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Girl with the blue eyes


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Girl with the blue eyes

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Blue Eyes - A Complete Eye Color Guide

In this scenario, being of color is the recessive gene and in someone in the family, there is a chance the recessive gene may become dominant. They arent the most genetically diverse. I would expect diversity to be greatest in countries like turkey, italy, Egypt, where there have been lots of conquest and intermixing of different people. Your conclusion is based on conjecture and not facts. DNA evidence says otherwise. I would suggest that you try doing this thing we call research as oppose to speculating.

The answer is simple…Few know, think about it the 2 countries racing to space. Your science seems to be outdated, check the new finding out of the Gerome project in Australia.. There finding is the African did not mutate through environmental causes…. Maybe the Nephilim referenced in the Old Testament were actually Neanderthals… both seemed to have possessed a very robust physique.

Is it possible that Neanderthals had blue eyes? Explain why the Inuit are dark skin? There are many light skinned people in the Northern Hemisphere. At least 6 of the first pictures featuring kids with intence blue eyes which is not the average colour of bue eyes are Melaniseian people in the Solomon Islands, its a mutation. They also have blond hair. Here is also an article on why they look this way.

The rest are obviously mixed somewhere down the line like it or not. I believe that to be true. I am what they call fair skin black American. But also to note you location has a lot to do with the amount of melanin your body absorbs and produces. My husband came from jamaica and when he arrived he was so dark he was almost blue.

In the time he has been in the US his skin has lightened considerably even though he still works outside. Ravi Thadhani, a professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and lead author of the study. Mutation recessive genes are, Blue eyes, blonde hair, white skin, straight hair. Eskimos were Dark Brown, the skin range would fit in the Africans skin tones. The research resolves a long-standing paradox. They were called the Moors. The Moors were prodominately black and few Arabs.

Vince Moor translating as black skinned. The Moors invaded Europe bringing advanced leanings and knowledge. You may research on your own if you please of doubt this history. They brought with them so much. Advanced mathematics, philosophy, medicines, advanced agriculture, as well as hygiene sounds crazy but yes they brought hygiene too. KJ, Sorry to hear people have stigmatised you.

Be proud and walk tall as you are — you are wonderful just as you are!! You are one in a million my friend. KJ, I was just about to comment about how insanely awesome these pictures are. Brown eyes are beautiful as well of course, but having blue eyes with dark skin is such a striking feature!

Be proud to be different, and ignore anyone that fails to see the beauty in being different. What planet are you from, Chanel? We should all be proud of, and fully embrace, who we are, and reject being reduced to the platitudes of others ignorance.

If you have a blue eyes like that you are not pure African nor are you even black, you are mixed somewhere!! Read a little on genotypes and phenotype as determined by gene distribution. Black childrenwith blue eyes can very much be affected by a real disorder known as Waardenburg syndrome. Always remember, underneath the layer of melanin in the which creates brown pigmentation.

This is a good article, so I hate to critique it. I disagree that Europeans are the most physically diverse group on the planet. The most diverse people on the planet are people of color. I believe one day blacks and asian will share the same characteristic except white skin: Is just the way man evolved while staying in Europe.

We are newbies among the human species. Just as there are many shades of dark skin there are many shades of light skin so that cancels out. Brown and black eyes and hair also exist in Europe so that also cancels out. The light skinned people of Northern Europe add all additional combinations of eye color and hair color summing up to more combinations than anywhere else on earth. And yet these are the people who are supposedly intolerant of diversity.

The diversity is huge. There are relatives there who appear to be caucasian and those with stunning blue black skin with every combination of eye color, skin color and hair color AND we are all related.

Those of African descent have the most diversity. Check out the people of Brazil. Spoken like a jealous black person! Hate to break it to you all but in the color spectrum white represents the abundance of color while black is the absence of color!!! We are all shades of white, get over it for the love of God!!!

Because their native diet is extremely high in Vitamin D. So they do not need to make much, if any, Vitamin D from the sun. This has already been studied. We would all have the same coloring as the Inuits if we always had eaten a diet high in Vitamin D whale and seal blubber. Re Nothing But the Truth: Genetically and evolutionarily as well as scientifically that is all incorrect.

Despite your point about the color spectrum itself being invalid and pointless its also incorrect and completely ass backwards. Where did you learn about the color spectrum? They teach you in HS chem that black actually absorbs all the colors of the spectrum and white is devoid of color. We are all shades of black, get over it. Both whites and blacks vary in shades within their race. I am a dark skinned African American woman and I have grey light bluish eyes that change colors depending on my mood.

