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What is a non-routine application?

We've collected all of the completed comics, so now we need your help to make this book a reality! The final product will be a perfect-bound, 8. What makes this book R-rated?: Well, it's for adults! But while the book is mature there is no explicit content. There are so many wonderful books out there full of smutty comics, but we're treading different territory here! We hit our stretch goal!!!!

Everyone will now also receive FREE Dirty Diamonds door hangers for special occasions, both private and shared , and you've enabled us to increase the payments for all contributors!!

It's time for us to shoot for the stars. This book is happening thanks to all of you! But we're not stopping there. Also, in case you missed it, we debuted the design for the enamel pin!

Check out the REWARDS section below, where you'll notice a laundry list of bonus add-on rewards that any backer can add to their reward package. We've hit the halfway point one week into the campaign!! Thank you for all of the support an enthusiasm in order to give this project a huge starting boost. We're starting to debut some of the reward designs see the rewards section below for our temporary knuckle tattoos! AND we're launching our first challenge! That means tattoos for everyone!

Let's keep spreading the word and supporting ladies making comics. Featuring work from over 65 contributors , this book is absolutely jam-packed with incredible work! Our goal also includes free shipping and copies of the book for each of our contributing creators! Additional stretch goals will allow us to provide additional rewards for our backers, and increase the payments for our contributors! While the book is an amazing reward in and of itself, we have lots of other exciting rewards for the backers that support our campaign - from PDFs to temporary tattoos to enamel pins and more!

Check out the break-down below of what you will receive with each reward tier, along with the detailed descriptions on the right-hand side of the page. Stretch goals beyond our initial goal will allow us to increase payments to our contributors, and provide additional rewards for ALL of our backers. We also have the option for any backer to increase their pledge in order to get bonus add-on rewards!

We're offering both physical rewards and digital rewards, and we've broken the options down into single items and bundles if you wanted to grab more than one bonus reward! Here are the details:. Beauty, Dirty Diamonds 7: Sex for a friend! We'll confirm your book choice when backer surveys are sent out. In order to add any of these rewards onto your pledge, simply go to our project page, click the "Manage my pledge" button near the top, and add the dollar amount for that bonus reward to the amount you've already pledged.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any help! Feel free to either message us on Kickstarter, or email us at editors at dirtydiamonds. The initial Kickstarter goal covers all of our basic publication costs and allows us to pay each of the contributing creators a baseline fee. Hitting our stretch goals will allow us to increase the amount we pay all of our contributors and artists, and provide additional rewards for ALL backers, regardless of reward tier!

More goals will be unlocked throughout the campaign, so keep your eye on this section for more details. Holding down the fort on either end of Philadelphia, they have been the loving parents of the all-girl comic anthology since The goal of Dirty Diamonds has been to give the women of comics a dedicated outlet for telling their stories, and artists from around the world have contributed their semi-autobiographical comics over the years.

Gathering these personal stories has allowed us to highlight both the talents and experiences of women in comics today.

Copies of all seven of our previous issues have been donated to the permanent comics collection at the Library of Congress, with an open invitation for future issues including Dirty Diamonds 8: If you have any questions about Dirty Diamonds or would like to reach the editors about anything whatsoever, feel free to email us at editors at dirtydiamonds. Bundled bonus rewards digital:. Bundled bonus rewards digital AND physical:.

Want to mix and match physical AND digital rewards? Add any combination of dollar amounts above! Feel free to reach out to us with questions, and we'll confirm with you exactly what you're hoping to receive. Ask about our success rate The process to bring your loved one to Canada has two parts.

Documents that may prove the existence of a common-law relationship include: Spousal Sponsorship Application Processing Times Ask about our success rate Overseas Spousal Sponsorship Find your spouse's country If the person you are sponsoring is currently outside Canada, the time it takes for IRCC to verify that you are eligible to become a sponsor is 39 days. Vincent and the Grenadines If you don't see your country of residence listed on the right side of this table, then the average processing time is 17 months.

