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Lonely lady looking real sex Beulah

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Twin Peaks - Wikiquote

Michelle took the question seriously. The couple turned to each other and locked lips. They had both seen this on TV and whatnot, so we quickly moved on to fellatio.

Michelle moved the two to the couch. The young girl sat, spread eagle while the guy knelt down next to her. Licking gently at first and running his fingers over her, he quickly began really going down on her, while the youngsters watched. Ryan nodded her agreement. This went on for a few minutes, Michelle pointing out what the right technique was, having him stop from time to time to further illustrate. Then it was the girls turn.

Sitting her companion down, she immediately took his cock in her hand, and put about half of it in her mouth, sucking. She sucked on it for about twenty or thirty seconds, at which point Michelle stopped them.

The girl continued while Michelle went on to explain the techniques of cocksucking. They even asked some questions. The technical term is ejaculate, but no one calls it that. Michelle giggled, rising from her place next to the couch. Truth to tell, I wanted Bella on her knees in front of me, sucking my member, but, alas, we all must eat.

Not to mention attend the opening ceremony. In more ways that one, I thought. Lunch was simple, yet somewhat elaborate. We were seated above the rest of the guests, high on a balcony so we could see everything going on but the guests would be unable to see us. Meats and cheeses of all kinds were placed in front of us and we ate and talked and drank and then the opening ceremony began.

The hall had been converted to allow a small rise and a rather large gathering. I did notice some familiar faces, however, including Angelina Jolie and her slave Brad, last years plaything, Dakota Fanning and her little love slave I forget his name and one of my favorites, Hunter Wryn more on her later , apparently minus a man-whore.

Onto the aforementioned rise a few people gathered, all higher ups in the society and then gentle, rather stately music. And then my mistress, Alyssa Milano, came out. We had chosen her gown together…and when I say gown, I really mean silver sequined, low cut, very tight, slightly see through dress from Balenciaga. She looked absolutely radiant.

She talked about the society and the importance Bacchus plays in the coming ceremonies. She told us about the new initiates, without actually using their names and then lit the flame of fertility, starting the celebration for real.

The crowd cheered and then we all went on eating. All of except Ryan. She was the only person at the table who had not met my mistress. I smiled at her familiar voice, her very presence. Are you girls settling in ok? The classes ok so far? It was the most amazing experience of my life.

I only wish I had been as pretty as you. Pay attention and your experience may surpass my first. I think this will be a Bacchanalia to remember. I could see the outlines of her nipples and, even now, after all of these years, I felt my tool stiffening slightly. Once she had disappeared down the stairs, Ryan blurted out that not only was she really pretty, but she was really nice as well.

A few minutes before we finished, we started a revealing conversation. It was said to Bella but everyone else had been talking and this had been a conversation stopper.

Ryan looked a little flustered that everyone was now focusing on her, but explained. Is that considered a fetish, I mean, if you like that? I was never circumcised. Michelle sat back on the couch and asked if the girls had any other questions before we once again got started. My eyes lingered on the girls, all of them. Of course, Ryan and Bella had completely flat chests and no pubic hair at all.

Dani, while large breasted for a 13 year old, also had no pubic hair. I suspected she shaved for the event. Michelle, with her rather large breasts, had only a small patch of pubes. Out came Hayden Panettiere and her little love slave, a dark skinned satyr Latino, maybe? She waved at the sisters and I knew that they had all be introduced to one another at some point in their short careers.

Michelle glanced in my direction and I moved to the back of the room. I hit two switches, turning on the cameras. There was now no way anything could happen in the room without it being filmed.

Heterosexual and homosexual, both gay and lesbian. Pay attention and, as I said, masturbation is a natural thing. Hayden began by reaching back and loosening the strap on her dress and letting her amazing, 16 year old breasts out of their confinement.

The boy immediately began sucking on them and the former child star moaned lightly. Still standing in the back, I began to get hard as I watched Hayden reach into his pants. By then, however, the boy was reaching down, removing the rest of his blond mistresses dress. Void of underwear, he started fingering her. Glancing over, I briefly watched Dani full on fingering herself. The other girls had not noticed this, but Ryan, clearly aroused, did have her hand between her legs.

Bella, for her part, had turned her head and was looking back at me. Or, more precisely, my erection. I smiled a her and, with a slight nod of my head, indicated she was supposed to be learning something.

She smiled back and turned back around. Just thinking about Bella thinking about me got my cock even harder and I began stroking it as, with a wicked smile on her face, Hayden took her little under aged lover in her mouth. This went on for a few minutes, Hayden showing us the virtues of fellatio, when Michelle rose and whispered to the boy. She left them and came to sit close to where I was, indicating I should sit next to her.

I did so, still stroking my member, and watching as Hayden rose, put the boy in a sitting position and then sunk down on his cock. I played with her tits a little Christ, what tits! Perhaps a standing position would be warranted now? Mitch had risen at this point, circling the room and watching Ryan play with herself. Her eyes met mine and then glanced back down at Ryan, signaling that I should watch the little girl. I smiled at her and then she tilted her head again. It was show time for us.

I rose, my semi-hard cock just hanging there, and joined Michelle half way, meeting at the couch where Hayden and her little fuck buddy were doing the deed. We sat the two girls between us, with Hayden still getting fucked hard. She then told them that we, Michelle and myself, were to be their partners.

He was a good cocksucker. At this point in the lessons, I should have said no, since this part was supposed to be about homosexual sex, but then again… In addition, in the few seconds it took me to decide what I should answer, Bella, sitting next to Michelle and watching the action between the two girls, began to take part herself, not even bothering to ask. I enjoyed the sensation for a moment and then got an even better treat.

The little slave boy began taking my balls in his mouth. The two really went at at and watching them really began affecting me. It would be bad to cum this early in the day, but if this kept up….

She had about an inch of so of me in her mouth, sucking on my cock head when she stopped. The girl complied, sitting on some cushions next to the couch, and Mitch and I sat next to each other on the couch. I watched the girls briefly and then signaled the satyr to rise. As he faced me, I grabbed his sex and stroked him back a forth a few times and then spun him around and positioned him in front of me.

Spitting on my hand a little to lube him up, I placed the head of my cock against his anus and pushed. Perhaps Hayden has other passions, I thought. He gave a slight yelp, but it was barely audible. I smacked him on the ass for it, however, and drove my cock into him to the hilt.

I began thrusting inside of him, back and forth, and watched the two girls watch me. They seemed uninterested in Hayden and Michelle entirely. I winked at them even as I rammed into the kid and they seemed awestruck. That was what I wanted. I had no interest in cumming just yet and I knew how good I was. I rose a little, stretching the boys anus a little and he whimpered, already on the verge. This, I was good at. My cock was in him completely, all the way to the hilt, my balls slapping against him and I could feel the pre-cum on my hand.

I stroked faster and then he erupted, yelling as he did so. Semen erupted from his teen cock. Michelle looked as if she was having a great time. Even the girls were now playing with themselves, legs spread eagle and touching their privates. I glanced up at Dani as I pulled my cock out and watched her in her last few seconds of orgasm, thrusting three fingers up her twat.

She had her head tilted back, her chest thrusting out those gorgeous tits. I watched and remembered what a beautiful pussy she has, thick, full labia and large clit. We watched for a few seconds more as the Hayden finished Michelle. Miss Trachtenberg, for her part, was cumming along quite nice, moaning loudly and pinching her nipples as she got finger fucked.

Once she climaxed, we toweled off and Michelle and I emphasized the importance of cleanliness, both before and after sex. We illustrated by washing each other off in the make shift shower in the back of the room. The girls used it next, piling in and laughing and playing as they washed off the sweat and cum.

Hayden and her little boy lover used it after that and we illustrated what can sometimes happen in the shower when they once again began fucking. Michelle spent a little of our time talking about diseases and what to do, and not do, in the outside world none of these things mattered here; everyone who attended a Bacchanalia was throughly screened and tested for HIV, herpes, and, well, everything , while I watched Hayden dry off. She caught me watching her and laughed one of her delightful laughs.

He has quite the cock. Michelle was finishing up on condoms when I once again joined the discussion. Ryan raised her hand once Mitch finished. We had about an hour left, and Michelle filled up the time going into detail about this mornings earlier discussion, fetishes.

I was the person who put the handout together. With so many rooms on the premises, I knew instructions would be a great help. The girls ran through the list a few times. I read over the sheet myself, taking note at the diversity. I had personally approved this list, but I always marveled at how truly fucked up some of the fetish rooms were.

And, I have to admit, thinking about these two in any one of these rooms got me excited like no other. I always arrange something special for the Pedo room.

