after reading this, I feel pretty good about the situation. Whenever we are with our group of friends, we mix with everyone yet still have some fun between us and flirt, so I think I need to stop worrying about it as much as I have been.

Thank you so much for this response, it has really helped me and I feel much better! I just want to thank you so much. Friends can only do so much reassuring but your article really opened my eyes, it makes perfect sense and I wish I had known about it sooner. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I even feel more confident about the situation.

So thank you again for your words as you have pretty much changed my view on my situation. Before you text him…. I usually text a few times a day, or once every few days if things are busy. After that he did text first a few times, and asked me out. Psychologists say it takes several months for people to show their true personality. Although if i were nasty to my fiance when he returned.

Just go with your gut. Carry on with your life. It will be great with or without the man you worry about but, only if you allow it. When did it become okay to just leave people hanging? And, better yet, when did it become YOUR fault for being concerned that a person left you hanging? OMG thank you sooo much for this article! This makes me feel so much better and puts a smile on my face: My boyfriend broke up with me in march but, he said he wanted to gain back my trust so we stayed friends.

After awhile he got of us talking he started flirting with me and i flirted back, a couple days later his friend texted me and he found out and asked me a bunch of questions about it. He started getting super jealous for some reason and would talk about me n him but, just recently he has been ignoring me alot and i dont know why personaly.

So im wondering what would be going through his mind or his feelings about me and why he is ignoring me? Why did he lose your trust? Not all guys can handle women who have male friends. No one can tell you what is in his mind or what his feelings are — you have to ask him yourself. He always had initiated the texts and calls and I am unsure if I should text or call him.

I had my man vanish on me too. I did the whole freakout. Going to his house, leaving gifts, sending letter…. I changed my thinking, started doing things that made me happy. Nearly 2 months later, he showed up. If you believeit will work out, it wil. You have to truely believe it whole heartedly and the alignment will happen. Just stay optimistic, busy yourself and you will be surprised. I like this reply. This guy I have seen, unfortunately only casually, had been ignoring my texts now when I ask if he would like to get together.

He used to reply a few days later at times, now not at all. In my mind he is just really busy, he lives an hour and a half away, so that makes it hard. I am going to try to remain positive, and try to keep the positive energy. My intuition told me that May will work out better for seeing him, so I am hoping that is for real. With the work he is doing, things slow down, maybe even wind down soon. Please help here — this is a lil complicated, but i will summarize met dude — had great time — he asked for my number n i gave it — and he txt me for the next four days in a row, then slacked off, no biggie — i know he works crazy hours, but when he slacked too much and still hasnt tried to ask me out a month later i just straight asked him to be honest and let me know if he was really interested cause i appreciate that more and i admit bein confused.

What should i do? He is the diamond in the rough, and im just so glad i was patient with this despite my over-thinking. You are so lucky!! Just out of curiosity…. How long did your man take to finally figure things out? So — i think this is the best response i can offer. But then what immediately follows is the -oh no, can it last, does he reciprocate, did i do something wrong- blah, blah, — bad negative thoughts when he takes a few days away from txting or seems to not meet up.

Solution — first, stop the negative thinking, im telling u it effects the outcome of, well, everything in your life. Second, i dont know about you — but i like me, and i enjoy my life and friends and i dont want to lose that to a potential partner — this is the big one, cause neither do men.

So you should create the same balance in the beginning as you would have in the middle of any partnership. Time together, time apart — even from txts n calls sometimes. And i know thats difficult in the beginning when you just want them around, especially for assurance that it could be going somewhere. Please forget about this guy…if he comes forward later then great but let him come to you.

We women let these guys waste our time by keeping us dangling. Never let them be that comfortable with us…make them step up to the plate. If all women stopped putting up with guys crappy behaviour maybe they might change. He replied because he wanted to get back at you. A more passive person would simply have ignored your text message which can be very cold and painful, too! You might find it more helpful to consider why you were teasing him.

Do you like the power of it? Does it help to check your insecurity? Thanks for this post! I strongly believe that any budding relationship needs a good dose of face-to-face time. What do you suggest I do about this thinking? Your situation is same as mine. Of course I have a hope that he would back to me, but maybe without him I would feel much better. I really enjoyed this article! The reason why I was doing a search on this subject was to honestly get some validation!

So he calls and I admit probably expectations to have just as good of a conversation-combined with probably just staying on the phone for shits sake, kind of made me realize it was getting to be too much too soon. He said that he would contact me within the next couple of days. So, what does he do. The very next day I get another text asking if I wanted to meet up later that evening. I responded and said that I was busy but maybe next week, then text back saying that maybe we can meet up tomorrow early evening.

Meanwhile, I think after only two telephone conversations it was too premature and personal. Am I doing something? Okay, how about this…I have been talking to this guy for about a week, and we have hit it off pretty well, we would text a lot, and Skype at night, to which he would play his guitar and just make me feel very special… I went to his house 2 days ago, and he was hugging me before I even got out of the car.

We went into his house, and his arm was around me as soon as I sat down… We listened to music he kissed me a couple times, but then I had to leave. We were on the phone the whole time I was driving… Then we texted, and got back on skype that night.

One more thing to add: I know that its hard to ignore the fact that he doesnt call or text but remember this: It is what it is and it aint what it aint. If he wants you he will call. He knows how to find you, he has all the contact information you need. You never should question whether or not a guy likes you because he will make it known. Eric Charles is amazing! You sound like a child, whining and pouting and calling everything stupid. Everyone reading your comments realizes that you are probably not that intelligent or successful at anything in life.

Is because english is my 4th language so is not that easy for me to express myself in english …nd read what u wrote is you who called me stupid, is you who insulted first i just answered your insult. Anyway success , english can be learned at any age but education, respect, class , manners is too late after a certain age. Now please stop replying me i m not interested in talking to people from your level. I started talking to this guy that I met at my job.

We hit it off pretty great. A lot in common, great conversation, similar personalities. We would text all of the time. We make plans to see each other, an official first date and he cancels because he has to work, which I understand. So, I go over the next night to his place to hang out and watch a movie. We laugh, kiss, get all cute and cuddly… It was like we just fit.

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