Inland Spousal Sponsorship As of December Government Fees In addition to the legal fees paid to a consultant or lawyer to assist you with this process, the applicant must also pay a fee to the Canadian government for filing their application. Please see the fees below: You cannot sponsor someone if any of these situations apply to you: These are the two forms and what they commit you to: Food, Clothing, Utilities, Personal Requirements, Shelter, Fuel, Household supplies, Health care not provided by public health care services such as eye and dental care.

Sponsorship Agreement This is a legal agreement between you the sponsor and your spouse, and covering any dependent children. It involves the following legal commitments: You agree to provide the basic necessities for your sponsored spouse and any dependent children covered in the Undertaking see above.

You agree to this so the government has assurance that your spouse will not go on social assistance. Your spouse agrees to seek financial assistance from you if they are unable to provide for their own basic needs, before going to the Government to apply for social assistance. Requirements to be Sponsored to Canada To be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to live in Canada, you will have to follow certain procedures, including: Sponsorship of Children to Canada Children can be included as dependants in a spousal or partner sponsorship application, but an application must be filed for each child in addition to the main applicant the spouse or partner.

In order for a child to be sponsored to live in Canada, they have to meet the following requirements: Sponsorship of other family members to Canada Sponsorship of parents and grandparents is still on hiatus until January 2, Documents that prove relationship of the sponsor to a parent: Sponsor's birth certificate Documents that prove relationship of the sponsor to a grandparent: Here are some of the most common ones: The relationship is not genuine.

For example, if IRCC believes that the relationship exists only for the sponsored person to immigrate to Canada, the application will be refused. The sponsor does not meet the financial requirements.

The necessary supporting documents have not been included in the applications. The person you wish to sponsor does not qualify through the family class. The person being sponsored did not meet the medical requirements.

The person being sponsored is inadmissible to Canada due to criminal convictions. Please refer to our TRP page and contact us for more information at Complete Questionnaire Take a look at our page below for additional information on sponsoring a family member to Canada. How can we help you bring your loved one to Canada?

Ask about our success rate To discuss your options for a sponsorship application, contact us for a consultation. Find your spouse's country Immigroup will assist you throughout the entire application process from start to finish, including: Determining your eligibility to apply; Determining the likelihood of success for your application; Ensuring your forms are complete and accurately reflect the details of your case for maximum chance of success; Ensuring you have the necessary and appropriate documents to support your application; Providing guidance on the privileges and responsibilities of sponsorship and permanent residence; Advising how someone who is inadmissible to Canada may still be sponsored; Offering Top Priority service for extremely urgent cases; Determining the best way to proceed once the outcome of your case is reached renewing permanent resident card, becoming a Canadian citizen, sponsoring additional family members, etc.

How to Organize a Sponsorship Application Sponsorship applications gigantic so it is important that you organize your application in a way that IRCC will understand. Table of Contents You can include your table of contents in your cover letter or attach it as a separate piece of paper, as long as it's prominent. You have two choices here: Make a general table of contents that outlines all three sets of documents you will be providing and then create individual tables of contents for the other parts OR Itemize every single form and document you've included in your package in this table of contents.

Let's assume this is an "outland" application, i. Sponsor's Application Forms and Documents If you choose to have individual tables of contents for each section, you should make the sponsor's table of contents the very first page. Proofs of Your Relationship If you have chosen to have individual tables of contents, you should make that the first page, or attach it to the pack of photos. Table of Contents see above Photos in a package, for example , sorted by date and event Communication records, sorted by type of communication, then by date - include a cover sheet if you think it would help, explaining what each record is and why you have provided it and why you haven't provided something, if that's the case Anything else you think will prove your relationship and you should both organize this appropriately and explain why you have included the information, either here or in your cover letter.

Additional Tips Do not staple anything. Paper-clip or otherwise clip forms and sections together and then clip those together with larger clips or put them in separate named folders or envelopes. You do not want to do anything to frustrate the officer. Don't bind your package either. If you want, include tabs so that the officer can easily flip through your package. If you are not sending the original of something, explain why.