Finding the Bukkake DVD, Michelle popped it in and suddenly we were watching the best of last years Bukkake room on the large screen. One of the HUGE cocks. We watched for a few more minutes and then we popped in the Scat DVD. Bella kept mentioning it and we figured maybe she oughta know about wherein she speaks. I filed that away while Michelle found the leather DVD. Only the purists actually fuck in the leather room. Dress there and then go torture someone in the next room.

Good eye, I thought. The camera was focusing in on Jennifer Lopez, fucking two guys, both of whom were not her husband. She wore a very flattering leather harness that showed off her tits extremely well, even though she was sandwiched between two guys, and a pair of, seemingly, crotchless leather panties.

We talked about it this morning. I looked a little closer. I thought Dani knew everyone by now. I only smiled as Mitch popped in the DVD. She had been sucking some young satyr off. The camera panned, showing how truly packed the room was, and then arrived on a little foursome, Annasophia Robb 12 , Julia Winter 13 and Carly Owen 10 all doing a twenty-something man slave.

Carly was riding his prick while Anna was sitting on his face and Julia was behind her, kissing her neck and fondling her miniature tits.

This, I think, got Bella thinking. The anal room was just as busy as the pedo room. Men, women, boys and girls were milling around, wanting a piece of ass…any piece of ass. The camera focused on Amy Smart doing a young boy of perhaps 11 years of age with a bright pink strap-on. The thing popped out for a second and we could see the thing had huge ridges and bumps near the head of it. Then, back in it went and the camera was once again searching the crowd. It stopped at nineteen year old Emmy Rossum, who had quite an interesting situation going on.

A very nice combination. It was now my turn to speak. Her sister was always a lot more enthusiastic. She and Jamie-Lynn were always the best when they were together in the incest room. Together, they were always a mind blowing fuck. Michelle then finished the remainder of her basics course this time touching on, of all things, dining etiquette and, while we all dressed, she told the two girls, minus Dani, what their duties would be for tonights ceremonies.

Once we were sure they knew their roles, we headed to dinner. Unlike the light lunch we had partaken of, dinner was quite the production.

It was a banquet worthy of an army. And not a small army. The dining hall was crammed with as many tables as our guests could fit without being unreasonably crowded. The hall even opened up into the garden, with tables halfway out the giant double doors.

I had helped with this part and getting everyone seated in this venue was quite a feat. We had decided on eco-friendly cuisine, everything organic and fresh. Otherwise, the guests had 6 different meals to choose, two of them for vegetarians and vegans. My mistress was right. If I may say so, I had thought of everything! In addition to the food, there were several bars now throughout not just the dinner hall but the mansion itself.

Liquor was everywhere and it seemed hard to find a person who did not already have a glass or bottle in their hand. We had assigned the Nestlings to the front of the dining hall, seated at the table closest to the small rise where the officiation would occur. As always in celebrations like these ones, many of the tables had faces that were very recognizable. I always try to seat people together, if possible, if they know each other, as we did with the Sports Illustrated models.

And since Jessica Beil and her 16 year old co-star, Mackenzie Rosman, came with two boy toys each, I made sure they had their own table.

In addition, and only a table away from us, was the Little Miss Sunshine table. Sitting closest to me was Lauren Shiohama, the knockout who played Miss California in the film. She was a newer addition, brought into the society just a few years ago, and a terrific fuck.

On her left was Abby Breslin, last years star initiate. She had been a fantastic addition and had shown herself worthy in the initiation process.

Be gracious, but flirty. Do whatever she asks. The hall quieted down quite a bit and she continued. Such a beautiful smile! A small throne is behind her, on the rise, but placed back enough so as to give my mistress room to wander a little. Once the laughter died off, she spoke again. At the end of it, we all repeated three brief prayers to Bacchus and then my mistress called the girls up. They rose from out table, walked to the rise and presented themselves.

Applause rumbles through the hall and for the first time it really hits me how many people are here. How many people have come to see this ceremony. Over the years, growth had been pretty steady, but the last two years the society had exploded.

In any case, at that point, both girls turned, took my mistress by the hand and led her to the modest throne behind her. She sat and, smiling at her under aged guests, kissed each one in turn, deep, open mouthed kisses.

The girls responded, kissing their priestess back and when they were finished, turned to face the crowd. As they peered out into the crowd, my mistress began undressing the little girls. Ryan had a really pretty smile on her face, but Bella was looking directly at me. I winked at her and she smiled broadly. I got an immediate hard-on and even flushed a little, I think. This was not repeated, but instead met with cheers.

At this point, two things began happening. First, the true dining began. Food was ushered into the hall according to the orders of the patrons and everyone began eating. Second, my mistress began truly fondling the girls in front of her, kissing them, making love to them in the way only a priestess of Bacchus could. This was our dinner theater. Dani unzipped my pants under the table and gave me a brief, but nice, handjob before our dinner came.

And then we ate. We both commented periodically on the performance going on in front of us as we ate and I told Dani I thought Bella was going to have many of the traits she had exhibited over the years. And then her eyes lit up. And she knew right where to touch me so it felt sooooo good. Ten minutes later the gong went off, signaling the end of the dinner festivities and the beginning of the REAL festivities. We walked up to the Nestling room, dodging people all the way. Their boy-slaves and I mean BOY slaves…both had kids barely meeting the age qualification…I knew how much both loved the Pedo room were standing there, waiting to be used.

Reaching the classroom, Mitch immediately began touching on the basics in a hurried manner. Emerging from the makeshift classroom that we had just entered ten minutes ago, it was as if there was a new world happening. People had spread out all over the mansion, many of whom were only in the barest form of clothed.

Some were forming in groups along the hallway talking or laughing, others standing outside the doors of rooms, watching the festivities. A little threesome was forming in one alcove and clothes were beginning to fly. We passed the same way we had come up only minutes ago, floating down the stairs and watching the last vestiges of the dinner we had attended. They were hurriedly taking down the tables and chairs and laying down mats, blankets, pillows, rose petals, whatever, on the floor.

This, I knew, would be the orgy hall. On our way down, we once again passed Erica and Kaylee. The redhead was now, however, on her knees. She was sucking the cock of the boy I had been interested in. I nodded at Erica I know her, just not terribly well and hung back a tiny bit, letting my girls pass me. I was going to have to have him. I thought about that for a second. I think, just to see how freaky I was. That way, nothing would surprise me later.

The girls looked at each other and shrugged a little shrug. There was a pretty blond bent over it, snorting a line of the coke. And, man, did we have drugs! What had Hunter Thompson once said? Also a quart of tequila, quart of rum, case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyl. Once you start a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as hard as you can. Finishing the line, the blond came up for air. Jesus, Bella, are you old enough to be here?

We assured her Bella was old enough and found the Trannie room. We stepped in the room and watched for a moment. The Trannie room was almost always filled with regular people and this year it was no different. With only two exceptions, the only action here were bi-sexual men getting it up the ass from some dominant Trannie with a man body and too much hair in the wrong places. The two exceptions were a couple of Trannies going at it quite vigorously and 15 year old Emma Roberts getting it on with a very pretty Post-Op.

And she was right. Between her legs, I mean, besides her hand, was a large strap-on dildo. I had the feeling we were going to see a real show. Ryan was getting my attention.

I rose and touched Michelle on the shoulder. She WAS their teacher. A topless Grace then went over to one of the lockers and pulled out an outfit that seemed to be exactly her size. Opening it, I pulled out my custom job and sat next to Ryan. These are two exceptions that make the rule. I stood up and dropped my pants and stepped into my harness. Belting in, I was in a leather harness that exposed my cock and balls but that ended in a cock ring. Putting on my leather collar, I was finished.

Her little outfit ran up her torso in a complex pattern, but exposed her tiny nipples and, of course, her crotch. And it was the perfect size! The main room, as usual, was quite elaborate, decorated with a Victorian motif and extremely expensive furnishings. On said furnishings was where all the action was happening. As we entered, on our left a woman was being spanked by a pretty brunette.

I noticed both women had butt plugs inside them, more likely one that vibrated in tandem with the smacks. I glanced over to where she was looking and saw a set of couples up on a table. One, a satyr with a huge cock, was strapped to a table and his mistress was sucking him off. Inches away from them, the second couple, two women, was watching some porn on the big screen TV while one fingered the other. And then this gorgeous little girl was sucking cock. I admired the sight for a few seconds and then joined her, coming up from behind her and touching her bare ass.

Suck on it like it was a lollipop. I gave him my best cocksucking treatment and then allowed the young girl to try again. I observed her skill for a few moments, watching her even try to deep throat the guy.