I also have a sister with hazel eyes and my grandmother and father had grey eyes. I found your article very interesting and I have always wondered why and how I was born with eyes such an unusual color for someone as dark as myself. American African actually… not African American. Nationality lists first… so, American African denoting, of African dissent. Science and religion agrees that we are one human race.

The human genome project which focuses on mitochrondrial DNA female line suggests that ALL humanity stems from Africa and the changes and chances of hair, eye, skin color etc.

So how can Europeans be more physically superior or these explanations given suggesting some strange mutation of people of color with eyes which are not brown? I suggest that the DNA that Europeans have, are from their African ancestry and it became apparent due to conditions in which they lived AND needed to survive.

RAINE…you are on point! This article uses pseudoscience to create the illogical idea that colored eyes in melanated people of color are some sort of mutation.

When in fact Africans are the original people and hold the DNA code of every race of people on the planet. The occurrences of blue, green, grey, hazel or brown eyes in people of color are not mutations but rather I suggest a natural occurrence of features that have been coded in their DNA since the beginning of mankind.

Colored eyes in ALL people represent a mutation. Why do you have such a hard time understanding this? All homo sapiens come from brown-eyed ancestors, if you go far back enough. No one said anywhere that light features are superior. That is your own projection. You must be sad. Truly wonderful to notice that others also notice. No matter how much biased articles and publications want to thrive, basic truths cannot be depressed, instead they end up looking like they are contradicting themselves.

Where did you pick up that one? The article is appallingly incorrect because the truth is in the Bible. I just threw that one in there because the picture of Jesus Cesare Borgia we see is also a common misconception created due to Europeans feelings of superiority.

People should just learn the facts before making false, biased claims. I sunburn easily and I get a nice tan with the sun of 6 PM In short, I almost tan in the night , so…. Science says that the neanderthal gene contributes to the skin, color and hair found in Asians and Europeans. They carry a large portion on the neanderthal genetic makeup in their genes today 7 to 10 percent which is amazing considering the gene has been passed down for over 10, years and still shows up in you all today.

This neanderthal gene allows for adaptation of climate changes in Asians and Europeans too. The inability to adjust to different climates is what allowed the neanderthal to become extinct. So science says this gene enhances the human.

But in my opinion the human is what enhanced the neanderthal. Oddly enough a pure African does not possess the neanderthal gene at all, which is why the African well the scientist call them the modern human is considered the original human.

Not when the neanderthal came to Africa. Bc the neanderthal couldnt live in extreme conditions. And oddly enough the Asian carries the highest percentage of the neanderthal genetic makeup than the European. Bc we all have mixed by now we All have neanderthal in our genes, but it is found in higher percentages in Asians and Europeans and contributes to their hair and skin color.

The smallest to none of the neanderthal genetic makeup is found in african people today. Yes we are all uniquely different. And there is nothing wrong with that. I found your writing most interesting. I was most interested in your info on Waardenburg.

Some years ago a medical geneticist diagnosed me with WS2. I wonder if Vanessa and Chris Williams are Waardenburg. Their blue eyes might be because of European ancestors or some kind of mutation unrelated to Waardenburg. I want to say too just because Europeans may be more diverse in their coloring is absolutely no proof of them being superior to any other ethnic groups. The diversity is not superiority. In southern India I have seen a few pal-brown to bluish eyed people.

There has been plenty of gene mixing over the millennia. Often it is as simple as a line of ancestors marrying someone from the next village. No bigger mystery than a Dutchman with curly hair, or an Ethiopian with straight hair. Genetic scientists all know that diversity WITHIN any particular population is always greater than the diversity between different races. This is the reason why racism is so incredibly anti-intellectual and idiotic!

There are merely populations which share certain characteristics in the aggregate. Africans of pure African descent have curly hair and brown eyes, no question about it. Africa is the only continent that has PURE genes, because it was the origin of mankind.

All the other people on the earth were mixed and this gives strength to Africans. Actually race does exist. Europeans have neanderthal DNA, something Africans do not have. Siberia and Bengal tigers considered subspecies. I think the while idea of that is a joke. They would be different races of tigers The second problem is this belief in racial hierarchy. No race is better than any other race. We are all human. Otherwise anything we say is pure conjecture based upon the invisible forces that have conditioned our thinking.

Why is it that when a black person has something thats rare for blacks but not others its considered a mutation or disease a black person can have any traits a white person can have. Skin tone doesnt matter when it comes to the eye to get your eye color your DNA either turn on or off that gene. How ignorant is our society if we are thinking blacks have some type of disease just because they have blue or hazel eyes?