Photocopy everything you submit - you need a record of what you've submitted to the government. Common Mistakes on a Sponsorship Application We have an article about the most common mistakes people make when sponsoring their spouses. Common Interview Questions During a spousal sponsorship application, the sponsored spouse is often asked to attend an interview a the local visa office. Some of the questions would only be asked for outland applicants, others for inland applicants only, others are applicable to both situations: Communications between the two of you When and where did you meet your spouse for the first time?

How often did you contact each other before your first meeting in person? How did you communicate? Where is your proof? How often did you talk on the phone? Do you have phone bills, e-mails, cards, etc. Visiting Canada if applicable Where which airport did you first Land in Canada? How many times have you been to Canada?

How long did you stay each time? Have you ever stayed in Canada without status i. Why did you overstay? What did you do to rectify the situation?

When did you leave Canada the last time? How long did you leave? Have you been admitted back into Canada with legal status since? Have you been issued any kind of document that authorizes you to live in Canada since you were without status? If yes what type and when is the expiry date? Has your spouse been to visit you in your home country?

How many times has your spouse been to visit you? Where did your spouse land when they visited you? Did your spouse ever go to your home country prior to your relationship? Did you go to Canada prior to your relationship with your spouse? What is your spouse's birth date? Does your spouse wear glasses or contact lenses?

Does your spouse have any distinguishing features birth marks, scars, disfigurements of the body? Where was your spouse born? Which country and city? Does your spouse have any allergies? What is your religion? What is the religion of your spouse? When you and your spouse were dating what would you do together? Do you have any hobbies? Does your spouse have any hobbies? What type of music do you enjoy? What type of music does your spouse enjoy?

What kind of movies do you enjoy? What kind of movies does your spouse enjoy? What kind of books do you read? What kind of books does your spouse read? Have you and your spouse ever exchanged gifts?

Please explain the type of relationship you have had since your first meeting. Does your spouse support you financially? If I refuse this application what will you do? Education Where did your spouse go to school? Elementary and high school How many years of school did your spouse Complete? What degrees or formal training does your spouse have? In terms of education, would you say that you and your spouse's educational background are compatible?

Employment Where did you work in your home country before coming to Canada? What is the name of the company? What position did you hold? How long did you work there? What did the job entail?

Did you like your job? What was the salary? What do you intend to do when you come to Canada? What degrees or formal training do you have? Where does your spouse work? What's the name of the company? How long has your spouse worked there? What does the job entail? What is the salary? Living Situation Where does your spouse live?

Whom does your spouse live with? Does anyone else live in your household other than your spouse and children? At what addresses have you lived at with your spouse? Did you own any Property with your spouse?

What type of accommodation do you live in? House, condo or apartment? Is it rental or do you own it? If rented, how long is your lease? Are you both on the lease? How much is the rent? Who makes sure the bills are paid? Marriage if applicable When and where did the marriage proposal take place?

Was your marriage arranged? When did you get married? Where did you get married? Who was at the wedding? How many people were at the ceremony? What day was the ceremony held on? Who performed the ceremony? Do you have pictures of the ceremony? Who was at the ceremony from your side? Who was at the ceremony from your spouse's side?

Were any friends present? Were your parents at the wedding? If not, why not? Where your spouse's parents at the wedding? Were your spouse's parents aware of the wedding? Was a reception held? When and where was it held? Who was present at the reception? Did you receive any wedding gifts?

Did you on a honeymoon? Where did you go and for how long? Can you show me pictures and receipts from the honeymoon, wedding and reception? Have you or your spouse been married before? Why was that relationship ended?

Who initiated the divorce? What were the reasons for the divorce? What was the date the marriage was dissolved?

We're already planning to get married and we're seeking. 1, Click to Expand Click to Collapse. Jul 14, Female CIC is not going to automatically assume a marriage of convenience, etc., just because you .. or citizens here. but since we are in a same sex relationship, its a bit different. or. We consider your application non-routine if: you asked to change your personal information, such as: name; sex designation; date of birth. you missed a. Portland, OREGON – "I don't know if you know this," says comic book The elusive mechanics of female pleasure are key to the plot of Sex.