She gagged and I reminded her what Michelle had said about it. Flatten your tongue and just do it. Maggie Grace, of Lost fame, was standing on the stairs, wearing nothing but leather boots and a riding crop, getting eaten out by a pretty little redheaded girl.

The redhead, probably around 11 or 12, also wore nothing but a leather collar to which was attached a length of chain. She was on her knees, sucking and licking pussy and seemingly sending Maggie into fits.

Ryan headed that way and I followed close behind. We passed a couple of guys who were thrashing a naked woman on a table with whips, the woman moaning each time a leather strap hit her.

She had her hand between her legs and she was dripping in sweat. Maggie leaned back and moaned loudly, apparently feeling another orgasm coming on due to the increased stimulation.

When Maggie opened her eyes, she and Ryan kissed. I knelt down to watch and was pleased to see that while the young girl was not necessarily a natural at deepthroating, she had real technique at sucking pussy.

And then it was. By this time, Ryan was on her back, really going at the pussy in front of her and rubbing her own little hairless cunt back and forth. I began by running the flogger up and down her legs. I got reaction with that and, because of this, I decided to begin whipping her. Very gently at first and only across her stomach, it was obvious that this was turning her on, so I continued, a little harder each time.

Ryan had found her niche. To my delight and amazement, Ryan Newman seemed to be born to be a little bondage whore! We had only been at this a moment or two when Maggie asked me to stop. Twenty seconds later, I was deep inside Miss Grace.

We, the two girls and I, had turned her around so she was facing the banister and I was doing her from behind. The little redhead took some time to recover by going to the top step of the stairs and masturbating as she watched. Maggie squealed a little when I lubricated my thumb with spit and put the first inch or so in her tight little bum. I stopped for a few seconds, still inside Maggie, and my stunning little 7 year old began sucking my exposed shaft, further stimulating me.

I started again, driving my black cock in as deep as it would go and then popping it out again so Ryan could suck the tip of it. I went at her again, this time with purpose, and I could feel Maggie experiencing orgasm as the two of us made mad love to her.

Her climax lasted a minute or two and then I told Ryan we should move on. We headed back down the stair where the couple we had played with before had changed places.

This time, the woman was bound on the table, a ball gag in her mouth and the man was smacking her tits with a small paddle. She seemed to love it. Ryan paused a second at the table, just long enough to kiss her right breast and ask the satyr if she could use the paddle.

Then, my little Ryan began mimicking the man, smacking the woman on her breasts before giving it back and once again moving on. Being virtually assaulted by a small threesome. Two women and a man had her on a table, one of the women, a girl really, no older than Dani herself, was between her legs, driving her tongue inside the 13 year old. Bella and Michelle were sitting in a couch about two feet away, kissing.

Ryan went to go sit with her teacher and her friend. I, on the other hand, approached Dani. Getting on the other side of her, I slid my hand up her torso, stopping a second to squeeze her rather substantial for her age tits. She stared at me and smiled when she realized it who I was. Just then, the second woman, this one in her late teens, joined us, kissing Dani passionately. I suddenly recognized her as beautiful Odette Yustman.

I watched as the two girls, in their own world now and ignoring the rest of us, got into a 69 position and began servicing one another. Dani was on top, so I moved to the side and began helping Odette get our barely-teen lover off, putting my tongue up her ass. When I backed off a little, Odette told me there was a butt plug on the table across the room. I only watched for a few more moments since, by this time, Miss Yustman was somewhere else entirely.

Seems the guy had began fucking her, letting his cock slip out only occasionally so Dani could suck him off. It was quite a sight, but I realized I was no longer required. The sex had really become raunchy now, the sounds of slapping bodies everywhere. I watched a few couplings and then edged my way back to the couch. The girls were all still just making out, kissing and fondling one another. I was thrown down on the couch and hands were all over me.

Michelle and Ryan held me down and began sucking my cock while Bella began kissing me passionately. I think she really likes kissing. The girls got out of the way when she arrived at where she was going.

Taking my cock in her hand, she gripped my length and then began sucking on my rod. And, apparently, Bella had really listened. To say she was sucking cock like a pro would be overstating it quite a bit; No eight year old sucked cock like a pro at the Bacchanalia.

But even with that, she was doing quite a job, fondling my balls with one hand while her tongue ran the length on my shaft, sucking on the side of it occasionally, savoring it. And then she attempted to deep throat it. And succeeded getting the first two inches or so down her throat before gagging.

Bella once again climbed me and kissed me deep. What you enjoy and want to learn about. We had left Dani to her own devices which she looked well able to handle on her own; when we left her, she was still being ravished, by this time by two men, on her hands and knees, one guy at each end of her and hit the Body Mod room.

The most interesting thing was, though, that the Scat room was just down the hall from the Body mod and I began to think this might be a way of getting Bella there. The minute we walked in we noticed an interesting little blond.

She was about 10 or 11 and seemed to be the love child of Lindsey Lohan and Brooke Shield. I mean, she had all the characteristics of both women and I wondered who she was. I caught sight of Ellen Page and immediately knew this little whore was hers.

She had a propensity for both young girls and piercings, so this was a natural conclusion. We said our hellos and then I realized what was happening. We spoke for a minute or so and I introduced the girls. We all looked over and Jacky just smiled and nodded. She was a beautiful little girl, again, looking a little like a young Brooke Shields crossed with a young Lindsey Lohan. She wore a loose fitting dress and had the most attractive freckles all over the bridge of her nose.

Young enough to have a flat chest, I guessed she was probably She seemed very agreeable and gave a little laugh when we continued to stare.

The little blond then rose from the chair and pulled her dress up over her head to reveal a magnificent sight. She wore nothing underneath the dress and between her legs, just above what were obviously pussy lips, hung a tiny little penis.

She had what is known as a Prince Albert, a piercing through the top of the glans, the head of the cock. I knew Ryan had been surprised by the penis, not the piercings, but I held my tongue. I noticed that Jacky also had a tongue ring and I asked her about it. The oral sex is so much better with it in. She demonstrated by reaching up and pinching both nipples. You could just discern that her breasts were beginning to sprout and I must admit to being extremely turned on. It had been many years since I had been with a hermaphrodite and never one this young.

We watched Jacky get her piercings and then I asked the girls if they wanted to get anything done, keeping in mind any kind of piercing or tats would take weeks to heal and would be painful. I think the idea of going through a painful procedure and being sore through the subsequent days of the Bacchanalia, was uninviting and, thus, turned down.

They did both, however, take me up on the idea of getting Henna Tattoos. Bella got a pretty little butterfly on her left shoulder.

Ryan, always one to upstage, said she wanted hers on her lower stomach and she wanted it of two people fucking. The artist was amused and did a particularly thorough job of it. He actually made a threesome, a guy fucking a cute little thing that looked a lot like Ryan while another girl that looked a little like Bella sucked on her tits.

As we headed out the door, Jacky hollered at us from across the room. Midnight was their bedtime. She walked us over to an alcove that was not taken and talked about hermaphrodites. She explained that sometimes people are born with genitals from both genders. It was very rare but it does happen.

She was right, of course. When the Bukkake versus Pedo argument cropped up, I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Every porn does it these days. A circle had formed in the center of the room and, with in the circle, quite a large number of men, black and white, young and old, all masturbating. Or being sucked off by a number of women and girls. The most famous was Natalie Portman. From here you could see she had been doing this a while. White globs of semen literally ran down her face and onto her naked body.

She had so much jism on and around her, I wondered where the rest of the men were. It seemed almost impossible that that much cum could come from the men in this room.

Two other girls caught my eye here. Both girls, under 12, were absolutely covered in semen. We walked to the circle of men and watched them masturbate for a few moments and then another guy came on Natalie.

He let go with a huge ejaculation, spraying the woman with large gunks of white shit all over her. She eagerly wiped some of it off her small tits and tasted it.

She did as I said and then I once again took her hand and we moved into the circle, a few feet from Natalie and right next to Cassandra. Ryan tried to say hi, but the young girl was oblivious, her body soaked in sweat and sperm, her long dark hair ratty and sticky.

I grabbed the first cock close to me and began sucking. She took it from me and began sucking. And then came the first torrent. She stopped what she was doing when he began cumming, semen spraying all over her face and chest. Another guy started just as the last guy finished up and before long, my little Ryan was drenched in the cum of four or five different guys. I watched the last guy cum on her and she smiled at me as we made eye contact.