If you read the article correctly you would have grasped that ALL blue eyes are a mutation. I retract my previous statement. I was reading another article before this one where it mentioned that it is a genetic mutation in all people with blue eyes.

Why do we want so much to prove that we can be like whites? Do we need that for validation? Blacks have been brain washed. The most important feature is who we are — not what we look like. We are all born beautiful. Its a still a mutation regardless of where the people come from.

If you have dark brown eyes and remove the pigment, it would be blue. People with eyes like the ones above dont have melanin in their retina. I find it strange that most of the photos in this article has been very obviously and poorly photoshopped to create blue eyes. Sue, I honestly believe some of them are real.

I was on YouTube today and was watching a video of a black girl with blue eyes. You will think they are contacts too. But when I went on her Instagram page she had pictures from her childhood with her eye color the same vibrant blue. Albinos whether they are African, European or Asian have blue eyes.

Why would anyone be proud to have an anomaly? It is like light skin. Light skin people are aware of the difficulties of dealing with diseases such as melanoma and it is that disadvantage that created an inferiority complex in them, making them present that as an advantage. In less than years, this ruse will be uncovered. People will be less likely to be discriminated against based on color, Africa will be a developed continent the superficial advantages of light skin will be gone and all that will be left is survival of humans regardless of skin color.

I have known someone who had very dark brown skin almost to the color black and had natural blue eyes like in the pictures in this article. I am of east african descent and my mother hs one blue eye and one brown eye… my grandmother had one blue eye and one green eye. I have blue-greenish eyes that I have been uncofortable with for most of my life because of the stares and people asking me if their real… I enjoyed the articles and its nice seeing people like me….

You are wonderfully made. You are truly beautiful and should be proud to have such unique eye colour! Why are you uncomfortable with what youve been born with? You should be so proud, I would be.. I am mixed race, my Mom has blue eyes and my Dad has brown eyes and unfortunately I got the boring brown eyes.. So count yourself lucky to have beautiful coloured eyes that make you stand out and unique!! I am mixed race too but I am happy to have Soft brown eyes. You sound really pathetic.

They were blue at birth until I was maybe yrs old. Both of my brothers have them, and one of my brothers has blond hair. I think it just makes us a bit different. In our case, we have some German blood, but we are predominately black. Please, having brown eyes is the equivalent of a curse. Now that is some bs. Chanel, you have a different kind of self image you need to first deal with. Then, and only then can you see your real self that those unique brown eyes of yours are not the only beautiful trait you have.

You have a serious self-image issue, deal with that first, my friend and realize your beauty. My mom told me everyday growing up, how handsome and smart I was.

Today I walk shoulders high and love myself, and I appreciate my beautiful brown eyes. You did not get that growing up, I can tell. Fix your inside and your outside will be beautiful to you! Follow this link of the top ten most beautiful African women and tell me how many has anything but brown eyes: All Normal Monsters Common.

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This article is about the card. For the character, see Blue-Eyes White Dragon character. For the composition, see Blue-Eyes White Dragon composition. The Hungarian lore given is not official.

Archetypes and series Blue-Eyes. Retrieved from " http: Card pages with an unofficial Arabic name Card pages with an unofficial Bulgarian name Card pages with an unofficial Croatian name Card pages with an unofficial Czech name Card pages with an unofficial Greek name Card pages with an unofficial Hungarian name Card pages with an unofficial Indonesian name Card pages with an unofficial Polish name Card pages with an unofficial Russian name Card pages with an unofficial Serbian name Card pages with an unofficial Swedish name Card pages with an unofficial Thai name Card pages with an unofficial Turkish name Card pages with an unofficial Hungarian lore Card table parameter tracking vid.

Dragon Blanc aux Yeux Bleus Check translation. Drago Bianco Occhi Blu Check translation. This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale. Virtualmente invincibile, sono in pochi ad aver fronteggiato questa creatura ed essere sopravvissuti per raccontarlo. Virtualmente invencible, muy pocos se han enfrentado a esta impresionane criatura y han vivido para contarlo.

A legendary dragon with remarkable attack strength. Its immense destructive power can pulverize any opponent. Legendary dragon High attack factor.

The Eternal Duelist Soul. A legendary dragon that takes pride in its enormous power. Its power of destruction far exceed comprehension. Its power of destruction far exceeds comprehension. World Championship Tournament English Release Number Set Rarity. Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon. Dragons Collide Structure Deck. Return of the Bling. Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack. Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 1.

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