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Down to India honest and compassionate


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Down to India honest and compassionate

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I was the only person in an entire auditorium watching the film. The fact is, we like to believe in the idea of a shining India these days. With the rise of the middle class, and the unexpected penetration of the mobile phone, no one wants to watch a film whose very premise is defined by the fact that it lays bare a number of uncomfortable, nasty, dirty truths before our unaccustomed eyes.

As a result, it hurts, it shocks — and your first reaction is to run away as far as possible from those truths. The adamant mother, however, is not one to let things go so easily, and through her resilience, and through the remarkable assistance of a myriad of characters living in the slum, she finally manages to fulfil her dream.

It tells us that even today, more than seventy years after achieving independence, a large section of people in our society still treat their domestic helps and their family like dirt, giving them leftover food to eat, denying them basic rights like that of using the toilet in the house and generally looking down on them. That the class divide can be based not just on caste, creed or race, and that dignity of labour is something that we seldom recognise — are some of the things that the film makes us ponder on.

The slum and its dwellers are shown in remarkably great detail, and in a manner that is as honest as it is in your face. So, even the most senior woman in the slum is shown swearing, cussing and talking in unprintable parlance in her day to day life. In one of the most beautifully written and even more beautifully executed scenes of the film, a bunch of garrulous women are making the most of the limited quantity of municipality water the slum gets every day, even as they shout and throw expletives at each other, but as soon as a little girl passes by, the faces of all the women — without exception — change in an instant to soft, compassionate and smiling ones.

The metamorphosis of the women is so beautifully captured, that I missed sharing it with others in the theatre. As you find yourself in the middle of this scene, you immediately identify with these people — your realise they are as human as you are. In another exquisitely crafted scene in the film, a poor out-of-luck and regularly mistreated autorickshaw driver is so keen on tasting a packet of biriyani, that he completely ignores the fact that the food has been procured for his eight-year-old daughter.

We are used to seeing parents making unthinkable sacrifices for their children, and here we see just the opposite — and not for lack of fatherly love, one might add. The film is also full of strong performances, although there are a few actors — Kanchana Moitra being the foremost among them — who overact throughout the film. The script is strong and yet rib-tickling funny, its wit and sarcasm slowly growing on us as we go along with it. The dialogues are beautifully written too.

However, the film does suffer from all the usual issues of low production value. The editing, camera, sound design and dubbing etc.

The film is a classic example of how one cannot make a good film merely by writing a good script, you need to elevate that script to the level it deserves by making it a technically sound project. There are parts of the writing too, especially in the climax, which involves the hunt of an escaped terrorist, which could have been written better — the current version coming across as merely a marketing gimmick to make the movie stick. Tom Hardy's charisma can't make up for predictable narrative, unimpressive action sequences.

Vada Chennai movie review: Dhanush's realistic performance, Vetrimaaran's direction make this film a winner. Social Media Stalkers' Guide. Sabarimala opening today LIVE updates: Surat Police books Bihar native for rape, murder of 3-year-old girl; tension rises as incident follows violence against migrants in Gujarat.

Narendra Modi vs petrol, diesel: Patriarchal attitudes have infiltrated, distorted spaces where survivors speak out. Hurricane Michael kills 30 in four US states: Cricket Tech Photos Videos faking news. Latest News Entertainment News. Brutally honest, fascinating film that explores realities of class divide Bhaskar Chattopadhyay Aug,31 A still from the trailer of Tuski.

Bengali cinema , MovieReview , Tuski. Patriarchal attitudes have infiltrated, distorted spaces where survivors speak out Breaking barriers: Dhanush's realistic performance, Vetrimaaran's direction make this film a winner Climate change threatens dolphin habitats in Ganga. Brutally honest, fascinating film that explores realities of class divide.


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The spokesman said such civil society groups around the world "are among the essential building blocks of any healthy democracy". The situation in India is not unlike the problems that similar groups face in Russia , where a law passed last year requires foreign-funded NGOs that engage in loosely defined political activities to register as "foreign agents".

Trouble for many non-profit activist groups in India began more than a year ago when prime minister Manmohan Singh blamed groups from the US for fomenting anti-nuclear protests that have stalled the commissioning of India's biggest reactor, a Russian-backed project in Koodankulam in power-starved Tamil Nadu state. US officials, including Peter Burleigh, the American ambassador at the time, quickly moved to assure Indian officials that the US government supports India's civil nuclear power programme.

And Victoria Nuland, then the state department spokeswoman, said the US does not provide support for non-profit groups to protest nuclear power plants.

Although Singh was widely criticised for his fears, the government froze the accounts of several NGOs in southern India within weeks. Is that a banned territory?

But the government's action appears to have had its desired effect. Meenakshi Ganguly, south Asia director of Human Rights Watch , said many NGOs were afraid to speak up about the suspension of their foreign funding approval, which is "being used to intimidate organisations and activists".

Analysts say the government's way of dealing with dissent is a throwback to an earlier era. But Indian authorities have been particularly squeamish about criticism of late. As citizens have protested corruption and sexual assaults on women and demanded greater accountability from public officials, authorities have often reacted clumsily — beating up peaceful protesters and cracking down on satirical cartoons, Facebook posts and Twitter accounts.

Officials say NGOs are free to use Indian money for their protests. But activists say Indian money is hard to find, with many Indians preferring to donate to charities.

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India News: NEW DELHI: The Union home ministry has no immediate plans to reconsider its decision to place US NGO Compassion. Jawaharlal Nehru believed in and worked for an India where those, more home to a civilisation and that civilisation was home to tolerance, compassion and care. and quit the Cabinet, the Congress not just let him go but let him down. A man of the veracity and honesty of Nehru deserves nothing less. Honesty is a key component of a healthy relationship, yet 64 percent of serious lies involve Compassion Matters We may get married because everyone our age is “settling down.” Or we . I am writing from Mumbai, India.