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RE: Well I put myself out there and I'm feeling really stupid. Its better also if youre mature and can talk about all topics besides your penis and sex. Just kinda waiting for someone to message with for a little while, we can write about anything you'd like just bored and would like to write :) have a fun night none the less :D White woman wanted m4w NOTE: Please put Lady looking sex tonight Bowlus in your subject line if you send me a response, so I'll know you're real.

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Lady looking sex tonight Bowlus

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If it leads to something more later, cool, if not, that's cool too. I prefer black women, if you wouldn't mind.

Waiting for someone that enjoys my interests and enjoys life and to have a good time with. :)i am as real as it gets. Thats what i want, just have some fun, and maybe if things go good we could make it an ongoing thing. I love sports going for walks listening to music. I absolutely like playing with tits, BIG ones I'll mboobiesage you, and give your breasts all the attention that they need. I like Ladies so 18 to 46 is ok and any race is fine.


Some of you may be aware we had a bit of a tangle on the Dark In Death Discussion thread last week. A reader had strong very objections to the word skank as used to describe women Eve and Peabody warned about possible danger. However, I will say, in this case, one of the women the reader sees in interview is wearing cock and ball earrings.

The other has Sexy Bitch tattooed over her well-displayed chest. They are, basically, party girl groupies looking for the next score—sex, drugs, action. And it was her opinion as I wrote the book, I am therefore sexist and should correct this in the future. First, as I pointed out—pretty politely at first—I am not my characters nor are they me.

And cop talk is cop talk. I also reminded her that a recurring sub-character is nicknamed Dickhead. Not good enough—even when a couple of other posters who have some experience working or being around cops explained that yeah, cops talk to other cops in often harsh shorthand.

It has to be extreme, and this was. This is a story. We who write try very hard to craft entertaining stories with compelling, interesting characters. Not those of the person writing the story. I love to shop; she hates it. She has a cat; I have dogs. Shoes for her are something you walk in. For me, shoes are. Part of the fun of writing is creating people, and the writer may have little in common with those people. Their worldviews may or may not mesh.

Their backgrounds are very unlikely to. You must stop using the word fuck! First do you live in the actual world? Your books have too much sex. Your books need more sex. My books have the amount of sex that I, as the writer, feels suits the story and the characters having sex. You need to go back to writing nice, sweet romance. No more swearing for my characters! Laura gets most of this—and recently got an all-caps rant on my language, which included a slam at Diana Gabledon for using fuck in her books.

Well, as Laura said, she supposed the reader had never read Chaucer whose work well precedes the Jacobite Rebellion. They have tremendous power—to buy or not, to read or not. It should be a clue when a reader is alone in an opinion in a group of other readers, when reasonable responses have been given. Instead of buying the clue, this type of person then hurls those insults at everyone.

You are not the Borg. And some individuals who happen to read need to learn to separate reality from fiction. To end this on a happier note, I spent yesterday in the kitchen catch Eve doing that! Borrow them, give yourself a break. Around a full moons I see a rise in language complaints. But I had a good laugh thinking of our Nora flashing the nation on morning TV. And then I sent a correction.

Oh gosh, bless both your hearts. People just lose it sometimes. Nobody twists your arm to read a book! I love Nora Roberts nooks — all of them! There are a whole lot of other authors out there! As for me — I will keep reading! I re-read her books until the next one comes out. I agree with Kathy and Melody. My mother and I read the books and then talk about them together. We will be here. Kathy Patrick said it all…. I worked in a correctional facility…and I know a lot of individuals…..

Women use fuck all the time, as do men. Both genders are called derogatory names -sometimes kiddingly, sometimes not. NR and Laura are too patient. Oh my, people need to get a life. I agree with you. No one is holding a gun to our head to read any author.

I love your books and read them all. I kind of took Dark in Death as a wink and a nudge from some of the what has been said on this subject before. You are the writer and I am one of your many grateful readers. I wholehearted agree you are the writer and creator and I am the reader!

I love your books and so does my husband. I found it interesting that you had those kind of complaints! After reading Dark in Death! Did this woman even read the book and if she did obviously agrees with the role of the person who Eve arrests in the end! I had been consider writing to Nora with a suggestion but after reading Dark in Death I decided to keep my suggestions to myself. Her books, her ideas, her characters. And if folks want to get bitchy about it all I have to say is this: I belong to a lot of arc groups and I am privileged to be able to get the book free then I buy them the day they go public these authors are using the minds their hearts and their families that they love for giving them room.

I reread Miss Robb as well every year I reread the death series again and if I had anything to criticize is they end to soon for me I try to make them last but I will start 1 in the morning but end up reading through the night until done, then I feel sorry for myself. Nora aka JD Robb is my idol. I reread her books all the time. She could write about 3 shats on a log and I would read it! You are my all time favourite Author and when I sit down to read one of your books, I am lost within it before I even realise it!

Keep it up please as you are a true magician with words! Kindest Regards, your biggest fan. Robb since the beginnings. Sometimes, I sleep with the light on! I love that you are close to my age 65 I think I have almost all that Nora Roberts has written because I reread them constantly and truly enjoy them as much as I did the first time I read them. I enjoyed reading your response.

I had no idea you had to endure such crap and nonsense. I am so sorry any of that enters your environment and thank you for your stories! Sending you love and support. Hope you feel the love more then the crazy! Please do not change anything with the way you write the books. That is why we loyal readers buy and read them multiple times. This person has the option not to read the books if she does not like the language or content.

The narration of the story is what brings the books to life. This is not TV what is written is what we see in our mind as we read.

Thank you for such great books which have brought me such joy. I love your In Death series because of the authenticity.

I bartended for 16 years and met many a skank and dickhead. Almost everyone I have met uses curse words. Then there is the sex scenes with Roarke, oh my, nevermind. Just keep doing what you do and I will keep enjoying the fuck out of it. I thought it was brilliant wether this was the intent or not. It gave me delightful interludes when I needed them most, and her art continues to bring me such bliss, the reading and the re-reading.

So sorry you have to deal with this.


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Some of you may be aware we had a bit of a tangle on the Dark In Death Discussion thread last week. A reader had strong (very) objections to the word skank as used to describe women Eve and Peabody warned about possible danger.