Then, a little unexpectedly, the 7 year old scooted over to where I was a foot or so away and began sucking on my tool even as I sucked on a cock myself. A minute or so into it, I stopped her. The Pedo room is always the most elaborate and always the most popular. We had made sure that this was, outside of the Orgy Hall, the largest room of the mansion. Indeed, it was gigantic and adorning it with fountains and rugs and a dozen beds had not taken away from that.

That was not, of course, the reason most came to this room. I looked around and saw the reason most people came to this room. Everywhere, there were shocking acts of depravity. Threesomes, foursome, orgies, and all involving girls and boys of all ages. As we came through the door, we were assaulted by the sights: A little girl who was no more than 8 or 9 was locked in a 69 with a satyr who was roughly her age but incredibly endowed.

I only vaguely recognized the 16 year old. Another girl, this one a little older, maybe 10, was being fucked by a guy easily three times her age while a cute little thing, probably her friends age, watched them and masturbated.

She was fully clothed, minus her panties that were around her ankles and she had two fingers deep in her hairless little snatch. And then suddenly, a face I recognized. As all this took place, she continued sucking cock, owned by a satyr who looked as if he was barely legal age for a boy-slave in the Bacchanalia. We stopped for a second to watch this spectacle and then moved on, approaching the Willis sisters. Abby Breslin was getting it from both sides from her co-stars.

I spotted my mistress and we made our way over, across the room, past two very young girls sucking a very large black cock. Ryan stopped us, watching. I could see she was very eager to learn the art of deepthroating, which is what one of them, Ambrosia Kelley, the ten year old from the Kill Bill movies, was doing. The other girl, a pretty blond girl around the same age, I did not recognize. Ambrosia, though, had the guys cock entirely down her throat while the blond rubbed and sucked on his nuts.

By the time we reached my mistress, I had noticed how much use the sex swing was getting. Thirteen year old Whitney Lee had a tube top stuck around her midsection while Mandy Moore, a rather large strap-on attached to her, fucked her while she sat in the seat. My mistress called my name. My mistress was wearing only a long chain that ended clamped at both nipples and a pair of black leather boots. Lourdes wore nothing but a anal plug. From the look of it, it was a remote control vibrating anal plug, since my mistress had a small device in her hand.

As Lourdes pulled out the last bead, there was considerable resistance. The last bead was gigantic. Kneeling, I kissed both my mistress and Lourdes. I saw Lourdes flinch from the corner of my eye. My mistress rose and took my hand. The girls, all of them, followed. The satyr came all over the couples faces and my mistress suggested they relocate somewhere else a few moments later.

Then, laying me on the bed, she instructed the two young girls to begin. The seven and eight year old climbed onto the bed and, after kissing me feverishly, I watched the two of them kiss. Let me say this. There is nothing like seeing two pre-pubescent girls kiss deeply, their tongues dancing between them.

And then they began sucking cock. The sensations started a few moments later, just as I watched my mistress also climb onto the bed and begin fondling little Ryan, playing with her pussy. By the time Michelle got on the bed and offered up her pussy to me, sitting on my face, I was nearing what I knew would be a huge explosion. I could tell it was Ryan by the choking sounds she was making, but she did manage it, even if it was just to deepthroat me once.

They did keep after it, though, giving me a seriously decent cocksucking. Twenty seconds later, I was over the edge. When I finally opened my eyes, really coming out of it now, I witnessed Ryan and Bella climbing me, licking up the semen from my dark black belly and sharing the shit with a kiss. It was only then that I noticed that my mistress had been watching this whole time, her legs propped up on the bed and her hand between them, masturbating.

I smiled at her and then told the girls to share some of my spunk with her. Crawling over to her, the girls began making out with her, kissing and once again fondling. My mistress had some of my spunk on her left tit. Waking up after the first day of Bacchanilia is always a little surreal. Waking up in a strange place, beside strange people. Luckily, that was not to be my experience this morning.

An 8 year old and a 7 year old…. I woke with the rising sun and quickly jumped out of bed. So much to do, no time to do it! I gave the girls about a half an hour and then woke them. Too bad I had already showered. We would catch a little breakfast downstairs and then we would locate their parents. Larger than any three of us could ever see, it is comprised of a main building, a mansion, and a dozen smaller buildings. Due to the size, preparations for this location was a little more difficult and last minute plans needed to be ironed out.

Consequently, I was rather involved until well after the opening lunch. When I found the Nestling room around The big screen TV had on it a small orgy, a half dozen people fucking and sucking.

The woman at the bottom of all of this, a hermaphrodite, was really the one getting all the attention. Women and men alike were sucking her cock, licking her pussy, sucking her tits. A very nice DVD, overall. I glanced over and noticed Dani was back with us while Michelle continued. After a thorough description of the procedure and the purposes of it as well as a warning that they are not always comfortable , the girls moved over to the shower and Michelle administered the flushings.

This gave Dani and I a chance to talk. Even gave me a few ideas for the Pedo room when I first began the planning of everything. She has a flair for it. Ryan nodded her approval. But before I had a chance to accept the invitation, I heard a familiar voice from behind me. Of course, I was too. Rising to meet her, my mistress joined me, putting her arms around my waist, squeezing me to her. She wore nothing but a golden bikini top that was just a little too tight and a pair of leopard short shorts that were way too tight.

She looked fantastic, if a bit informal compared to last nights dress. Of course, I knew that tonight was about informality. Michelle had the girls disrobe and I rose, grabbing the plugs from the couch. My mistress followed me to the couch and sat down as I sauntered over to Bella and Ryan. She began fingering her beautiful cunt when I told Ryan she was first. I grabbed both of her legs and placed them against my chest so I could plainly see her little pussy and anus.

She nodded and I grabbed the lubricant. Placing a small amount on my finger, I spread the shit all over the plug. Then, getting a small little bead of the lube on the same finger, I moved it over her anal opening. She breathed in a little. Spreading the gunk all over her tiny opening, I watched her anus twitch ever so slightly in response to my finger.

And then even more. She was taking this anal plug up her ass like a pro, not even showing any sign of discomfort. When I began to feel a little resistance and her face changed ever so slightly, I told her everything was fine and just to relax. She smiled at me, relaxed, and the next thing I knew, the plug was completely inside her.

Without answering, she glided over to my mistress, walking a little funny, but otherwise as if nothing was amiss. She gave a little more resistance, but was a real trooper. I pinched one of her nipples as the last of the plaything moved into her and I think she almost came. She motioned to Bella and the girl joined the other two. And then play time was over. Michelle chuckled a bit at that and then began a more in depth study of anal sex, asking the girls if they had any questions about their devices.

Ellen had come with her and they had both entered through the side door, Ellen leading the girl with a chain that was around her neck. Erica Durrance and Kaylee DeFer were a little late, coming in almost ten minutes after Ellen and her pet had arrived. They were only here to watch. The real show would be between their Latino man- boy and the Herm. And then the show started. Jacky moved over to the couch and the 10 year old approached her.

They began by kissing and then, almost violently, the boy was ripping her clothes off. I was standing behind the girls, next to Dani. I could see that Dani was getting a little hot and bothered, touching herself underneath her shorts. Michelle joined the two of us and elbowed me lightly.

I felt up her ass and we kissed. Lou makes Linda take a job at the Long Branch. Matt is suspicious of Lou and Joe Bassett.

The Big Con Mr. Chester's Hanging Someone keeps hanging people in Dodge and making it look like suicide. Carmen A secret Army payroll is stolen and two soldiers killed.

The Major threatens Matt with marshal law if the thieves aren't caught. Matt suspects Jenny Lane, a new girl at the Long Branch of being involved. Nation kills their horses then gives himself up.

They wind up having to take a stage back to Dodge. Nation recognizes a man on the stage and helps Matt prevent a robbery. Tiller Evans thinks Bonnie is his girl. Matt has to keep Tiller from killing France. However Doc, Matt and Matt's old friend Wild Bill Hickock come up with a plan that might clear Matt of this erroneous charge of murder. The Patsy After a young man is shot in the back, people think it was young Fly Hoyt.

Holly Fanshaw was the only person who saw the murder happen and she tells Matt that Fly Hoyt committed the murder The Older Brother Joe Thorp vows revenge for the murder of his Brother. Gunsmuggler When renegade Pawnee Indians attack some local ranchers, Matt and Major Evans think that white gunrunners supplied the Renegades the rifles. Monopoly A stranger by the name of Ivy comes to Dodge and proceeds to buy up all the local freight lines.

Old Joe Trimble refuses to sell and soon afterwards his home is set on fire. Trimble's wife dies in the fire. Letter of the Law When Matt is forced to serve an eviction notice on farmer Brandon Teek, Matt tries every way he can to help the farmer. Kitty sees him in a gunfight and claims she saw him draw first against two cowboys. Land Deal A man tries to swindle a group of immigrants with the promise of railroad land and then tries to run off with the wife of one the immigrants.

Charlie Drain doesn't think Matt is doing a good enough job trying to find the lynchers and decides to do it himself. When the Marshall refuses they hire an old friend of Matt's Toque Morlan to kill him.

Pope defends himself killing Carter so their boss Ned Curry wants revenge. The Cast Shell Tucker is normally a friendly and peaceful sort of a man. Tucker from this illness. Robber Bridegroom Jack Fitch, a down on his luck rancher, robs the stage and kidnaps Laura.

They fall in love but Laura's fiance wants Jack killed. Snakebite When two town troublemakers kill Poney Thompson's dog , Poney goes after the two men.

When one of the men who shot and killed Poney's Dog is found dead, Matt and Chester suspect that Poney killed the man. This puts him in the middle of a feud. Rod is in love with Jesse's widow Anna. Jim starts selling Anna's cattle and shoots Rod.

Wesley thinks Chester is the marshal and Dillion is his assistant. So does Coney who's out to kill Matt for putting him in jail for 5 years. Coney gets sick and Abbie takes care of him. Kitty's Rebellion An old friend of the family comes to Dodge looking for Kitty, but when he finds out she's a saloon owner, he's dismayed. Intent on defending her honor wherever she is insulted, he nearly gets himself killed.

Sky While Chester is teaching Miss Kitty guitar playing and singing technics, the cowpokes at the Long Branch are making quite a fuss over Frog mouth Kate. Kate has a fondness for a younger man almost half her age Billy Daunt. Doc Quits When another doctor shows up in Dodge promising lower doctor's fees and miracle cures, Doc gets angry and many Dodge citizens think Doc Adams has quit as Dodge's doctor.

So he tries to frame Blocker for murder. The Coward Gambler Ed Eby has a grudge against the Marshall and starts talking about how "big" someone would be if they were to kill Matt. When Onie Becker is shot down on the streets of Dodge after quarreling with Al Clovis in a poker game, everyone thinks Al Clovis committed the shooting. The plot thickens after Matt and Chester pursue Clovis on a train headed out of Dodge. Wind Men at the Long Branch believe one of the "saloon girls" brings them luck at Blackjack.

Matt's suspicious and tries to run her and the dealer out of Dodge when men start killing each other over her. Fawn Matt rescues a white woman who was let go by the Cheyene and a child from buffalo hunters then has to protect her from her Boston husband.

Renegade White Matt goes after Ord Spencer for murder. He gets thrown by his horse and hits his head then gets kidnapped by the Cheyene. Murder Warrant Lee Prentice is shot by Jake Harbin who has a dead or alive bogus murder warrant for him.

Matt has to try and figure a way to keep him and Sherriff Ben Goddard from taking Lee back. Buffalo Hunter When a Buffalo hunter dies from injuries from burning lead, Matt and Doc think that their boss Jim Gatluf might have had something to do with the man's dying.

The Choice Andy Hill comes to Dodge looking for a job. Matt finds out he's wanted for robbery but decides to take a chance on him. Print threatens to kill him unless he makes it right. When Rabb is shot he tells the Marshall that Print did it. The Constable The businessmen of Dodge tell the Marshall to stay out of the town affairs while Texas cowboys come to town and hire a constable to deal with things.

Blue Horse Matt and Chester are taking a prisoner across the prairie when Matt's horse goes down and breaks Matt's leg. Chester rides for Dodge to get Doc leaving Matt alone with the prisoner.

When the prisoner overpowers Matt, Blue Horse comes to Matt's rescue. Cheyennes Matt and Chester come across a family murdered by renegade Cheyennes. The Cavalry arrests Matt by mistake then let him go. Matt goes after the gunrunners who sold the guns to the Indians.

Target Danny Kader falls in love with a Gypsy camped on his father's land. Pa Kader John Carradine takes potshots at the Gypsies trying to force them off his land. Kitty's Injury After Miss Kitty is injured from falling from a horse, Matt seeks help from some poor farmers. Horse Deal Deesha accuses Emmett Bowers of stealing his horses. Bowers tells Matt he bought them.

Slim and Jake Wirth have the same trouble. Matt must find the horse thief before a lynch mob forms. Says he's Mrs Crale's long lost son Billy. When Jeff winds up dead Kate accuses Dolliver. Matt comes up with a plan to find out who really killed Jeff.

Kangaroo When a crazy man and his two sons whip a cowboy with a bullwhip almost killing the cowboy, Matt rescues the cowboy from the severe whipping. When Matt asks Chester to untie the cowboy, the man makes threats to punish Chester for his sinful ways.

As Chester is walking home from the Long Branch, the man and his two sons kidnap Chester. Saludos Matt and Chester find a young Indian woman Sochi on the prairie suffering from a gunshot wound. Matt and Chester take the young woman to Doc Adams for medical treatment, but the overall outlook for recovery does not look promising Once Matt hears that a white man shot the woman, Matt and Chester set after the man.

Now Sted wants to kill Tom. The Boots Drunken ex-gunfighter Zeno promises 12 yr old orphan Tommy boots for his birthday. When Hody Peel shows up in town selling used women's clothes it looks like he had something to do with her disappearance.

When they come to talk to her later, they hit her father and while running away Chavela falls and hits her head. Miguel says the law has to be by a man's own hands. Matt says that he is the law not Miguel. Box o' Rocks Packy Roundtree changes his name and pretends to be dead because of his fear of Jed Crooder.

He asks the Parson to bury a coffin to make everyone think he is dead but the coffin is nothing but a Box of Rocks. False Witness Crep tells the Marshall he saw Tom murder a man. Tom is convicted on Crep's testimony and sentenced to hang. A couple weeks later Crep witnesses another murder. Thick 'n' Thin Otie and Brace, who have a ranch together, start a feud with each other and both ask Matt to kick the other off. When they start shooting at each other Matt locks them up till they can settle their argument.

Lee wants to kill him. Lee believes Haskins was responsible for burning Lee's house outside Atlanta and killing his wife during the Civil War. Matt locks Tom up so he can't fight. Matt winds up fighting Creel instead. Matt rides out to Jezra's ranch to talk to him but his wife insists they have a piece of pie first before going to see Jezra in the barn.

The Tragedian Edward, as washed up actor, gets caught cheating at cards. Matt gets him a job washing dishes but Edward steals money and gets drunk. Matt has Chester lock him up while he looks for the brother of a murder who's out to shoot him so his brother won't stand trial. When she opens the saloon, she lets the Dodge cowpokes know that she is very handy with a gun and will use that gun on any trouble makers in her saloon.

Doc tries to explain to the man that he was never a judge and has always been a doctor, but the man does not believe Doc.

An all-out war is looming when Matt won't arrest Burt right away. Kitty's Killing When an older gentlemen, Jacob Leech, comes into the Dodge jail house and tells Matt and Chester that he plans to kill a man named Ollie Radford, Matt puts Jacob Leech in the jail for the night to cool off.

Jailbait Janet A man his son and daughter hold up a train. The man kills a train employee to get some money to avenge the loss of the man's wife and everything they owned. Earlier the sparks from another train had set fire to the prairie where they lived in Newton, Ks. Wiley is not his real name and he wants the Marshall dead for killing his brother. Once they arrive at Clint's farm, instead of making an arrest, Matt and Chester wind up doing most of Clint's farm chores.

Crowbait Bob When the greedy relatives of a dying man Crowbait Bob learn that he might be dying, they come to Dodge to grab anything of value they can get from the dying man. When his relatives find out that Bob has willed all of his possessions to Miss Kitty, they show their true hateful feelings about their relative, Crowbait Bob.

Kitty is not charmed by the woman. She leaves Matt and Doc at Delmonicos in the middle of dinner, and the reason she gives is she's not going to watch them" Moon" over Colleen. Doc's gunshot wounds are serious enough where Chester is worried that Doc might die on the prairie.

Chester not only has to remove the bullet from Doc, but he also has to fight off an attack by the wolfers. Hackett to prefer charges on her husband, but she refuses to do so. Hackett comes into Doc's office suffering from a beating she received from her husband, Matt decides to go after Sam Hackett.

When Grant goes to Mae's house later that evening, Mae shoots Grant clamming that she thought Grant was trying to rob her; however, Matt does not believe Mae's story. When Beaudry turns up dead everyone thinks Bert did it. But when Tulsa starts buying drinks and shooting off his mouth Matt thinks different. Matt and Chester go back out to prairie and split up looking for clues. Belle's Back Belle Ainsley comes back to Dodge after 3 years being with an outlaw.

Belle tells Matt she left him for good. Matt gets suspicious when Belle's sister Phyllis goes missing from the Dodge House. The Deserter Corporal Janice takes off with the Army payroll after an ambush. Matt has to find his accomplice who no one got a look at. Matt gets a line on Janice and finds him. His father gets the drop on Matt and shoots Chester and holds them hostage at his house. Red killed Slim during the robbery.

Matt and Chester go to find him and bring him back to Dodge. The Blacksmith German immigrant and town blacksmith, Emil Wolhter and his German mail order bride, Gretchen Mueller, are to be married. Matt, Doc and Chester along with Emil meet Gretchen at the stage station. Emil and Gretchen throw a big wedding party for all their friends in Dodge;however, not everyone in Dodge is friendly to Emil and Gretchen. Leroy gets the drop on Chester during the night and Matt kills him. Say Uncle Martin Nagel is a hard working store owner that has plans to build up his business and eventually leave the business to his son, Lee Nagel.

Shooting Stopover While Matt and Chester are transporting a prisoner on a stage coach to Wichita, Matt learns that the stage is also carrying gold. Matt fears that outlaws might attack the stage for the gold.

While at a stagecoach stopover, the outlaws attack the station. Stella is shot when she tries to help Matt. Matt takes her to a rancher's cabin and takes care of her wound. Then brings her back to Dodge. Estaban wants to kill a man.

Spadden has the reputation for bullying other people and bullying his buffalo skinner, Ritchie. Distant Drummer While Marshall Matt Dillon is riding alone on a prairie road, he is shot and taken captive by two outlaws who at first wanted his horse.

Jake accuses Ben of stealing one of his stud horses. With Jeff in town at Doc's the Dolan's ride back to Mossman's ranch. The Wake Gus Mather comes into Dodge and throws a big wake for a man named Orson Boggs Doc and Chester are suspicious of this whole wake situation, but Chester and Doc attend the wake nonetheless and partake of the free drinks.

When Matt comes back to Dodge from his business trip, Chester informs Matt on what has been going on. Matt also thinks something strange is going on as well. One customer complains about his eggs and hits Sandy in the head with a plate.

Sandy hits the man back and kills him. Matt has to figure out which brother it was Nate or Frank. James Hark and Bill Turloe catch Gance and pretend to bring him in for the reward. Unloaded Gun When 2 outlaws shoot and kill a storekeeper and his young employee, Matt sets out on to the prairie to find the killers. When one of the killers Red Lime dies from a gunshot wound from Marshall Dillon's gun, the other outlaw Joe Lime vows revenge on Matt Dillon for killing his brother.

Marv comes into Dodge for a doctor saying his wife is sick but when Doc gets there he discovers she was beaten to death. When Matt gets to the wagon her body is gone. Love Thy Neighbor 12 yr old Pete Scooper dies after tearing his leg on barbed wire and getting blood poisoning.

Leroy Galloway and his son chased Pete thinking he stole a sack of potatoes. Ben Scooper and his other son Harley come gunning for the Galloways. A bloody feud ensues with no winners.

Matt decides to bring Trudy to Dodge then the trouble begins. Kitty Shot Kitty is shot by a man named Bayloe. Matt goes after Bayloe and catches him but while trying to bring him back to Dodge, they keep getting shot at.

She lies to the Marshal about what happened out on the prairie then gets a job at the Long Branch to look for the men who murdered her dad. Potshot Hutch Dawkins sets off firecrackers in front of the Long Branch.

Chester gets shot by a man hiding in the alley. Matt thinks its bank robbers trying to get him. Kitty thinks Hutch might have shot Chester. Tom is going to face Ivers in a gunfight until Tilda tells Tom the truth about her past. Ivers eggs Tom into a fight anyway. When Pat is beaten to death Jud, who was drunk at the time, thinks he saw the Marshal do it. A man is dead but his step daughter is alive and now orphaned.

Stolen Horses Jim is murdered and his horses stolen. After burying Jim, Matt and Chester go looking for Thibault, the man who did it. The trail they pick-up leads to a Kiowa camp where they find the stolen horses. Cole is studying to become a doctor. Bush continues to bother the Treadwells and threatens everyone who helps them. Cole is hiding a secret.

Long Hours, Short Pay Matt is on the trail of a gunrunner and catches him. However the Indians catch Matt and take him prisoner and release the gunrunner. Fallon pays for the broken wagon and gives Andy a job. Chester's Dilemma Edna Walsh comes to Dodge. Edna steals a letter meant for the Marshal. Chester has to make a decision on how to handle it. Marshal, stops in Dodge to say hi to Matt.

Nate is killed, shot in the back and Matt thinks Bonnie, the new girl at the Long Branch might have something to do with it. When Ben Whitter shows up with a bullet in his shoulder, Matt thinks it might be the man shooting at them out on the prairie.

Old Yellow Boots A fortune-hunting cowboy engaged to a wealthy woman is suspected of murdering her brother, who objected to their union. Miss Kitty When Kitty takes a young boy off the stagecoach one night, Matt attempts to figure out his identity.

Harper's Blood A man tries to balance the bad blood between his sons upon learning that his wife's grandfather was a murderer. All That A rancher tries to save his property from foreclosure. Long, Long Trail Matt accompanies a young woman on a treacherous journey across the desert, where the pair must brave sandstorms, thirst and Indians.

The Squaw A young man is unwelcoming toward the young Indian bride his father brings home. Chesterland Chester purchases a piece of land when he gets engaged. Milly Milly Glover decides to marry the first available man in order to support herself and her brother.

Indian Ford Matt helps an Indian-hating officer find a white girl, hoping the search will not end in violence. Apprentice Doc Doc is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws to treat one of their own.

Nina's Revenge Nina Sharky hatches a plan to get away from her tight-fisted father and fortune-hunting husband. Marry Me Billy Cathcart tries to find a woman for his big brother because family custom dictates that the oldest marries first. A Man a Day Outlaws threaten to kill one person every day until Matt gets out of town. The Do-Badder A pair of drifters plot to ambush a prospector who's on his way to Dodge after striking big.

Old Dan Doc tries to keep an alcoholic off the bottle. Catawomper A woman tries to make her boyfriend jealous when she's had enough of his attitude. Half Straight Matt is stalked by a hired killer. He Learned About Women Matt goes after a band of comancheros that raided a camp and kidnapped a girl.

The Gallows Matt is certain that the convicted murderer he's taking to the gallows is innocent. Reprisal A woman plots her revenge on Matt for killing her husband in a gunfight. Coventry When a man and his expectant wife are stranded on the prairie, their only hope—a man ostracized by the community—is unwilling to help them. Durham Bull A gang's luck turns around when they come to Dodge. Wagon Girls Matt meets a mail-order bride on the prairie who claims she's trying to run away from a ruthless wagon master.

The Dealer A woman resents her suitor more than ever when he kills her father in self-defense. The Summons An outlaw kills his partner thinking he will get a huge reward. The Dreamers A miner tries to use his new-found wealth to win over Kitty. Cale A young rider is wounded when he's suspected of being a horse thief's accomplice.

Chester's Indian While on a fishing trip, Chester shoots an Indian who was courting a white teenage girl, whom Matt then tries to save from her ruthless father. The Prisoner A military prison escapee shows up in Dodge. The Boys A snake-oil pitchman hatches a scheme to swindle the citizens of Dodge. The Search A suspected horse thief tries to survive in the wilderness when he gets hurt fleeing from his pursuers. Call Me Dodie Matt meets a girl who ran away from an orphanage that functions like a prison.

Quint Asper Comes Home A halfbreed named Quint Asper vows revenge on all white men when a pair of drifters kills his father and threatens his mother. Root Down A woman attempts to lure Chester into marriage. Jenny An outlaw's girl takes a shine to Matt.

The Ditch Matt tries to prevent a range war as a rancher takes steps to cut off the homesteaders' water supply. The Trappers The friendship between two trappers is ruined when one leaves the other to die during an Indian attack. Phoebe Strunk Phoebe Strunk and her murderous clan terrorize Dodge. The Hunger Matt comes to the rescue when a father and son abuse the mother and daughter.

Abe Blocker Matt pursues a frontiersman who's using force to take homesteaders' land. Us Haggens Matt hunts down outlaw Black Jack Haggen, assisted by the killer's nephew, Festus, who has his own reasons for wanting to find his uncle.

Uncle Sunday When his uncle comes to visit, Chester's plan to shorten his stay doesn't exactly work out. False Front A gambler makes a bet that a man who's never used a gun can pass as a gunslinger. Old Comrade A fall guy learns that his father, a general, is dying. Louis Pheeters The town drunk witnesses a man killing his wife's alleged lover.

The Renegades Quint tries to convince an Army officer that white renegades are responsible for starting the latest Indian uprising. Cotter's Girl Matt attempts to civilize a teenage mountain girl. The Bad One Matt investigates why a woman refuses to identify a stagecoach robber. The Cousin Matt's foster brother forces him into a showdown.

Shona As the citizens of Dodge deal with the strain of Indian raids, a farmer brings his ailing Indian wife into town for treatment. Ash The friendship between business partners is jeopardized when one of them sustains a head injury, changing his personality.

Blind Man's Bluff Matt must rely on his wits and instincts when he goes blind while on the prairie. Quint's Indian Quint is accused of horse theft and beaten by a group of vigilantes. Anybody Can Kill a Marshal A pair of outlaws hire a drifter to do what they couldn't: Two of a Kind Matt gets caught in the middle of a feud between two immigrants.

I Call Him Wonder The citizens of Dodge refuse to hire a drifter because he's decided to look after an orphaned Indian boy. With a Smile A powerful rancher's spoiled son gets violent when a pretty girl rebuffs his affections. The Far Places Matt tries to ease the tension between a rancher and her son. Tell Chester A girl Chester likes has no idea that the man she has her eye on is already married.

Quint-Cident Quint incurs the wrath of a widow he turned down. Old York Matt comes face to face with the outlaw who saved his life long ago. Daddy Went Away A widow returns Chester's affections. The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner A saloon girl and a drifter team up to find the man who did them both wrong.

Jeb A man buys an allegedly stolen horse from a farm boy, which proves to be a big mistake. Kate Heller A young man commits murder and ambushes Matt. Lover Boy A ladies' man takes up with a married woman. Legends Don't Sleep After getting out of prison, an infamous gunman meets a cocky young man eager to cash in on his reputation.

Tobe Tobe Hostader befriends a saloon girl whose ex-boyfriend is near. Easy Come Elmo Sippy may seem polite on the outside, but he's a murderer on the inside. My Sister's Keeper A grief-stricken widower gets a job as a hired hand for two sisters.

Quint's Trail Quint guides a family on a hazardous trail to Oregon. Carter Caper After a man gets beaten up for trying to steal a horse, he plots his revenge. Ex-Con An ex-convict comes to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt dead.

Part 1 Matt tracks an accused murderer to Texas. Part 2 Thrown into a Mexican prison, Matt tries to convince the authorities that he is a U. The Magician A traveling medicine man is accused of cheating at cards. Pa Hack's Brood The patriarch of the Hack family has a vested interest in trying to get his daughter to marry a farmer's son. The Glory and the Mud A young man tries to make a name for himself as a fast draw when Matt turns him down as deputy.

Dry Well A recently married woman takes the first opportunity to welcome a stranger into her home. Prairie Wolfer Someone or something is slaughtering cattle.

Friend Matt heads to a nearby town to investigate a friend's death. Once a Haggen A friend of Festus' is accused of murdering the man who bested them at poker. No Hands Doc is threatened by the Ginnis clan when he fails to respond quickly to their demands for treatment.

May Blossom Festus' cousin, May Blossom, comes to town to marry him, honoring a pact between their fathers. The Bassops A family finds Matt and a prisoner handcuffed to one another—with the prisoner claiming to be the marshal.

The Kite Matt must stop a killer from realizing his victim's daughter was a witness. Comanches is Soft After spending a wild night in Wichita, Quint and Festus deal with a saloon girl who claims they invited her to Dodge. Father's Love A woman learns that the man who tried to have his way with her is her husband's uncle.

Now That April's Here The only ones who believe Festus' girlfriend witnessed a murder are the killers themselves. Caleb Having grown tired of farming, Caleb Marr comes to Dodge in search of adventure. Owney Tupper Had a Daughter Owney Tupper decides to take action when he's forced to give up custody of his daughter.

Bently Chester doubts a man's deathbed murder confession, so he sets out to find the real killer. Kitty Cornered A rival saloon owner forces Kitty into a deadly competition.

The Promoter An ex-farmer decides to become a fight promoter to make his fortune. Trip West A timid bank clerk goes through a surprising change in personality when he's told he only has a short time to live.

Scot Free Rob Scot leaves his family and prepares to start a new life with Nora Brand—after they dispose of her husband's body. The Warden Festus protects a young Indian maiden from a farmer who bought her from her father. Homecoming The ex-husband of Hector Lowell's wife claims that the Lowells' home, land and business belong to him. The Other Half A love triangle between a girl and twin brothers turns tragic.

Journey for Three A stranger accompanies two brothers on their trip to California. Blue Heaven A young man and a fugitive team up as they run from their respective pursuers. Crooked Mile A girl's whip-wielding father does not approve of her romance with Quint. Old Man Matt searches for the real killer of Joe Silva when an old man is framed for the crime. The Violators When someone is scalped in Dodge, the townsfolk are eager to blame the Indians.

Doctor's Wife When a new doctor arrives in Dodge, his wife starts a smear campaign against Doc Adams. Help Me Kitty Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother end up stranded in the desert when bandits attack their stagecoach. Hung High A lawman-hater causes trouble for Matt and a retired marshal. Jonah Hutchinson After spending 30 years in prison, Jonah Hutchinson sets out to rebuild his ranching empire. Big Man, Big Target A wanted criminal in love with a married woman succeeds in getting her husband out of the picture—with unexpected ramifications.

Chicken A meek man is given credit for killing four outlaws. Innocence The hatred between two men is intensified by their affections for the same girl. Hammerhead When a wealthy gambler comes to Dodge to buy horses, rival traders race to demonstrate the speed of their steeds.

Run, Sheep, Run A man causes trouble for a young couple when he buys a ranch from them but refuses to pay for a year. Deputy Festus Festus, now Matt's deputy, learns that the drunken trappers he put in jail are his cousins.

One Killer on Ice Two bounty hunters talk Matt into protecting them and their prisoner from ambush. Chief Joseph A desperately ill chief causes tension when he lodges in the Dodge House. Circus Trick Festus' girlfriend joins a circus troupe. Song for Dying A carefree minstrel faces the wrath of the vengeful Lukens clan.

Winner Take All Matt intervenes when an intense feud between the Renner brothers reaches its breaking point. Eliab's Aim Festus' nephew Eliab comes gunning for him. Thursday's Child Doc falls for a woman who seems to be haunted by her past. Breckinridge A lawyer from the east questions Matt's every move. Bank Baby Bert Clum plots to rob pilgrim families in nearby camps. The Lady A woman who used to be rich takes a job at the Long Branch while she and her niece are on their way to San Francisco.

Dry Road to Nowhere Matt investigates why a gunman is stalking a temperance preacher. Twenty Miles from Dodge A gang of outlaws abducts Kitty and her fellow stagecoach passengers.

The Pariah An immigrant's life improves after he kills an outlaw—at least for a while. Gilt Guilt Doc treats a woman and her son for scurvy. Bad Lady from Brookline A woman tries to raise her son in Dodge after her husband is killed in a gunfight.

The New Society A cowboy admires a buffalo hunter too much to admit that the man also is a thief. He Who Steals Festus goes after the bandits who robbed and assaulted Doc. Seven Hours to Dawn A treacherous gang of outlaws takes over Dodge. The Storm A buffalo hunter is sentenced to be hanged for a murder he didn't commit, the real culprits being the sons of Matt's old friend, Adam Benteen. Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood Thad Greenwood trails the four tough guys who caused his father to have a fatal heart attack.

Ten Little Indians Matt must out who hired the gunfighters he's been facing in and out of Dodge. Taps for Old Jeb Prospector Jeb Carter hires a bodyguard to protect his gold after years of searching finally pay off. Kioga A young wounded Indian hunts down the fur trader who killed his father and attacked his sister.

The Bounty Hunter A bounty hunter comes out of retirement to find the man who murdered a rich rancher's son.

The Reward A convicted gold-mine swindler gets out of prison to resume mining—with money he's accused of stealing. Malachi Town drunk Malachi Harper poses as marshal just to impress his brother. The Pretender The Dano brothers return home from prison to a dying mother and a bitter father. South Wind A boy goes into hiding after witnessing his father's murder. The Hostage Four convicts take Matt hostage on their way to Mexico.

Outlaw's Woman Matt is surprised to see that the fleeing train robber he shot is a woman. The Avengers A judge and his two sons plot their revenge when they suspect Festus and Kitty of murdering a member of their family. Gold Mine Kitty meets a young mute boy in a rough mining town where she's come to claim a gold mine.

Death Watch Matt attempts to protect a wounded outlaw from a pair of bounty hunters. Part 1 A band out of outlaws terrorize Dodge. Part 2 Outlaws take Doc hostage after they rob the bank and set Dodge on fire. Killer at Large Festus flees Dodge after killing a medicine show sharpshooter in a gunfight. My Father's Guitar A wanderer believes his father's guitar is worth killing for. Wishbone Matt goes after three bandits who robbed a stagecoach and killed the driver and guard.

Sanctuary A bank robber takes refuge in a church, holding the pastor and two women hostage. Honor Before Justice An Indian girl's father is sentenced to die for a murder he didn't commit. The Brothers Matt captures a young outlaw, who waits for his brother to free him. Which Doctor Buffalo hunters kidnap Doc and Festus. Harvest Ben Payson's daughter falls for one of the Scottish homesteaders who have threatened to take his land.

By Line Despite his illiteracy, Festus becomes a reporter for Dodge's new paper. Treasure of John Walking Fox A hunter and his companion are taunted by the bigoted townspeople of Dodge. My Father, My Son A gunslinger kills a young man out to gain a reputation, and then faces the wrath of the dead man's family. Parson Comes to Town A stranger wearing a murdered preacher's coat causes tension in Dodge when he announces his intention to watch someone die. Snap Decision Disturbed over being forced to kill a prisoner who was trying to save his life, Matt Dillion turns in his badge.

The Goldtakers A gang of thieves commandeers the Dodge City blacksmith shop to divide a gigantic bar of gold. The Jailer Six years after her husband's hanging, Ma Stone plots her revenge against Matt Dillon by first kidnapping Kitty to use as a lure and then jailing Matt with the intention to hang him.

The Mission Marshal Dillon is helped by an apparently friendly young runaway who later faces him as a deadly adversary. The Good People A respectable rancher and his son hang an innocent man and allow a bewhiskered bounty hunter to go on trial for the murder. When hired gunslinger Joe Bascome balks at his obligation to kill Matt Dillon, his employers, the Douglas brothers, are not pleased.

The Wrong Man Hootie Kyle is a poor but honest farmer whose credit has run out. Matt Dillon and Festus lend him some money, only to be swindled out of it in a poker game. Later, Hootie gets circumstantially framed for the murder of the card shark who swindled him. The Whispering Tree After eight years in a prison for robbery, a farmer returns home and hopes to find the stolen fortune he had buried under a tree. The Well All of Dodge City is suffering from a drought.

A rainmaker Guy Raymond tries to put an end to it before the town's public well, their last source of water, runs dry. Stage Stop Doc Adams takes up arms to defend a gold shipment from bandits, first during a stagecoach ambush and then at a weigh station. He is aided by a blind man and a wounded man in the battle against the bandits. The Newcomers Lars Karlgren, a Scandinavian immigrant and his teenage son, Petter, find the west even wilder than they had imagined when they settle in Dodge City.

Petter gets framed for the murder of a man who was picking a fight with him. Quaker Girl The identity of a criminal is confused with that of Deputy Marshal Thad when a Quaker party rescues the pair from a do-or-die fight. The Moonstone A young farmer's former partner-in-crime, girlfriend and slow-witted brother figure in the discovery of his forgotten past.

The Hanging To Marshal Matt Dillon and his deputies falls their grimmest task in many years—the hanging of a ruthless gunman. Old Friend An embittered lawman Fritz Weaver seeks revenge against the men who destroyed his town and took away his wife.

Fandango Matt Dillon tries to bring a man to justice despite the onslaught of a crazed, vengeful lawman wishing to exact his own revenge. The Returning After eight years as a down-on-his-luck farmer, husband and father, a reformed outlaw Michael Ansara tries to make ends meet by rejoining his old gang to rob the Dodge City freight office.

Noose of Gold Deputy District Attorney Shephard will do anything to further his career, including having outlaw John Farron killed, rather than giving him the chance to turn himself in. The Favor Kitty's conscience is torn between her sense of obligation to a man who saved her life James Daly and her concern for the law and Marshal Matt Dillon.

Mistaken Identity Outlaw Ed Carstairs trades identities with a man dying of a snakebite wound. He is surprised, however, when the man is brought into Dodge and seems to be recovering. Louis A group of traveling nuns nurse the wounds of outlaw Worth Sweeney, who was injured while defending them from his partners. Part 1 Down-on-his-luck drifter George is offered the dangerous but profitable job of mixing nitroglycerine for outlaws who are using it to rob banks. George also falls in love with a saloon girl and begins a business venture with his earnings.

Part 2 George wants to quit making the nitro, feeling that his luck is running out, but his outlaw partners won't let him. The Wreckers In a moment of quick wit, Kitty has Matt switch identities with an injured outlaw, fooling the man's gang into believing they can extort money from Dodge in exchange for Matt's life.

Cattle Barons Feuding cattle barons are headed to Dodge City from opposite directions for a showdown. The Prodigal Amos and William Cole come to Dodge to find the back-shooting killer of their outlaw father, who was murdered many years before.

Floyd is killed while being dragged behind a horse, Zack is crippled by a horse stomping on him and Bob is beaten. Part 2 Matt goes after Bob Johnson, who is planning to kill Parker to avenge the death of his friends. Hard Luck Henry In this comedic episode, Festus tries to get a box full of gold coins away from his relatives and back to Dodge. The Dooleys, who are feuding with the Haggens, are also trying to get their hands on the box.

Major Glory Two deserting soldiers stab their hated sergeant and frame Festus for the crime. Prairie Wolfer Two prairie wolfers steal money from Dolan, a hardened storekeeper.

When one tries to give it back trouble starts. Death Train A group of wealthy passengers on a private railroad car are quarantined in Dodge. Rope Fever Falsely jailed on charges of murder and bank robbery, Festus is ordered to lead an aging sheriff and his zealous deputy to the missing loot.

Wonder Drfter Jud Pryor tries to clear his name of murder; meanwhile, the two brothers of his girlfriend are planning to kill him. Baker's Dozen Three baby boys are born on a stagecoach that arrives in Dodge just after being robbed.

Their mother dies and Doc fights to keep the boys together instead of going to an orphanage. The Victim Matt investigates a murder in a nearby town, trying to prove that town simpleton Bo Remick did not kill the son of the town's powerful rancher. Deadman's Law While Matt is out of town tracking outlaws, the cattleman's co-op takes over the town putting their own man in charge of the law. Nowhere to Run A teenage burglar involved in a murder is shot and left to die by his partners.

Hill Girl Hillbilly girl Merry Florene comes to town to get some schooling to better herself. Meanwhile, her two cousins also arrive in Dodge and force her to rob Mr. The Gunrunners Buffalo Man After a renegade band of ex-soldiers seriously injure Tahrohon, his friend, buffalo man Noah Meek, vows revenge on the group.

The Jackals After a group of outlaws assassinates a Texas border town sheriff at his retirement party, Matt Dillon chases the desperadoes to Mexico.

The First People Matt has to intervene when an honest but strict indian agent charges an innocent indian of murder. Sam'l Durning a drought, a watch witch someone who can find water , comes to town. Meanwhile, a businessman attempts to buy up farms during this time, no matter the method. The Twisted Heritage Kitty saves the life of a man during a stage hold-up.

Taking him back to his ranch, she finds his mother a ruthless matron and his daughter alienated from her father. Lyle's Kid Grant Lyle, a former lawman with crippled hands, brings his young gunfighter son to Dodge to settle the score with Hoxey, the man responsible for his maimed hands. The Hide Cutters Festus is rescued from a rock avalanche by a young hide cutter. His fellow cutters are following a herd of cattle with hopes of stealing them for the hides.

Zavala After Matt Dillon shoots and kills an outlaw in Mexico, the man's brother seeks vengeance on Dillion. Uncle Finney In this comedic episode, two hillbillies attempt to turn in their year-old relative for the bounty on him. Slocum Grizzily mountain man Slocum tracks the sons of a man who tried to bushwhack his good friend, Matt Dillon. Also on board are August's men, who are waiting for the chance to free him. Abelia A young woman, her kids and Festus are held hostage by a man Matt is trying to find.

Matt clashes with maverick railroad builder Wes Cameron, who wants to run a railroad line through Dodge. The Miracle Man Con man Bob Sullivan tries to swindle a widow with the tale of a fake cattle herd, but instead ends up falling in love with her and her children.

Waco While bringing in outlaw Waco Thompson, Matt has to deal with Thompson's outlaw band in hot pursuit—and has to deliver a baby.

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